The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Helps to Provide Civil Rights Equally To Everyone

An assortment of international documents focusing on human rights which call for attention to protect and ensure that each person is created equally is establishing that more people are being treated fairly where they once weren’t.

Even though various established principles have been enacted bringing to light the various immigration statuses of all people, including migrants and immigrants, the movement is calling for the civil rights of these people to be treated equally is what is helping Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey bring attention to the fund they started.

As a perfect example, there is an active increase in the amount of people who are being killed close to the border. The extrajudicial killings along with the increase in racial profiling and denials to enter the United States is broadcasting the civil rights of individuals being refused or their rights being broken.

It is very common to find human right groups that help to fight for the right of the various immigrant workers which have been abused and even exploited as well as the stereotypes being sought after in various places for work.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, they used their power at Phoenix New Times along with their Village Voice Media power to help fund this organization when they were unlawfully arrested in October 2007. Mike and Jim were awoke in the middle of the night in their homes and arrested for their role in releasing records about the Sheriff.

It was after the arrest that Jim and Mike formed a lawsuit against the county in the Court of Appeals that won them 3.75 million dollars. It was also the fact that a grand jury demanded the identification of the people who read the various stories online through the handing down of subpoenas. Lacey and Larkin citied that the First Amendment offered protection against this and their rights were violated which helped them to win their lawsuit. That is when the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established.

There are a number of groups out there that help to bring more justice to those who are unlawfully detained, arrested or even killed due to their civil rights being broken. For the United States, there is reports surrounding the detaining of various people who have came to the United States seeking asylum as well as children and individuals who have disabilities being held in Administrative Immigration Centers while they await for their immigration cases to be solved and appeals to be resolved.  Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

It is unfortunate for these people however which spend a good amount of time being held while their due process rights are being broken. It is these people who actually pose no threat to anyone and who hold no authority against providing any danger to anyone who spend their time being held in these detention centers while they wait to hear their outcome pending immigration statuses.

It is these people that Jim and Lacey are trying to help. Their goal is to establish that even migrants and immigrants are entitled to civil rights and the withholding of their status is what is breaking the law.