Ted Bauman Discusses His Passions and Future of His Career

Ted Bauman is the editor of several publications under Banyan Hill Publishing, including Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. Although he is a native of the DC Metropolitan Area, the majority Mr. Bauman’s career was spent in South Africa, which he emigrated to in order to attend the University of Cape Town. After graduating with degrees in History and Economics, he decided to stay abroad, eventually landing in the public housing sector, when he worked as an executive for over 25 years. During his time in South Africa, Mr. Bauman also helped to launch several prominent initiatives, including Slum Dwellers International. He would later act as a consultant for a number of reputable institutions, including the United Nations and the World Bank. In 2013, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing, where he quickly garnered a significant audience due to his works regarding asset protection, alternative investment strategies, and international migration. Today he lives with his family in Atlanta, GA, where he generally works from his home office.

While Ted Bauman has worked in a number of capacities regarding finance, he cites his decision to become a financial writer, one that was inspired by his father, as the most fruitful period of his life. Despite making the switch in careers after over twenty years in a different arena, he was able to make money rather quickly due to his “financial background and experience in South Africa.” Mr. Bauman has been able to maintain this level of success since his initial foray to his staunch commitment to managing his time efficiently. He generally dives into work early in the morning, as, over the years, he’s come to discover that this period in the day is his most productive; because of this, he tends to “guard that time of day pretty stingily.”

On a typical day, Ted Bauman begins by catching up on news that covers incoming trends and specific topics that he wants to discuss with his audience. Because topics like finance and asset protection are often mundane to the average person, he utilizes his unique writing ability, coupled with real-world examples that help to highlight the nuances of the issue. Ted Bauman’s workday does not end until around 5 pm each day, regardless of the time that it started, and this dedication, is, in his opinion, one of the primary reasons for his audiences growth, and sustained readership.

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Ted Bauman on How to Protect Your Future Investments

Everyone looks forward to succeeding in life. However, most people haven’t known that the same success can still be their greatest adversary. Successful business people like Ted Bauman know how to treat the success they have achieved before it makes them fall. Ted says most people tend to relax when they achieve something. They forget there is still a journey ahead if they are to achieve something greater than what they have in their hands. Ted says it’s important to appreciate the current success but you should still crave for more. This perception has helped him become the famous editor and entrepreneur he is today. If he got contended with what he had achieved several years back, he wouldn’t have become a beehive of immense entrepreneurial knowledge and advice.

Ted is a rich source of investment skills and knowledge. Those who have sought advice from him on investment matters know the kind of gold he is. Ted says the only way to keep the unforeseen problems at bay is through future investments. Since he had great editorial skills that couldn’t be ignored, great companies like Banyan Hill Publishing looked for him. He joined Banyan Hill in 2013 and served as a competent editor. He has been an editor for The Bauman Letter, Plan B, and Alpha Stock Alert. These companies specialize in asset protection and privacy. Through these companies, Ted Bauman advice people on the low-risk strategies they should apply in international migration issues and investments.

Although Ted and his wife live in Atlanta today, they used to live in South Africa some time back. Besides being an accomplished entrepreneur, Ted Bauman still have other people at heart. He doesn’t use the resources he gets to enrich himself while others are struggling in life. As one who understands the power of an idea, Ted shares most of his entrepreneurial knowledge with those who need it at no cost. Many people have used his advice to get freedom from government oversights, corporate greed, and sovereign life.

As a young man, Ted Bauman had to relocate to Maryland Eastern shore from Washington DC, before he could immigrate to South Africa. Ted is a History and Economics graduate from Cape Town University. He has held different executive roles in different institutions in South Africa throughout his 25-year career. His heart for the people influenced him to launch the Slum Dwellers Internationals to help people get better houses. His organization has become popular in more than 35 countries in the world.14 million individuals and more have seen the brighter side of their lives through Slum Dwellers Internationals.

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