Jeremy Goldstein Helps To Honor Scholarship Receiptiants With The Latest Fund

Board member and co-chairman of the Fountain House Supported Education Program started to highlight the newest edition to their Associates Scholarship Award Fund Jeremy Goldstein goes on record to say that during the 5 years that they have been involved with the Fountain House, they have come to know how their impact has helped to change peoples lives. It was due to this inspiration that the scholarship fund was created.


Jeremy Goldstein and his co-chair, Katie Tozer awarded the scholarships to receiptants who majored in commercial photography as well as majoring in early education. The scholarship funds has helped many to earn their degrees.


The speaker for the evening spoke openly about how he suffered with depression and the kind of impact that it held on his life. It was during his battle with depression that he met his wife while being a patient with the New York Presbyterian and Westchester Hospital in White Plains. The vice president of the LC International, Mario Maccioni, was the guest speaker. Because he was so open about his own battle, he was the perfect speaker for the event.


The Associates Committee for the Fountain House holds their annual Fall Fete at the start of fall each year. Jeremy Goldstein helps to organize the events as he holds a chair on the board of events. Each year the event is sponsored by various companies all dedicated to support the mission of the Fountain House.


The goal of the Fountain House is to help to ensure that mental health and the stigma associated with mental health and the illness is fought. It is with the help of people like Jeremy Goldstein that the event is made a success year after year. With thanks to the sponsors, many people are able to be helped by the Fall Fete.


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Benefits of Stock Options as Discussed by Jeremy Goldstein

Many corporations have in the recent times made a decision that they will stop giving stock options to their employees. It is believed that such corporations have made that decision in order for them to save money and avoid losses. Jeremy Goldstein who is an experienced business attorney stated that although these corporations have the right to not offer such options, there are reasons why they should consider them. According to him, there are three major reasons as to why corporations chose not to offer their employees stock options. Jeremy Goldstein says that many employees fear that they may not exercise the stock options in the case that the stock value of a company goes down. The company will also need to cater of the associated expenses and that the stockholders risk the option of overhanging incised of low stock value.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, majority of employees have become aware of the new compensation methods. They understand that their options can be rendered worthless by various economic and therefore opt for other benefits. Many employees have likened the stock options to casino tokens which are normally unpredictable most of the times. Although offering employees stock options has its disadvantages, Jeremy Goldstein says that it also has its advantages which normally outweigh the disadvantages. Firstly, Stock options are termed to be better as opposed to equities, better insurance coverage or even additional wages. Stock option is also a good compensation method since it gives the employees the value they require.


Jeremy Goldstein is a successful business attorney who is one of the United States’ most respected lawyers. Currently, Jeremy serves as a partner in a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The firm was founded several years ago and has so far changed the lives of numerous people living in the United States.


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