What’s New with Securus Technologies and Security Innovation

Securus Technologies is making waves as the global leader in mobile cell phone security technology and phone calling services for correctional institutions across North America. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and also has several hubs throughout the United States, including a major regional office in Atlanta, Georgia. The company employs over 500 people and is known not only for their security technology but for being a consistent innovator in the space.


In fact, Securus’ CEO says that not a week goes by that their company doesn’t innovate a new technology, platform or a new innovation to existing technology. That is an incredible feat in such a constantly evolving space of technology and security.



Among their portfolio of services, Securus Technologies offers phone calling service to over 1.2 million inmates and their loved ones. They offer their phone services at a modest rate. Inmates’ loved ones can even pre-pay an account online and fully manage their phone calling services from the website. This service is incredibly useful to inmates, as with access to phone services they can keep in touch with friends and family while they are either in prison, in a correctional institute or simply being detained. These services are offered by Securus Technologies throughout the US, Canada and Mexico at hundreds of institutions.


Securus Technologies is not just an innovator, but is a company that is incredibly valued by its clients. A recent article on PR Newswire featured an array of testimonials from real clients. One testimonial showed how using Securus’ technology helped them find a corrupt employee who was later arrested. Another testimonial spoke to recorded calls that led to corrections’ employees learning that an inmate was coaching his brother to lie on the stand. This evidence was collected and was eventually given to the prosecutor to use as evidence in the case.


Securus Technologies Company

Securus Technologies is one of the most prominent companies offering technology solutions to the inmate industry. Securus Technologies is also a leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions company based in the United States. For the company, they always admire the fact that they are part of the technology solutions to their clients in the correctional space. The technology solutions offered by Securus Technologies go a long way in modernizing the inmate environment and public safety. Thousands of law enforcement and correctional facilities rely on Securus Technologies for the provision of robust technologies. They also use the services offered by Securus Technologies in an easy manner.


With hundreds of scores of engineers and patents, Securus Technologies is the most sophisticated business partner in the world. Securus Technologies has a strong commitment to becoming the most powerful software solution agent. The company also uses the high-level technological solutions to develop an economic platform where the client benefits with maximum solutions. For Securus Technologies, they have always engaged in the development of high-end technology solutions to foster modernization in the inmate industry. For this reason, you will never worry about software solutions that get a maximum dedication in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Quality is the main concern for Securus Technologies. For this reason, they provide the most sophisticated technological solutions at the best rates in the world.


From connecting friends to families in the correctional space, Securus Technologies is committed to offering high-end services through the provision of public information, incident management services, emergency response services, communication, investigation, verification, monitoring products, inmate self-service, and information management services. For the world to be a safer place, Securus Technologies has committed its technology department t with the highest forms of solutions in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies is a superior company in the industry.



Securus Responds to GTL’s False Allegations

Securus Technologies, one of the leading prisons telecommunication service providers, issued a press release in response to GTL’s press release concerning their video monitoring innovations and patents. According to Securus, GTL’s press release, which was issued on June 7, 2016, contained a number of false allegations against Securus. Securus therefore took it upon itself to correct the claims and make the truth known to the public through a press release issued on June 9, 2016.


The Allegations


One of the allegations made by GTL was that the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) determined that all of their video monitoring innovations were patentable and therefore GTL could seek injunctions and damages against Securus for using their technologies. However, Securus revealed that this was not the case and that the PTAB stated that it would not review the claims. It is, therefore, still not clear whether the GTL innovations are patentable.


GTL also claimed that Securus has been using some of their already patented video monitoring technologies but Securus remained firm stating that it was not using any of GTL’s patented technologies and therefore they are not at fault as GTL claims. The CEO of GTL, Mr. Brian D. Oliver,claimed that Securus is known for bullying its competitors into settling disputes for cash whenever an issue arises. However, Securus CEO, Mr. Richard A. Smith, maintained that GTL was out to tarnish Securus’ flawless reputation as Securus was willing to enter into a license agreement with GTL but GTL opted to sue them.


Bottom Line


Mr. Smith believes that the course GTL has taken is illogical as patent litigation will cost them millions of dollars and will take many years to come to a close. Securus has been providing excellent products and services to correctional facilities ever since its establishment in 1986. Their commitment to providing the highest-quality products and services led to their recognition by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company received an A+ rating in May 2016 and continues to strive to achieve better performance in the industry.

Securus Technologies Getting BBB Recognition

Correctional facilities have been receiving services and products from Securus Technologies. Securus recently announced that we had received qualification and was given an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In Securus, we have always been the front-runners in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology resolutions for monitoring, investigation, correction as well as public safety.

For a long time we have been working hand in hand with the Better Business Bureau in Texas to not only receive their uppermost rating A+ but to as well as to enable us to receive recognition in all our prints documents and what we say verbally. We have also made efforts to meet the set principles listed below.

  • Honest advertisement: observe the advertising, marketing and selling standards.
  • Trust: trust is essential in running a business, we look forward to building and maintain an optimistic track record in the market.
  • Be truthful: it assists in the clear and satisfactory revelation of physical items as well as trustworthiness in the demonstration of services and products.
  • Secure Privacy: Gather personal data only when needed, valuing the preferences of the use of information as well the safety of the collected data against deception and being mishandled.
  • Integrity: approaching all business contacts as well as all trading with a lot of assurances and uprightness.
  • Keep promises: stand by all printed as well as verbal arrangement.

We are devoted to giving the best products and services, and to develop our services to over 25 million households we have established a 220 seat in-house domestic call center which will be largest in the correctional industry.

Securus Technologies is an American company for profit making located in Dallas. The organization was established in 1986, since our inception we have been experiencing tremendous growth and we have regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrolton, and Atlanta Georgia. We have a dedicated and experienced team of staff of about 10000 people and have been serving more than 2600 correctional facilities across the United States, and Canada.