George Soros Contribution of $18 Billion and the Furious Conservative Theorists

One of the biggest contributions to the charity in the history of humankind found to have upset the conservatives. Since the contribution of $18 billion by George Soros to Open Society Foundations hit the newspapers in October, the conservatives and their theorists are not found to be happy with the developments. The Atlantic reports that it became as a confirmation to many of their darkest fears. Interestingly, the contribution bonanza made his charity group – Open Society Foundations – the second biggest just behind the Bill Gates Foundation. Surprisingly, the right-wing news website Breitbart described the Open Society Foundations as a “death star” by referring the news.

It is for a long time the right-wing groups tried to shade Soros as a philanthropic boogeyman. It was perceived as a way to hide the differences between partisans along with the distrust of financial elites. It usually tempts them to focus on the ideological frustrations and look to target on some magnificent individuals of the opposite political camps. Interestingly, when conservative groups target Soros, liberals would look to target people like Koch brothers, Robert Mercer, and more. Interestingly, liberal theories can appeal large people as those are generally perceived as very close to reality, especially when billionaires like Koch brothers are seen by the public as dark money forces known for many malpractices and overriding the electorates.

However, these types of narratives against people who are contributing their hard-earned money to philanthropic groups, like George Soros, may discourage people from charitable contributions in future. Conspiracy theories due to mere political differences are detrimental in long-run – a fact the conservative theorists should always remember. It also shows a picture of how theorists are failing to understand the power of grassroots level activism. Some factors about George Soros are contributing to the attacks of conservative groups. He is a proponent of progressivism, globalism, and more. Even though he is a Jewish, Soros is also a proponent of anti-Semitism.

Though he made significant fortunes in the financial markets, he wrote that capitalism also creates a danger to the open society concept. Soros think that uncontrolled laissez-faire capitalism and market values can destroy the open and democratic society. He wrote in 1997 that the biggest threat of the current times to the open society is none other than the capitalist threat. However, Soros thinks that it is less dangerous compared to the totalitarian concepts in the society.

George Soros was born in Budapest and grew up through the Second World War. He and his family moved to the United Kingdom after the war, and Soros got enrolled to London School of Economics. After graduation, he moved to the United States and started his life as a stockbroker in the Wall Street. After gaining some financial success, Soros established his own hedge fund in 1970 named Soros Fund Management. His strategies in various markets gave him excellent returns, and he became a billionaire by the early 1980s. Since then he started focusing more on philanthropy and began establishing Open Society Foundations to support of marginalized communities, encourage democracy, proclaim freedom of expression, and more.