Deirdre Baggot Institutes Payment Reforms in The US

Deirdre Baggot memoirs his moments at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. As a young nurse, register and certified, she was committed to be at the service of patients. Soon enough, she realized how heartbreaking it was to take care of a patient who was not showing any signs of improving. Medical information was limited but she soon found interest in research at least to discover a noble course from whence patients would be accorded better care.

Most of Baggot’s time was spent in the lab where she carried out a number of tests, diagnosis, and experiments in bid to understand how better to develop precision medicine. This ordinarily took a toll on her but she was keen not to let herself drain in the quest. Today, Deirdre Baggot is respected for her immense contribution in medicine and her innovations.

She is the engineer behind bundled payments in healthcare. She found out that there was a market gap in how patient were paying for their medical kit and innovatively came up with the bundled payment plan which is affordable and convenient. Under the bundled payment she run two advisory firm helping people understand the healthcare industry and how to make the most out of it. Deirdre mentioned that most of her creative ideas are borrowed from researching and interacting with other people. Check out to read full interview of Deirdre Baggot.

About Deirdre Baggot

He is the Founder of Bundled payment in Healthcare where she has been working with over 200 hospitals and health facilities in order to accord friendly payment system to patients. She is a clinician by profession who has gain extensive medical background from her experience in the field and the academics. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree, a doctorate degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado. Other than this, she has an undergraduate and master’s degree in Business Administration.

This medical expert, Deirdre is a regent at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Michigan Health System. He great acumen on medical issue has made her a well sought after speaker gracing grand events such as the Medtronic, Bundled Payment Summit, Innovation Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and a member at American Heart Association among many affiliations.



Waiakea Volcanic Water Causing Disruptions in the Bottled Water Sector

The bottled water section in any supermarket is usually filled with many brands. Many consumers find themselves in a confusion, trying to choose whether to go for the fresh water, spring water or filtered water. With such a large pool, how can you make your bottle-water brand stand out?


Ryan Emmons has innovatively managed to earn a considerable niche in the bottled water sector, having come up with the idea of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Emmons established the company in 2011. Through his creativity and robust marketing strategy, he received a Leadership Award by the Specialty Food Association in the Citizenship category. This award recognizes individuals, who through their business innovations, have disrupted the socio-economic setting while creating environmental awareness.


Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Emmons loved to surf. The idea of a bottled water company sparked in his brain when he first tasted spring water. He loved the taste and was certain that most people would do. The only problem was how to create public awareness.


Emmons understood that no individual or entity could have all water rights. He decided to lease for 99 years. Additionally, the brand name offers a unique touch to it, for it is the only volcanic water available in the market. Ground run-off (rain and snow cascades) seeps through permeable rocks that filters out impurities, leaving the water rich in mineral salts, alkaline, and electrolytes. The coolness factor, the moderate Waiakea water pH, and the name are enough to push consumers to give it a try.


Environmental Awareness

Emmons also found out that only a fifth of all plastic bottles get recycled. That implies that billions remain in the environment, causing significant environmental concerns. To reverse this, Ryan decided to partner with rPET, a manufacturer of recycled plastic bottles. By so doing, the Waiakea water became the first water bottles to be Carbon Neutral approved. Also, the firm uses nano-additive TimePlast, that makes the bottles decompose fully within 15 years instead of 1000 years needed for the normal plastic bottles.


Waiakea Water has also partnered with Pump Aid to make clean water accessible in areas where the precious commodity is a rare jewel. Through this partnership, 500 million liters of water has been made available in rural regions through pumps and boreholes.

With such innovation and care for the less fortunate, the future holds a lot of prospects for Ryan and Waiakea Volcanic Water company. The firm is exponentially growing and taking along with it a large chunk of the market.

Sussex Healthcare Knows How to Help People

Sussex Healthcare is one of the top companies in the world catering to elder care. The company is professional and knows how to help elderly people have the best end of life experience possible. They work hard using many different areas of help for others. Sussex Healthcare knows how to help people using technology, exercise and healthcare combined to make things easier for them.

Technology plays a huge role in many care homes. Sussex knows the right way to use technology in their more than 20 care homes. The technology they use combines with excellent levels of care to help elderly people have the best experience possible no matter what issues they normally face. Sussex Healthcare knows how to make a difference for more people and they know what they can do to bring positive attention to elder care. The technology they use helps the seniors have more freedom in the care homes. Visit

Exercise is a huge part of any elder situation. Sussex Healthcare knows this and also understands the importance of making sure seniors get the exercise they need. In their care homes, Sussex focuses on safe and independent exercise. Most exercise equipment in the homes is easy for all the seniors to use. They have safe features for people with disabilities and that’s what makes their exercise program so unique. It allows the seniors and people with disabilities the chance to use exercise equipment independently without worrying about how it could hurt them.

Even though Sussex likes focusing on how they can use alternative opportunities to help seniors, they don’t let that detract from the hard work they do to make sure they’re providing the best care possible. Sussex Healthcare knows what to look for when they’re finding providers. They also know they can make things easier for people who struggle with care. By allowing people to learn more about health care and about the things they do to have a positive healthcare experience, Sussex knows what they can do to give back to the community. They use these opportunities to find the best providers while also making sure their patients get the best care.


Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing-Fulfilling the Personnel needs of Healthcare and Legal Companies

Hospitals and private doctor’s clinics cannot provide high-quality healthcare in the absence of well-trained and experienced dentists, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists nurse practitioners, and emergency care providers.

For many of the citizens running healthcare facilities in the United States, identifying the right staff is a monumental challenge always. A similar problem exists in law firms with many lawyers finding it difficult to locate suitable office managers, billing clerks, public relations staff, and front desk receptionists.

Qualified Legal and Medical Staff within 72 Hours

Luckily for both the investors in the legal and medical industries, HCRC Staffing, a personnel recruitment firm founded by Brian Torchin in 2007, can help to find qualified candidates for any critical role. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

For example, if your law firm desires to fill the positions for paralegals, attorneys, legal assistants, office administrators, or secretaries, HCRC Staffing will typically get you the suitable staff in not more than 72 hours.

HCRC Staffing is a global company with hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. In the healthcare sector, HCRC staffing can assist to fill the vacancies for dentists, physical therapists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, or anesthetists.

Brian Torchin Facebook and Twitter Posts

In the “we are #hiring” posts that Torchin makes on the social media, you will find information about job vacancies all the time-from vacancies for chiropractors to office assistants and radiologists in Texas, Delaware, Chicago, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and across the nation.

HCRC-More than Just a Staff Finder

Brian Torchin who can pride in transforming HCRC Staffing into the leading firm offering customized hiring processes, is also the managing partner at Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He is a graduate of Plainview- Old Bethpage/JFK High School and the University of Delaware, where he studied exercise science major.

According to Glassdoor, between 1992 and 1995, Torchin pursued a doctor of chiropractic degree at the New York Chiropractic College. As a board-certified and licensed chiropractic practitioner with a private practice, Dr. Torchin understands all too well the challenges of medical staffing.

Torchin resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania believes strongly that HCRC Staffing should never fail to meet the specific requirements of employers.

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