The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

Many people especially bloggers have been feeding the Americans with the wrong information about Checks. They are determined to make the people believe that freedom checks are a scam by arguing that there is no way the government would allow citizens to run their businesses without paying taxes. Some are also determined to create a picture that freedom checks involve investing a lot of money to firms they are not sure of getting any returns. Regardless of the way all these information might be very convincing, they are not true because checks are not scam investments. Instead, freedom checks are policies that were created by the government led by President Nixon that is focused on creating opportunities for investors to invest in a tax free business.

In order for an investor to be part of the freedom checks beneficiaries, they must join one of the more five hundred firms that are part of the checks. These firms are referred to as master limited partnerships that serve various roles in creating investment opportunities for their partners to work in. One of the areas that the master limited partnerships create opportunities for their members is the energy industry. The master limited partnerships provide transport for fuel through pipelines which is one of the safest ways of transporting fuel, defying, exploring, developing and leasing ready refineries to a company investors.

After acquiring an oil refinery from the master limited partnerships, the partners shall send 90% of the total amount they earn from refinery. The master limited shall, in turn, distribute the amount to their partners in a quarterly depending on the size of shares that each investor has. Contrary to the claims that these returns are not certain whether they will be distributed to the partners or not, a lot of partners have earned a lot of money in the past. Although most people have been describing the master limited partnerships as divided, these firms like to refer to it as distributors. Therefore, in order to earn a lot of money per quarterly, partners are advised to buy Checks shares  as many  as possible regardless of the size of the investment.



Southridge Capital Is On The Lookout For New Opportunity

Stephen Hicks is one of the original founders for the company Southridge Capital and it wasn’t that long ago that his company spent more than five million to invest in Elite Data Services. This investment added to Southridge’s extensive and successful portfolio and is continuing to bring the financial investment company new growth today.


Southridge Partners, a subsidiary of Southridge Capital was the initial executor of the deal with Elite Data and they are now very similar in nature. According to Stephen Hicks, the acquisition of Elite Data was a strategic move to increase the companies return in the long-term and so far his predictions have come true. Returns that have come through the agreement have increased by a noticeable amount. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The primary focus of Elite Data Services was technology and primarily dealt with marketing and advertisements. Elite Data Services was competitively superior in the market for their analytical capabilities to rate the performance of advertising techniques and advertisements as a whole. Most other companies in Elite Data’s specific sector are focused on paying for services to spread ads and put the word into as much media as they can. Elite Data’s advanced software allows them to stand out among their competitors, which is why Stephen Hicks thinks it is a great addition for the future of Southridge Capital. Check out



Southridge is well known throughout the community for their services to various companies as well as individuals who have received their aid in the financial department. Stephen Hicks has personally played a role at the company since it was first opened and is directly responsible for spending months on end in the workplace to expand on its boundaries.


The primary audience for Southridge Capital is other publically owned businesses and management teams, though they occasionally work with individuals as well. As far as profits go, there are much more benefits for Southridge to work with other companies and over the years they have invested billions in hundreds of corporations around the globe. Whether it is balance sheet work, financial management, legal advice, mergers and acquisitions, overcoming debt, or increasing profits, Southridge Capital has talent experts readily available to help any clients and answer their questions.



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Paul Mampilly, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor and financial advisor. In his usual unique way, he shares his thoughts on cryptocurrency. Mampilly firmly believes that the cryptocurrency bubble will burst shortly. The previous winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition relates the current state of cryptocurrency to the 1999 stock market rally that would leave investors without any investments. And to reinforce his point, he states that it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency investors lose their money. Follow Paul on Facebook.

The 1999 bubble was composed of some companies with a solid reputation. Stocks that were not representations of real companies rose so high a clear indication that things were not okay. The massive stock bubble kept drawing in new investors who were unaware of the situation. Paul Mampilly sold his investments and two a year later he lived to cherish his decision. The current cryptocurrency state is not any different.

A cryptocurrency is a form of payment means that exists solely online, beyond the control of any single centralized government. This form of currency is controlled by the use of very sophisticated rules and cryptographic patterns with Bitcoin at the head and by far the most prosperous. Other types have since emerged as the interest in Bitcoin grew. Several important organizations and people of high standard took it leading to its popularity in no time. Several governments have officiated the technology, and many more are following in the direction. Paul points out the rapid growth history of cryptocurrency and terms it as high interest in assets of unknown value that would eventually lead to a sudden loss.


Bitcoin established an impressive growth rate to a peak of $19,000 with many critics and idolizers alike. Some people characterized it as the tech of the future while those with a solid understanding of currency claimed the opposing opinion. Later Bitcoin took a plunge before temporary stabilization at $8,000. The financial expert, however, warns that the worst is yet to come.

Economic Bubbles occur when assets begin to sell at prices that outweigh actual functional value. This situation happens when investors invest heavily in assets that are deemed to be successful. Contrary to belief, investor Paul Mampilly’s sentiments are not as a result of failure to invest in cryptocurrency but rather due to the near-impossible evaluation associated with cryptocurrency. He firmly believes, however, that the very nature of the idea is impressive but investments at this time are highly risky. Follow Paul on