Getting Gourmet With Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a premium beverage company founded by Bernardo T. Chua and Shane Morand in 2008. Their specialty coffee and tea products contain a potent medicinal herbal mushroom from China called Ganoderma lucidum, also known as the Reishi or Lingzhi mushroom. The company produces rich gourmet coffees, superb green & black tea blends, vitamin-rich flavored drink mixes and healthy weight management products. Organo Gold has grown to become one of the biggest and fastest direct selling companies in the world. They are currently headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Watch this video on Youtube.

The company obtains all of their Ganoderma lucidum from a state-of-the-art facility estimated to be worth about $240 million. The company joined forces with the Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Co. to help maintain the facility and conduct various researches on the mushroom. They grow their certified organic mushrooms naturally on logs in the facility. When the Ganoderma are fully developed, the facility’s staff harvest the stems and their bright orange caps then send them to get processed into powder exclusively for Organo Gold’s premium products.


Organo Gold is also a international network marketing company and had always used this platform for distributing all of their products. They refer to the independent distributors that have joined the company to sell Organo products exclusively in over fifty countries from all over the world. They receive commission and sometimes generous bonuses for every Organo Gold product they have sold. The Organo Gold distributors are allowed to provide discounts, individual products sales as well as product samples through the company’s preferred customer program. Organo Gold have recently created the not-for-profit organization called, OG Cares Foundation. Their goal is to support the local youth and offer them opportunities to help them become more productive in their communities and create a better future for many generations to come. Visit to know more.