Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Steering InnovaCare Health to be The Top Provider of Medicare

InnovaCare Health Inc. is one of the best providers of Medicare advantage plans and physician practice services in America. InnovaCare Health is headquartered in Fort Lee New Jersey and is committed to providing seniors with comprehensive health care benefits that meet their medical, emotional and mental needs. The company is a private for-profit organization that was founded by Daniel E. Straus. InnovaCare boasts of having a highly experienced management team with over 120 years worth of experience combined in the medical care sector.

The InnovaCare foundation was laid by Richard Shinto, MD in the year 1998. Shinto, a practicing physician, Joined North American Medical Management and it is while serving there that he saw a gap in operational expertise among physician groups and payers and that’s where the InnovaCare vision was born.

Richard Shinto serves at the helm of InnovaCare Health as the Chief Executive Officer, and president. Shinto has more than two decades worth of experience in clinical and operational health care. Saito has two degrees; one is a medical degree that he received from the State University of New York, and the other one is a B.S degree from the University of California. Besides, Rick Shinto has an M.B.A from the University of Redlands. Before joining InnovaCare Shinto worked as the CEO of MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Rick Shinto has also worked for various companies serving in different senior capacities. The firms include Aveta Inc, North American Medical Management of Illinois, Inc., and NAMM California among others. Check out danielestraus.org


Another person of interests at the leadership of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Penelope was appointed to the position of CAO in June 2015. Penelope joins InnovaCare for the second time having previously worked as the firm’s COO and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Just like Shinto, Penelope also has more than two decades worth of expertise in Medicare and Medicaid. Penelope area of specialization is in the development of clinical programs and the management of healthcare processes and operations.

Penelope is an alumnus of Binghamton University where she was conferred with a Bachelors of Biological Sciences and Classical Languages Degree. Besides, Penelope holds a Masters of Social Work degree from New York University. Penelope also has a Public Health Masters Degree from Columbia University School. Penelope in addition to all these credentials has an advanced Post Masters Degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse. For more details visit hired.com


Penelope has previously served at Centerlight HealthCare as the firm’s Executive Vice President and COO. Penelope has also served as the COO of Touchstone Healthcare and Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice.



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Dr. Saad Saad Offers Advice to Prevent Children From Getting Things Stuck in Their Throats

Dr. Saad Saad a pediatric surgeon who has used his skilled hands to remove foreign objects from the airway and food pipe there’s more than 1,000 children over his 40-plus year career. Children as young as six months of age and you’re as old as 14 years of age have required Dr. Saad Saad to surgically intervene on their behalf to remove foreign objects such as food or coins from the patients’ trachea or esophagus.


Young children are curious about the world around them will often try to place things in their mouth and swallow them if no one is there to stop them. Something that appears to pose no threat to the safety of the child such as a coin that has fallen from a pocket can cause a serious issue if a small child places it in their mouth and tries to swallow it. Signs that may indicate a child has a foreign object stuck in their throat include difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing or trouble swallowing. If a child has any of these issues they may need emergency assistance right away.


Common items that can become stuck when a child attempts to swallow them are peanuts, hot dogs, and coins. The size of the object usually determines where it will become stuck for example larger objects such as coins or hot dogs are likely to become lodged in the food pipe, while objects such as peanuts which are smaller in size normally become stuck in the windpipe. It is recommended that anyone caring for children is trained in the proper use of first aid and the Heimlich maneuver that is appropriate for the age of the child and that caregivers should never attempt to use a finger to dislodge an object stuck in a child’s throat.


If a child has an object lodged in their esophagus or trachea that cannot be cleared it is recommended that they are taken to the closest emergency room for an examination by a physician. Emergency rooms have access to testing equipment such as x-rays that can be used to determine the appropriate course of action to remove the foreign object.


Parents and caregivers should listen to Dr. Saad Saad advice when it comes two things your child can get stuck in there throat including never allowing a child under 2 years of age to consume hot dogs because if they are not chewed properly they can easily block to child’s food pipe. Another piece of advice the doctor offers is to never let a child under 7 years old eat peanuts. Peanuts can get stuck in the windpipe of younger children and prove difficult to remove if they become lodged because the surface is uneven and peanuts can crumble during extraction with pieces moving into the child’s lungs. Learn more : https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted