Loyal Customers: The Key To Fabletics Success

People who start and run a business of their own understand the importance of loyal customers. It is those customers that make businesses successful. While businesses can always gain new customers, it is important for them to focus on the customers they do have. Fortunately, there are ways to gain loyal customers. Businesses do not have to focus on gaining new customers all the time. As a matter of fact, one company that has managed to bring in the most loyal customers is Fabletics. Kate Hudson has secrets on how a business can bring in customers like Fabletics.


One thing that Fabletics focuses on as a way to gain customers is reviews. Customers are not going to trust ads. However, they will trust the reviews of another customer. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics encourages people to write reviews on the company. Another thing that the brand does is engage with the customers and collect information from them so that they can decide on the products that are offered according to data. They also make sure that the products that are offered are sold. One problem that many fashion retailers have is that of left over products.


The best aspect of fashion and fitness according to Kate Hudson is that it helps customers feel good about themselves. This is in fact one of the reasons that the fashion industry is successful. It shows people how they can dress in ways that will increase their confidence. The one way to do this is by finding clothes that fit well. Fabletics offers these types of products.


The way that Kate Hudson has made her brand successful is through a combination of offering unique products and engaging customers so that they can feel like they matter and that they can reach the next level of self fulfillment.


Kate Hudson wants to reach out to the individual with Fabletics. She is also hoping to challenge some of the rules of fashion. She is encouraging others to challenge these rules so that she can find something that makes her feel confident. One of the interesting things of challenging fashion is that when the results are good, then people will feel really confident.

Fabletics Finds Success

Today’s retail fashion world has transformed in recent years, moving away from an experience that was strictly about visiting a showroom and trying on a wide selection of outfits. Sure, in times past, shopping for clothes meant scheduling a block of time for traveling to a mall or boutique and trying on all kinds of outfits in hopes of finding clothes that were comfortable and flattering. There’s no question the e-commerce revolution on the Internet has changed this whole equation and today consumers can search online for fashion that works for them.


There’s also been a transformation in the role of working out and staying fit in a woman’s life. Today women with an active lifestyle like to have fashionable workout clothes that can sometimes double as casual, or even upscale wear. All of these changes have created an opening for e-commerce fashion companies that can deliver great looking, wearable activewear for women who really want it.


The Fabletics Difference


Right now breaking through in the e-commerce fashion world is a challenging task. Amazon.com now has 20 percent of the commerce fashion market, and customers are demanding a higher level of customer service delivery, along with unique ideas from their fashion brands. Some companies are finding success in this crowded market, however, like Fabletics, the activewear brand launched by Kate Hudson and her partners just three years ago. Since then, the brand is now valued at an astounding $250 million, and going up from there.


VIP Brand Service


The Fabletics line is very attractive, very comfortable and also very affordable. All of these aspects have made the brand a popular online choice. The VIP subcription service offered by the brand is another attraction, too. Subscribers can fill out a personal profile, stating their needs for workout wear, and then pay a modest monthly fee. In exchange they receive a monthly selection of attractive workout wear personally selected by Hudson, all geared to their personal activewear tastes.


Customers have responded favorably to this VIP service aspect as well as to the quality of the clothing. Hudson is heavily involved in the brand, and her appealing presence and athletic looks make her a great spokesperson for the brand.


No, not every activewear brand can break through in today’s competitive commerce fashion marketplace. Fabletics, however, is showing how a combination of savvy marketing, quality products, innovative branding and a high level of customer service can really lead to success.