Freelancing has been a go-to career option for many people in recent years following a shortage of ideal jobs in the current market. Trying to make ends meet for someone as he/she looks for a job is a major concern for the society. Being a freelancer, however, means that one must be proficient in a certain field in order for them to get hired by a client. A platform where these two parties can find each other is Upwork.

People have been using Upwork to find the right person to take a specific project for the freelancer to complete. The freelancer has to reach a certain expectation for them to be considered for the job by the client. The freelancer, ergo, has to create a robust profile for them to be noticed.

Having a profile that stands out from the rest should be the goal of a person who’s just joined Upwork. This means that the profile should not only be robust but honest too. This profile is a resume which the client will look through before considering you to take a job they need to be done. One fills a form, adds work experience, a picture and any relevant information that will be specific to the field of specialty. It’s also at this stage that one specifies their preferred pay rate per hour.

Once the profile has been accepted by Upwork, the freelancer then goes ahead and connects with prospective clients by sending proposals for tasks that these clients have posted. The proposal comprises of an introductory letter, charges for the job to be done and answers, if any, to questions asked by the client. Upwork also offers connects that amount to sixty per month for a free account. If a client accepts the freelancer, they get to work together for a period of time.

Upon completion, the client rates the work done by the freelancer based on a five-tier rating mechanism. This rating could be used as a basis for hiring on the next application. If one makes $500 from a client, they incur a 20% charge of service. Between $500 and $10,000, means that the freelancer gets a 10% charge. Any money earned over that amount dictates that the freelancer pay 5% charge for services rendered.

Upwork’s pay and charge is done based on an hourly price or a fixed price. They pay is given after the client and freelancer both review the work. This is ten days after the period of billing ends. The money could be transferred directly to a bank account or through PayPal. Any disputes that may arise such as the project being dropped are handled by Upwork. Depending on the pay pricing type, Upwork ensures that the freelancer is paid depending on the agreement between the freelancer and the client.