The addition of two employees to Highland Capital Management

The investment manager of highland capital management that deals with global alternatives announced that they were hiring the professionals in the institution of business development. Another addition that they were making is the managing director Laurie Whetstone and Kieran as the director of the company. The reason why they were adding new staff is that they were anticipating that it would increase the opportunities. Because one of the competencies that highland was facing if distressed credit. Currently what the firm is running on various platforms like the credit strategies of the stressed and distressed. During the last credit cycle, there was something that highland established, and that is the distressed equity fund that would help them in being in control while focusing on the oriented investment that would be made on the loan that was senior secured of the firms that were in the distressed situation that is complex too. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

One of the biggest strength of highland capital management according to the co-chief investment Trey Parker, is that they take advantage of the opportunities that are created when the minor disruption occurs because in the market today the high yield size will create the opportunities. The team that they are coming up with is the one that will help with the connection, in connecting highland capital management with investors those that understand the dynamic and take advantage of the opportunities created.


Jim Dondero and Mark Okada are the once that founded highland capital management in 1993, with the aim that they will assist with the multibillion-dollar global investing managing. Over the 25 years, they have been in service the company has evolved, in making sure that they have their credit expertise and so that to expand to other asset classes they take advantage of the value-based approaches. The services that they offer like high yield credit, there are still other services that they provide including private equity, public equities and real estate the facilities have been built around a specialized team. The main headquarter of Highland is in Dallas, Texas. They still maintain other offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Singapore, Seoul and Buenos Aires. Read more at