Wen by Chaz Offers Salon Quality Resuts at Home

Many women wonder why there is such a difference in their hair after leaving a salon versus using their at Sephora drugstore hair products. The answer is really pretty simple. Salon products are made from better quality ingredients and they’re not watered down. Chaz Dean, the famous stylist of Hollywood, developed just that, an at-home system of hair care products that deliver the fantastic results of a beauty salon treatment at an affordable price. Chaz originally began his career in commercial photography, until he decided to study cosmetology and after gaining valuable experience with clients in the ritzy Bel Air neighborhood, he developed a five-in-one formula that cleanses and conditions, yet doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. The result is stronger and more manageable hair.
An online article featured on Guthy-Renker.com recounts an in-home experiment to demonstrate just how this all-in-one, shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment can transform thin, lifeless hair into hair full of shine, bounce and moisture. The progression from day one to hair that is visible thicker is amazing. Even acknowledging a reduction in the amount of hair fallout while showering, a problem shared by thousands of women whose hair follicles tend toward fragile. The WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner also produced less oily roots between shampoos, sometimes an indication that your conditioner is causing build-up.

Chaz Dean seems to have discovered the right ingredients to produce that all important balance between dry and frizzy hair, and weighed down over-treated hair results. Either of these two situations can leave the hair unable to hold beautiful curls and styles. Kudos to Mr. Dean for packing Wen hair products with natural ingredients such as Rosemary and Chamomile Extract and Wild Cherry Bark.

Product FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html