Freedom Pop Puts the Free Back in Free Cell Phone Service

In a world where just about everything costs money, the term “free” sounds like a sweet symphony in the ears. Freedom Pop is a company that provides a service that is almost unheard of these days: free Internet service. Yes, they provide free Internet service, and they aren’t just kidding around to see who falls for the prank. Consumers can get 200 voice minutes and 500 MB of premium 4G LTE service from this provider.




Did You Say Free?

Yes, the above-stated services are free, as in no payment. As if that isn’t enough, consumers get to enjoy features such as virtual numbers, international calling to more than 50 countries, and access to millions of hotspots. Stop laughing. These benefits are real, and they aren’t the only ones. Users can earn additional high-speed data by referring their friends and family members to Freedom Pop. They can think of it as a referral bonus that keeps on giving. It’s the company’s way of thanking the customers for their FreedomPop review.




What’s the Catch?

Consumers are so used to providers attaching strings to their “deals” that they often look for a catch when something seems as if it’s too good to be true. Freedom Pop doesn’t have a catch. Mobile phone users can use the services without committing to them. They can exercise their right to cancel at any time. Alternatively, they can use Freedom Pop as their main provider and start investing in additional services like increased data, more voice minutes and other benefits. Anyone can get started by checking the location and the device. That’s the first step to all the advantages of this service. The next step is enjoying the premium features. Freedom Pop works on the Sprint network, so users have access to reliable nationwide coverage.



About Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop first hit the wireless scene in 2011 when its founder, Stephen Stokols, decided to offer consumers everything that they needed to survive in the virtual world. Freedom Pop partnered with Sprint two years after it emerged, and it has been providing connection alternatives ever since. The provider has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars since its launch.



Freedom Pop supports a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, broadband devices and feature phones. The company currently does not offer service in countries other than the United States.