Thin Hair Transformed

Fine hair can be difficult to manage and style. It can be limp and lifeless. Many women afflicted with this type of hair find it frustrating. Products try to say they can thicken hair and make it bouncier and fluffier. WEN by Chaz says it gives customers the hair it always wanted.

These infomercials are all over television with women who have bouncy and thick hair. One beauty editor,Emily McClure, decided to try Wen Hair out to see if it could really transform her hair. Emily’s first time using the product she was concerned about how much she was asked to use to cleanse the hair. She felt it may weigh down her already thinning hair. The first time she noticed her hair was shedding less. After a couple of days of use, she noticed it was fuller and bouncier. After a week, it seemed thicker. She noticed that you had to wash and style it everyday to make it work.

WEN by Chaz is a line of natural hair care products that help to enrich a woman’s hair naturally. Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist who started working in photography then moved to hair styling. When he worked and trained as a stylist, he learned how to make products. He opened his own studio and started his own line of products to give women the hair they always wanted. Chaz sells his products online via eBay and

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