Knowing What One Wants And Being Flexible With Event Planning

When it comes to planning events, one of the worst mistakes one could make is to have no idea on what is wanted. At the same time, another way to go wrong is to be too stiff about what is wanted. One thing that someone should be able to do is to explain the details of his event when it comes time to meet the event planner in person. After all, event planners do want input on the event that they are working on even though they themselves can come up with their own creative solutions.

Before hiring event planners in NYC, one has to make sure that he knows the type of event planners that he is looking at. One of the event planning companies NYC houses is 23 Layers. The professional planners of this firm are some of the most creative and professional workers in the industry. When hiring Twenty Three Layers, the planners will sit with the host in order to discuss the different aspects of the party that he is planning. They will take the time to discuss with him which aspect of the party is going to work and what needs to be adjusted. Also, there is a lot of room for some revisions during any part of the process.

Among the different aspects of party planning that 23 Layers deals with are venue selection, catering, photography, entertainment and plenty of other aspects. 23 Layers will make sure that every aspect of the party is taken care of from the planning to the cleaning. The host does not have to do a lot of work. 23 Layers also makes sure that the party planning process is fun and positive. After all, parties and events are for celebrations. 23 Layers makes sure that everything is working well in the party so that attendees will have fun.


Tips on Throwing a Stress Free Party

Many people prefer to go to parties rather than throw them. But, now and then the situation may dictate that you must be the one to host a party. A party is meant to be just that, and there are some easy things one can do to ensure a good time.

The first step is the most obvious, organization. Having lists can make planning much simpler and can be used for practically every step.

The next thing on the agenda, create a theme. Themes are a fun, and they take some of the decision-making out of the equation as certain things will fit and won’t.

Sending out the invites may seem obvious, but many forget this critical component to a party. E-mail and verbal invites will work in a pinch, but an old fashioned snail mail invitation can compliment whatever theme you have chosen.

Offering a self-service bar is an excellent way to make sure guests can have the drinks they want.

If you have a recipe for a unique drink, make some in beforehand, that way party goers can enjoy.

Keep the appetizers simple. It may be tempting to go over the top, but simple things like finger sandwiches are always popular and will be less stressful to make than more advanced dishes.

Set up a kids table. Some guests may not be able to find a babysitter; having a children’s section will help keep them entertained and out of the thick of things.

Lastly, just remember to keep things simple and stay relaxed.

These tips are brought to you by 23 Layers, an event planning company in NYC. There are endless choices for event planners in NYC, but 23 Layers leads the way. The company has extensive experience in planning events no matter what the occasion. They also boast some big name clientele like Jaguar, David Lynch, Spotify, and many, many others. Some of the services they offer are catering, photography, styling, floral arrangements, lighting, and venue selection. Whether a host needs one or all of their services, 23 Layers specializes in finding the right fit for each client.