Lake Maracaibo Officially the Lightning Capital of the World

If you are afraid of lightning, you should stay clear of Lake Maracaibo. This lake, which is in northwest Venezuela, is home to a dangerous weather phenomenon called Catatumbo lightning.

On bad days, lightning can crash down in this area for 10 hours straight. The terrifying black clouds above can produce upwards of 280 lightning bolts within that span of time. This awesome weather event occurs an astonishing 297 days a year.

Recently, researchers at NASA released results on My Space from a meteorological study of this region. You can take a look at their Lightning Imaging Sensor pictures in this link.

After looking through scans of lightning all around the world, NASA concluded that the “lightning capital of the world” is Lake Maracaibo.

NASA researcher Dr. Danilo Diaz hopes that their findings will bring awareness to the severity of Lake Maracaibo’s lightning. Citizens, visitors, and governments should be prepared to help with potentially dangerous events in this region.