Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

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Randal Nardone is the CEO, co-founder, and director of Fortress Investment Group LLC. It is an investment firm where he has been involved in the top management since 1998. In 2006, he was appointed as one of the boards of directors and in 2013 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

At 51, Randal is a self-made entrepreneur. He was ranked number 557 on the Forbes ranking. Randal owns 53 million shares worth 1.6 billion in the fortress investment group which he co-founded. He has also been able to achieve an additional $100 million in net cash out since 2005.

Randal Nardone studied at the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in science and a doctorate in Jurisprudence.He started out his career at Thatcher Profit and Wood. Later he worked at BlackRock financial and UBS. In 1998 he co-founded the fortress investment group together with partners: Peter Briger, Michael Novogratz, Robert Kauffman and Wesley Edens.Through his experience and expertise, he has ensured the development and growth of the Fortress Investment Group. The company has provided high quality services to the clients.

While exhibiting great expertise and skills, Randal Nardone has grown as a financial expert. He has been a key implementer of ideas that have seen the growth of every aspect of the company. Through his knowledge and advice, his clients and several companies have grown financially. Besides serving as the CEO in Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is the president of the Springlife financial holdings. He is as well the vice president and secretary of Newcastle investment holdings. He also serves in the capacity of a director at the Ales Group Holdings corporation since July 2007. Randal is a leader who has been involved in many management positions besides those listed.

A positive feedback has been shared by the employees working at the Fortress. Most have termed it as a rewarding environment that easily recognizes and identifies the hardworking. Besides that, the company has been a ground to challenge many and broaden their knowledge base in future. The company has provided an opportunity to learn and an inspiration to others who value working with smart people.

On 28th December 2017, Softbank Group completed the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion dollars in cash. The Fortress was expected to operate within Softbank as an independent entity headquartered in New York. The top leadership model, brand and personnel processes were maintained despite the change. This move was mainly based to ensure Fortress success.

Paul Mampilly- Founder Of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is a hedge fund manager who has over 25 years of experience. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited and he assists people with learning about stocks to invest in. In 1991, Paul began his career at the Deutsche Bank. Prior to working at the Deutsche Bank, Mampilly obtained an MBA from Fordham University.

Throughout the 25 years he has gained experience with managing accounts that hold over $6 billion to accounts that are just getting started. Mampilly has worked with places such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Kinetics International Fund. Kinetics International fund is a $6 billion company that excelled once Paul became the leader.

In 2012, he invested in a company that specifically worked to develop a drug that is used for muscular dystrophy. He also invested in Netflix, which saw a substantial gain before he stepped away from the company. When Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited, he worked to help individuals to decide which companies they should invest in. He also worked to help them decide when to sell them so that they would see a profit rather than a loss.

Paul was inspired to start his business stating that he was tired of working on Wall Street and helping the rich get richer. Although, due to his work on Wall Street, Paul was able to become profitable very quickly. Paul felt that he could offer his services to everyday people who genuinely needed help getting started. Once Mampilly stopped working on Wall Street, he began writing newsletters. As he was giving his advice and tips about investing, he realized that many people became interested in it so he decided to make a business out of it. As of right now, at the age of 42, Paul retired to spend more time with family, but still offer tips for people looking to invest.

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Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is an accredited loan provider in the United States. Or the company, they have made it a goal to offer fast working capital in an environment where banking is necessitated. If you end up working for the company, you will develop a sense of belonging in this industry. For over 14 years of operation, you might consider using this as a title to develop high-end solutions to a necessitated world. Equities First Holdings also provides stock-based loans with the lowest interest rates in the market. While this is true, banks and other credit-based companies have their lending capabilities decreased. As a matter of fact, they have increased interest rates. Therefore, you will be sure to secure fast working capital using other means in this environment.Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent financial shareholder companies dealing in the issuance of loans using stocks as the main collateral. For you to get a loan at the company, you must first present your stocks on the table for evaluation.

You will always get an amount that does not exceed 60 percent of the total shares in the stocks.For this reason, they take his small amount to give way for market fluctuation. When you decide to take up the loan, you will be engaged in the increment of salaries. Equities First Holdings also gives you the loans once you surrender the stocks as collateral.The non-purpose feature characterizes the stock-based loans. For this reason, you will never be asked to state the intended use of the loan during the application process. This is the main feature that separates the stock-based loans from the margin loans. For the margin loans, you must state the use o the money to qualify for the procedure.

For this reason, most people consider the use of the stock-based loans in the financial world. As a matter of fact, these loans are also characterized by the non-recourse feature. In his case, the loaner can decide to evade the payment of the loan and still have no obligation to the lender. Therefore, this is one of the best features of these loans.Startup companies always worry so much about financing options. While this is a major factor in the economic world, people need to take good care of their development facilities. Equities First Holdings is also a better company. It has been adopted on a massive scale as a trusted entity in this loan provision segment.

The Career life of Todd Lubar

Delving into the real estate industry and establishing a mortgage company is no small fit of achievement. It involves hard work, persistence and the ability to create and innovate so as to be able to succeed in an industry that has many players competing on attracting clients looking to buy a house. This was the world that Mr. Todd Lubar had decided to venture into as both as a developer and an investor. More than two decades now and his decision now looks to have been a brilliant idea with a big two big companies under his name he has never once looked back.

Mr. Todd ventured into what was then and still is a booming real estate industry in the year 1995. Back then many people from both the upper and the lower middle class were ambitiously looking to own their own house in the growing posh suburbs’. These people seemed to establish homes a bit far away from the bustling life of the cities away from the noisy traffics. This presented itself to Todd as a brilliant idea to invest in this sector so as to help these people realize their dreams. Visit Inspirery to know more.

Todd initially ventured into the industry as an investor who facilitated loans for the people who could not raise enough capital for buying their own houses for a small fee. This turned out to be a good business venture for him, and due to the many people that sought to obtain his financing he was his business soon grew. A few years of the same success led him to establish a mortgage company and named it Creator Mortgage Corporation which was in a capacity to cater to his growing clientele.

The establishment of the business proved to be a good business idea as in now enabled him to practice traditional lending to even large private entities that were now venturing into the real estate industry as Realtors. In 1999 Todd was privileged to acquire an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. This new position enabled him to increase the number of loans he granted his clients. When 2002 came, he opened another company called Legendary Properties, LLC. The company focused on the construction of residential houses that were later mortgaged by its sister company.

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The Ideas That Drove Jim Hunt To Start VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a very insightful and shrewd individual. His career has revolved around investing and making trades on prnewschannel.com that few other people would know about, and he’s been willing to share with others just how these trades are made. He was once interviewed by Ideamensch in which he answered questions about his business and how his personal time relates to it. For Hunt, it’s all about balance and spending ample time at work, while making sure family life also takes precedence. Jim Hunt has recommended people who are new to stock trading get started by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad a guidebook to the importance of investing.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has started a couple programs which he uses to show the fundamentals of stock trading and how simple he believes it can be when done right. The first is “Wealth Wave,” a program in which Hunt shows how money can be made even when a bear market is going to hit. His second program is “Making Mum a Millionaire” which shows how stock trading and math come together to reach millionaire status. Hunt says he did not start this program because of ambition, but rather to show just how 10 trades is all it takes to become a millionaire.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put out a lot of information and demonstrations on YouTube where he has compiled many videos, but he also started up a company that publishes distance learning courses on investing called VTA Publications. This company is based in the UK and their courses cover a variety of subjects available in both print and electronic media formats reported on slideshare.net. If you’re interested in forming a good retirement plan, you can learn about that in their course about retirement and the bible. Stock charts can become easier to read if you take their course on learning stock charts, and they have an additional course on little-known options and strategies for trading stocks. VTA Publications also hosts seminars in which expert investors and entrepreneurs lecture on investing and business tips, and these are all available for an extra price on DVD.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-vows-to-make-mum-a-millionaire-in-just-10-trades-589777581.html

Jim Hunt Is A Master Of His Trade

Jim Hunt has great skills when it comes to trading and investing. He can quickly research a particular market and then know immediately if it is worth investing in. Some investing opportunities seem amazing, but they end up being the worst decisions ever. Jim Hunt is excellent when explaining to a customer why a specific deal that looks amazing is definitely too good to be true.


Running VTA Publications, Hunt has thousands of customers, and they continue to use his services all the time. Some of these individuals are very young, and others are seasoned investors and traders. Every customer loves the low costs to use Hunt’s services.


Though Hunt does his best to charge extremely low prices, there are still individuals that cannot afford Hunt’s assistance. These individuals have two good options. The first would be to get on a flexible payment plan with VTA. The second would be to take advantage of all the free videos posted daily by Hunt.


On behalf of VTA, Hunt posts daily videos on YouTube.com. These videos explain all the current work he is involved in. He also make special announcements like new promotions being offered by VTA Publications. Hunt then shows various techniques of how to invest and trade properly and ways to get sure results. There is something new to learn in each video.


Hunt studied the financial market for years. He soon discovered ways people could take their own path in investing and trading and not go through a traditional bank. This discovery led to the discovery of VTA Publications. After using Hunt’s teachings, the first few customers of the company immediately promoted VTA. This was due to all the benefits they received and the money they saved.


Hunt studied the financial market all of his life. Even as a child he was interested in saving money. His entire time in college consisted of Jim Hunt forming ways to build a new-age financial plan. Hunt has also won several different awards due to the amazing work he has done and contributed in.   Follow the human side of Jim on his Tumblr page.