Wen by Chaz Gets Two Thumbs Up

Bustle released the results of one of its editors’ personal experience with using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. For seven days, the editor used the WEN cleansing conditioner instead of her typical shampoo and conditioner to see how, if it all, her hair would change. She was especially interested in trying out this challenge because her hair has been typically fine and thin for her whole life. She was extremely pleased with the results from using Wen by Chaz just for one week to start and now wants to incorporate Wen by Chaz into her regular routine whenever possible. In addition to noticing more shine in her hair, the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner also helped to add some volume. If you want to see the results for yourself, you can check out the before and after pictures posted alongside her daily reviews of the results.

Wen by Chaz has been changing women’s hair for years. It was developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean and has been constantly in the buzz of the beauty industry for the incredible results that can be achieved with consistent, daily use of the cleansing conditioner product.

It can be used on its own or along with other Wen by Chaz styling products. The advantage of combining the cleansing conditioner with other Wen by Chaz styling products is that you can customize the results for your hair, depending on its particular condition. WEN by Chaz can be purchased from sephora or amazon online and in some brick and mortar locations, which saves you a trip to the salon for fabulous hair results.