The Incident that Launched Frontera Fund

Frontera Fund is an initiative that was founded by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. That is a unique investment that is geared largely towards benefiting the Hispanic community. Unfortunately, this community has suffered the negative effects of racial hostility and civil rights abuses in Arizona.

Before the formation of the initiative, Lacey and Larkin had gone through a situation which led to the formation of Frontera Fund. It all happened on the nightfall of Oct. 18, 2007. Lacey and Larkin were handcuffed and arrested by deputies who were armed from Maricopa County. One of those armed officers was the feared County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin are village voice media executives. The two were removed from their home area in Phoenix and were forcibly pushed into unmarked SUVs which had dark tinted windows and a Mexican license. The two were later put in separate cells by the County Sheriff. Arpaio had initiated and supported out the arrest of the two. The sheriff who nicknamed himself ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ had been exposed by the two media executives for his misdeeds.

They published a story on how the sheriff instilled an anti-Mexican fear and political pretense in Arizona. They also exposed how Arpaio abused his power as the county sheriff, the poor conditions of the jail, how inmates were mistreated and killed in jail, unconstitutional detention of Latinos and racial profiling. All these stories were published down in the Phoenix New Times. The story also revealed how Arpaio’s allies at Maricopa County issued a grand jury to find out who wrote the story, edited it and even read it.

The news of their arrest led to a national outcry which consequently led to them being released in less than twenty-four hours. All the charges against them were dropped. The illegal arrest of the two led to an extended court battle for there to be an amendment on the first amendment rights plus abuse of power. Since Larkin and Lacey were arrested without any cause, they were paid $ 3.7 million by Maricopa County in the year 2013 as compensation for the wrongdoing.

That led to the formation of the Frontera Fund. Larkin notes that it is important to be considerate to those unfortunate in life. He cannot think of a better group to fight for their rights than the Mexican immigrants who endured harsh desert conditions to travel to Arizona in search of work and better living standards.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin defend The Constitution

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, after their run-in with former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, have sold their newspaper The Phoenix New Times to form more charitable causes.

The journalists have no devoted their resources and time to fighting social injustices like those committed to them by Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing their job when Joe Arpaio arrested them. The duo were investigating the illegal activities of Joe Arpaio, specifically the hiding of certain assets, when Joe Arpaio decided to send his deputies to illegally arrest them. As a result of this clear violation of their first amendment rights, the duo were awarded 3.75 million dollars.

Joe Arpaio’s crimes do not stop there. In 1993 he created a self-proclaimed concentration camp for his prisoners, where people died of heat exhaustion and committed suicide.

The duo could have retired and lived the remainder of their lives lavishly with so much cash, but instead they have used the money to form two new organizations.

One such organization, Front Page Confidential, is their new publication. The paper aims to inform citizens all over the country about constitutional violations and social issues. The duo are using the paper to combat the immoral and illegal activities of corrupt politicians such as Joe Arpaio. With Joe Arpaio announcing his intention to run for a Senate seat in Arizona, surely Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey will be fighting against him every step of the way.

The other organization is The Frontera Fund, a charitable fundraiser that pledges their resources to charities that assist the Hispanic Community, which was one of Joe Arpaio’s main targets of his social oppression.

By using both of their new organizations, they will assist American’s everywhere in securing their Constitutional rights.