Anthony Petrello Is A Talented Businessman With A Passion For Philanthropy

Tony Petrello was born in Newark New Jersey and comes from a humble background. He is the Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries, a company that deals in gas and oil production. Nabors is a global company, and Tony Petrello has earned the reputation of being among the most highly compensated chief executive in the United States of America. The journey of success and the massive achievements that Tony Petrello have not been an easy one and he has had some hurdles to cross before his current prestigious social status. Tony owes most of his life successes to the fact that he utilized is natural talents, hard work and innovative thinking throughout his professional and social life.

Tony Petrello
together with his wife Cynthia, are involved in philanthropic efforts in the community of the people of Texas. Tony and Cynthia have contributed generously towards efforts to improve education, the arts and the healthcare of the people around them. Tony and Cynthia Petrello have conducted fundraising to help raise funds that would enhance the research concerning neurological illnesses in children. Anthony Petrello has always been talented in Mathematics, and most of his friends from way back portray him to be an extrovert. Tony was noticed by Yale University in his exemplary skills in mathematics and was offered a scholarship to attend the renowned higher learning institution. Tony was trained and mentored by Serge Lang a legendary Mathmatetican that Anthony Petrello as established an endowment in his memory at the Yale University. Tony met Cynthia while he was at Yale and the two have formed a strong front when it comes to helping those in need. After Tony had graduated from Yale, he decided to join Harvard Law School contrary to the expectations of many. Tony finished his studies and started working with Baker & McKenzie in 1979, and it was during this time that he encountered a client by the name Nabors Industries. Tony delivered beyond expectations while working on account of Nabors Industries that he left an impression that the firm wanted to hire Tony themselves. Tony at the time had no education or experience whatsoever in business, but his natural capabilities in business made him leave an enormous impact on a global company like Nabors Industries. Under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries has experienced exponential growth. Tony has spearheaded valued partnerships that have enhanced the growth of Nabors Industries to achieve even greater success.


George Soros Contribution of $18 Billion and the Furious Conservative Theorists

One of the biggest contributions to the charity in the history of humankind found to have upset the conservatives. Since the contribution of $18 billion by George Soros to Open Society Foundations hit the newspapers in October, the conservatives and their theorists are not found to be happy with the developments. The Atlantic reports that it became as a confirmation to many of their darkest fears. Interestingly, the contribution bonanza made his charity group – Open Society Foundations – the second biggest just behind the Bill Gates Foundation. Surprisingly, the right-wing news website Breitbart described the Open Society Foundations as a “death star” by referring the news.

It is for a long time the right-wing groups tried to shade Soros as a philanthropic boogeyman. It was perceived as a way to hide the differences between partisans along with the distrust of financial elites. It usually tempts them to focus on the ideological frustrations and look to target on some magnificent individuals of the opposite political camps. Interestingly, when conservative groups target Soros, liberals would look to target people like Koch brothers, Robert Mercer, and more. Interestingly, liberal theories can appeal large people as those are generally perceived as very close to reality, especially when billionaires like Koch brothers are seen by the public as dark money forces known for many malpractices and overriding the electorates.

However, these types of narratives against people who are contributing their hard-earned money to philanthropic groups, like George Soros, may discourage people from charitable contributions in future. Conspiracy theories due to mere political differences are detrimental in long-run – a fact the conservative theorists should always remember. It also shows a picture of how theorists are failing to understand the power of grassroots level activism. Some factors about George Soros are contributing to the attacks of conservative groups. He is a proponent of progressivism, globalism, and more. Even though he is a Jewish, Soros is also a proponent of anti-Semitism.

Though he made significant fortunes in the financial markets, he wrote that capitalism also creates a danger to the open society concept. Soros think that uncontrolled laissez-faire capitalism and market values can destroy the open and democratic society. He wrote in 1997 that the biggest threat of the current times to the open society is none other than the capitalist threat. However, Soros thinks that it is less dangerous compared to the totalitarian concepts in the society.

George Soros was born in Budapest and grew up through the Second World War. He and his family moved to the United Kingdom after the war, and Soros got enrolled to London School of Economics. After graduation, he moved to the United States and started his life as a stockbroker in the Wall Street. After gaining some financial success, Soros established his own hedge fund in 1970 named Soros Fund Management. His strategies in various markets gave him excellent returns, and he became a billionaire by the early 1980s. Since then he started focusing more on philanthropy and began establishing Open Society Foundations to support of marginalized communities, encourage democracy, proclaim freedom of expression, and more.

Adam Milstein’s Journey to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein the national chairman of the Israeli-American council and well known real estate investor. He manages Hager Pacific properties which has invested huge amounts of money in lots of development projects in the country. Adam Milstein is also known for his philanthropy in the Jewish community. His involvement with Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation is probably one of his most notable philanthropic work. The foundation supports Jewish students all over the world to get in touch with their Jewish roots. Adam Milstein and his wife are committed to their foundation by investing heavily in young Jewish scholars and have helped many students gain invaluable educational experiences.

Adam Milstein was recently recognized for his philanthropic effort when he was added to the philanthropist and social entrepreneurs top 200.Adam was born in 1952 in Haifa Israel, he served in the Israeli defense forces in 1971.During his time in the forces he served in the Yom Kippur war. After the war he studied business and economics at the Technion and graduated in 1978.He moved to the United States three years after he graduated where he started working as a sales agent the Hager Pacific Properties. Later he got a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He worked his way up in the company and now serves as a managing partner.

According to Adam Milstein, he was introduced to philanthropy while working at Hager Pacific Properties where he discussed philanthropy with a business partner. Adam was passionate about leaving a legacy with the money he made from his work. His love for his country and Philanthropy led to the birth of Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation. The Foundation did not only engage in the activities of scholars but also supports pro-Israel organizations.

Their Foundation is guided by active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy. Adam personally oversees these operations and ensures that every entity donates to accomplish the foundations mission. Adam serves as the chairman of the Israeli-American council which is a US based non-profit whose influence is growing immensely in the country. The organization has helped strengthen American Israeli ties.



Adam Milstein the present National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) was formerly engaged in the Israeli real estate investment. He worked with one of the top Israeli real estate investment companies, the Hager Pacific Properties Companies, in the capacity of a managing partner.

In addition to taking part in real estate investment, Adam Milstein also takes part in philanthropy and he is among Israelis most known philanthropists. Adam uses the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in mentoring and providing support to students across the globe in making them learn their Jewish roots and become proud Israelis. By the help of his wife and through the foundation, Adam Milstein has used a lot of resources just to make sure that the Jewish heritage has been passed well and understood by young Jewish Scholars which has led to his inclusion in the list of the best 200 Social Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists.

Adam Milstein is also the founder of the IAC whose main objective is making better the relationship between Israel and the United States. His courage for defending Israel and any oppressed persons or communities all over the world has made him famous. Adam Milstein has also made several publications supplementing his mentorship program and has also made Hebrew education facilities accessible everywhere in the world.

Recently, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in collaboration with a few pro-Israel and Jewish organizations arranged for a Memes competitions in which high school and college students were to compete. Those who expressed the best humor as well as love for Israel stood high chances of emerging winners. The competition was held on August and 110 persons from different nations as well as continents participated with more than 300 submissions of pro-Israel memes. One of the best meme from the competition was one that had a portrait of the IDF Air force having two women and the text ‘ Not every Israeli woman is Gal Gadot, but every Israeli woman is Wonder Woman’. The memes presented during this competition made Adam so proud of his success.


Aloha Construction’s Success in Repairing Damaged Buildings

Everyone loves his or her home and would like it to be in an excellent condition at all times. However, harsh weather conditions can lead to the destruction of houses. Rooftops can be damaged by storms while floods destroy the sidings of buildings. Aloha Construction is a reliable company that has specialized in offering repair services for different types of buildings. It is a family business, and most of its customers are located in Wisconsin and northwest of Chicago. The founder of the enterprise is Dave Farbaky who is a well-known philanthropist. He is also the proprietor of a nonprofit organization that is known as Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF).


Dave Farbaky is appreciated for his dedication to supporting communities more than making money. He is a humble individual and has always offered the young generation values that cannot be bought. Aloha Construction is devoted to making sure that it fulfills the needs of all its clients. It has been given positive reviews from most people who have hired its services. To date, the company has completed over 18,000 installations and repairs. It also has a craftsmanship permit that lasts for ten years. It has been hired by major real estate developers and home owners. Aloha Construction was offered an A+ rating by BBB, and it has a remarkable customer service department.


The construction company’s staff comprises of highly skilled professionals. It always makes sure that every individual that it hires is well trained to offer excellent services to the clients. Aloha Development is also prompt in responding to calls from its customers, and this has made it the most reliable contractor in the region. The firm’s primary areas of specialization include root installation and repair, siding contracts, fitting gutters, and replacing worn out parts of the house. Dave Farbaky is committed to improving the communities by educating them on the importance of giving.–147077274/pp

Thor Halvorssen Uses All of His Talents to Fight Against Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist who has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of people who can’t fight for themselves. It is an unfortunate fact that many countries are ruled by brutal and merciless authoritarian regimes. Thor Halvorssen has fought against oppressive dictators since he was a young man. Unlike a lot of today’s human rights activists, Thor has personally experienced the abuse that authoritarian regimes are willing to inflict upon anyone who threatens their absolute rule.

Thor Halvorssen’s father was a government official in Venezuela who was arrested and tortured after he started investigating corruption within the system. It was only after Thor worked with Amnesty International and several other human rights groups that his father was released from prison after spending 74 days in brutal conditions. To make matters worse, Thor’s mother was shot and wounded by government agents while attending a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen himself was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City while conducting an investigation into human rights violations there.

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City in 2004. The Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to protecting freedom, liberty and democracy in countries around the world. The HRF is particularly active in fighting for the release of political prisoners and political dissidents living under ruthless dictatorships. The HRF uses publicity as a tool to focus public attention on the plight of the oppressed people who are incarcerated for standing up against their corrupt governments. The hard work of the HRF has resulted in many political prisoners being set free.

Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. The Oslo Freedom Forum is an annual gathering of human rights activists to discuss issues related to promoting liberty and human rights around the world. Some of the participants include Julian Assange, Peter Thiel and Lech Walesa.

Thor Halvorssen is also a film producer. Thor has produced several films that focus on raising public awareness of the wide range of human rights abuses that take place everyday. His films cover human rights abuses ranging from suppression of free speech to human trafficking.

Jason Hope And His Passion For Anti-Aging

Jason Hope knows that people age. However, he also knows that aging does not have to be accompanied with many different disorders that are associated with it. Fortunately, Jason is willing to help medical experts work towards this goal so that they will be able to effectively treat age related disorders.
For one thing, people that deal with age related disorders do not have to despair. However, people who are still young are the ones with the most hope of avoiding this issue. After all, Jason Hope wants people to take preventative measures in order to treat the possible disorders.

Jason Hope states that the methods for treating illness is very reactive. In this case, people are having to wait until they have these diseases in order to get the treatment. At the same time, one can have these diseases without treatment because they are unable to get the diagnosis required for the treatment. Fortunately, Jason Hope is willing to encourage the medical experts to consider a more proactive measure for treating illness. Among the different disorders that he is hoping to prevent are diabetes and Alzheimer’s. He is doing this through his involvement with The SENS Foundation.

Find more details about Jason Hope on Facebook and Crunchbase.

Jason has decided to invest in the SENS Foundation because he believes in the work they do. Therefore, he is willing to help them on their path towards bringing people greater health. His involvement with the SENS Foundation goes beyond financial investments. He is also reaching out to people in order to get them to join in on the work towards of brighter future where people are better able to maintain their health with the use of rejuvenation biotechnologies. One of the things he has noticed is that the body slowly becomes damaged through normal process such as metabolism. This is what leaves the body vulnerable to certain diseases.

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Jason Hope Donates $500,000 To SENS Foundation

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation, a medical research organization dedicated to finding rejuvenate therapies and novel treatments for the most serious conditions. Hope has said the donation is earmarked for the study of atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death and disability in the United States. The Foundation has thanked Hope and expressed its gratitude, confirming that the donation will be put to good use and will be instrumental in the fight against degenerative disease.

Taking up the sword against atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is, by itself, perhaps the single most lethal disease process in the United States. Responsible for most heart attacks, strokes and even other less known but fatal diseases like kidney failure and mesenteric ischemia, atherosclerosis has cost trillions of dollars in lost productivity and its relentless scythe has cut into the lives of almost every family in the U.S.

But what’s even more compelling about this disease is that the underlying biologic processes, the insult to veins and arteries followed by an inflammatory healing response, underpins a much broader scope of adverse health outcomes. In fact, it is increasingly recognized that the deleterious effects of inflammation, the chief means by which the body repairs damaged cells and tissues, underlie almost every major effect of aging.

The SENS institute has thus trained its talents on understanding the inflammatory response to damage at the molecular level, especially that caused by lipids, triglycerides and other substances found naturally in the body. With a deeper understanding of these fundamental disease processes, it is believed that in the future, the aging process itself may be slowed or even stopped in its tracks for significant periods of time. This could herald medical breakthroughs the likes of which have never been seen before.

Jason Hope believes strongly in the role of fundamental medical research that isn’t bound by the constraints of the free market, namely, the imperative to seek profits. While Jason Hope is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, he sees medical research as a field of monumental importance, too important to be laden with the extraneous considerations imposed by the market.

Dick DeVos Goes Above & Beyond For the Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has surpassed its fundraising goal for a planned expansion project. A campaign started in 2013 to raise funds for this project has already raked in $135.9 million, 10.9 million more than the original target of $125 million. This project is one of the first of its kind in the famed centers history. The approved project will include a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge linking the pavilion with the Kennedy Center, and a large expansion of the center itself. The innovative design will preserve the building’s original façade while adding additional space for studios, media-ready classrooms, an outdoor wall for simulcast and video presentations, with terrace seating to accommodate up to 1,600 people. As well as a café, which can be used as a hub for meetings.

Dick’s fondness for the arts is reflected in his charitable donations and his words “we ignite the creative and innovative spirit of the arts to enhance the community. Nationally, we build capacity in arts leaders and equip them to effectively manage and lead their organizations.”
Dick’s charitable work does not stop at the Kennedy Center, often contributing to charities that promote education, seek judicial reform and to uplift communities and their leaders.
For more information on Dick DeVos and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.