Twenty Three Layers Takes Events To The Next Level

A recent article that was posted to the HGTV site featured advice for planning the perfect event from a professional event planner. Her first tip was to stay organized. Make lists and reservations so that no detail falls through the cracks. Another tip is to create a theme so that everything falls into place with the tone of the party more easily. Creating a theme will also liven up the party. Make sure to send invitations so that guest will be more likely to attend. It is also a great way to know how many attendees to plan for in advance. She also says that a self-service bar is a big hit with guests. They can fill up when they like and make the drinks to their preference without having to wait for someone else to make the drink for them. It is also suggested that you set up a satellite bar in remote locations at the venue so that guests can help themselves without having to walk very far. She also says that creating a special drink just for the occasion is another big hit at various events. When it comes to the food at the event, it is best to keep it simple so that it will appeal to the majority of the people that attend, and it will help to keep the food costs down. For children, create a fun kid’s table that is welcoming and has activities to keep them engaged during the event. The final tip is to keep the place settings simple rather than creating an elaborate setup. No need to make the place setting too busy.


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