Thor Halvorssen Brings New Ways of Marketing Human Rights Activism to The World

Thor Halvorssen has not been an activist who has simply been happy to sit back and follow the way things have always been done in the past. In fact, the Venezuelan born University of Pennsylvania graduate has consistently worked in new and innovative ways to make sure news of the worst possible human rights abuses are reported to people around the world; Halvorssen also looks for new ways of making sure the human rights activism community as a whole has a voice that is as strong and powerful as possible.

Perhaps the most important contribution made to the global community of human rights activists is the establishment of the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become known as the most important event on the calendar for activists around the world. The Oslo Freedom Forum is a major event that has attracted some of the best known figures in the human rights activism community along with celebrities, politicians, and celebrities. In seeking out new ways of promoting the stories of abuse that leak out of closed societies Thor has looked to work as a link between broadcasters, celebrities, and activists who can work together in a bid to bring as much information to the people of the world as possible.

Activists from various groups are consistently looking for new ways of getting young people involved in the work of human rights groups, which is also a major concern of Thor Halvorssen. The award winning film producer has developed a number of partnerships with different activism and charitable groups, but has also established the Moving Picture Institute that is concerned with bringing human rights based stories to the attention of the world through documentary production; as a well known documentary producer Thor Halvorssen understands how powerful this medium can be in bringing real life stories to the attention of the wider world. The Moving Picture Institute provides funding and various support options for those wishing to bring human rights stories to as many viewers as possible.


George Soros’ Open Society Foundation Vs. Conservative Pranksters?

A strange recording of a phone call to George Soros’ charity organization, Open Society Foundations (formerly known as The Open Society Institute) has recently been generating a great deal of interest in the news (additional information can be found here: rawstory. What happened was, a man identifying himself only as Victor Kesh, dialed into George Soros’ Open Society Institute’s call center, reaching a call operator by the name of Dana Geraghty. The man identifying himself as Victor Kesh then went on to explain that he greatly appreciated everything the charity organization was doing and wish to aid in the battle for “European values.” Mr. Kesh then went on to identify himself as a Hungarian (George Soros is also Hungarian).

Now thus far none of this seems particularly remarkable, but what happened next was truly peculiar. After leaving the aforementioned message to the call center database, Victor Kesh then goes on talking to someone else standing beside him, saying that the other person shouldn’t speak before Kesh finishes hanging up the phone. The conversation between Kesh and the mystery person continues for around ten minutes wherein Kesh can be heard saying that he needed at least several hundred other people to do exactly what he was doing on What Mr. Kesh did not know, however, was that his entire call could be heard by Ms. Geraghty nor was Mr. Kesh aware that Ms. Geraghty was recording the entire phone call.

Even more curiously, the caller identifying himself as Mr. Victor Kesh was not really Mr. Victor Kesh. Indeed, in a Hitchcockian twist, there happened to be no such person. During the conversation to the unknown person Mr. O’Keefe definitively stated that he had opened Ms. Geraghty’s LinkIn page (a social media networking site, oriented towards business connections) in a effort to, as he put it, “Ease his way into George Soros’ octopus.”

The octopus in question is obviously the Open Society Foundation itself, a international charity group that George Soros made which aims to uplift, both financially and morally, social movements the world over whom advocate for a more civil and just society. The organization’s publicly stated aims include encouraging and financially aiding in the development of schools and other forms of public education. Advancing the cause of civil justice and tolerance as well as fostering more attention to independent media sources. What exactly O’Keefe hoped to accomplish by breaking into George Soros’ “octopus” (whatever that means) is, as yet, unclear. What is quite clear, however, is that this is far from the first time Mr. O’Keefe has attempted such a stunt.

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