Adam Milstein’s Journey to Philanthropy

Adam Milstein the national chairman of the Israeli-American council and well known real estate investor. He manages Hager Pacific properties which has invested huge amounts of money in lots of development projects in the country. Adam Milstein is also known for his philanthropy in the Jewish community. His involvement with Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation is probably one of his most notable philanthropic work. The foundation supports Jewish students all over the world to get in touch with their Jewish roots. Adam Milstein and his wife are committed to their foundation by investing heavily in young Jewish scholars and have helped many students gain invaluable educational experiences.

Adam Milstein was recently recognized for his philanthropic effort when he was added to the philanthropist and social entrepreneurs top 200.Adam was born in 1952 in Haifa Israel, he served in the Israeli defense forces in 1971.During his time in the forces he served in the Yom Kippur war. After the war he studied business and economics at the Technion and graduated in 1978.He moved to the United States three years after he graduated where he started working as a sales agent the Hager Pacific Properties. Later he got a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He worked his way up in the company and now serves as a managing partner.

According to Adam Milstein, he was introduced to philanthropy while working at Hager Pacific Properties where he discussed philanthropy with a business partner. Adam was passionate about leaving a legacy with the money he made from his work. His love for his country and Philanthropy led to the birth of Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation. The Foundation did not only engage in the activities of scholars but also supports pro-Israel organizations.

Their Foundation is guided by active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy. Adam personally oversees these operations and ensures that every entity donates to accomplish the foundations mission. Adam serves as the chairman of the Israeli-American council which is a US based non-profit whose influence is growing immensely in the country. The organization has helped strengthen American Israeli ties.



Veteran broadcaster Norman Lear has a new show at PodcastOne. The CEO and founder of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz was pleased to announce about Norman Lear’s show called All of the Above which will be aired on his channel.Norman Lear has created popular shows such as Good Times, Maude, All in The Family, The Jeffersons and One Day at a Time and much more. These shows have managed to move the American audience greatly. The new show features all aspects of life; these include current events, social issues, music, family issues, politics and many other issues affecting any normal American ( Some of the people that will be featured in the show include politicians, ordinary Americans, celebrities who will offer their unique perspectives among others. The legendary writer, director, producer, and world war two veteran will be hosting All of the Above with Paul Hipp. Paul Hipp is his close friend and also an actor and composer.


All of the Above will feature renowned celebrity guests such as America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The weekly show which will premiere on May first will include topics such as America Ferrera’s triathlon training, Amy Poehler’s religious views, Jerrod Camichael’s media career and Louis-Drefus’s Veep with Julia and Veep among others. Fans can pre-subscribe to the show which will be aired each Monday on the iTunes, PodcastOne app, and Norman Lear promised his fans vibrant and topical shows which will amaze anyone from any age bracket. Learn more:


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a broadcast guru who has more than 40 years experience in the radio syndication industry. The CEO and founder of PodcastOne launched the digital platform in 2012. The idea of forming the podcast channel came after he took a leave from Westwood One and met Kit Gray, who was working on behalf of certain individual’s podcasts from his apartment. After they started doing their own production, he saw it as a chance of launching a digital division for Westwood One.


Norman Pattiz enjoys working on PodcastOne, and he is involved in practically all the daily activities of the digital channel. The CEO believes that democratic content consumption has made the broadcast industry more diverse and that this has made punitive censorship unpopular. The fact that a podcast has an instant reaction rate also helps a lot in discerning what the audience wants. The broadcast guru believes that success comes through hard work and that the notion the early bird catches the worm really works even in today’s digital world.Norman Pattiz is affiliated with many renowned boards. The CEO has been married to Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz for close to thirty years and they live in Beverly Hills

Todd Lubar: Owner and president of TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also the senior vice president of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar started his education at the Sidwell Friends School located in Washington DC. He as in this institution between the years 1977 and 1987. He then joined the Peddie School located in Hightstown, New Jersey. After his high school education, he attended the Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in Speech communication.

Todd Lubar first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for about 4 years. He then joined Legacy Financial Group where he worked until 2005. Legacy Financial Group is located in Arlington, Texas. As a part of his achievements at the firm, he helped the company record over $100 million dollars in loan volumes in a single year. In 2005, he moved on and joined the Charter Funding as a senior vice president of the organization. He held the position up to 2007 when he left the company when the real estate industry was hit by the great economic recession crisis.

Todd Lubar has concentrated on leading a career in mortgage banking but once I n a while has gone out of the way to make investments in other sectors. His vast knowledge in the real estate sector as well as in other industries has made him a proficient business person who knows how to start and manage a business in all manner of business environments. Currently, through hid TDL Global Ventures he is focused on providing mortgage services to people who otherwise cannot benefit from the traditional mortgage lenders.

Todd Lubar narrates on Inspirery that the reason why he started TDL Global ventures was to help other people fulfill their dreams. Having worked in the finance and credit sector he realized that not everyone is covered by the plans that are in place especially with the traditional lenders. He wanted to come up with a product that would address the issues of every person and give them access to loans. Todd insists that for any business to be successful the owner must first focus on helping the clients. Only then can a business have chances of development. `


Free Medical Research Findings is Just a Click Away, Thanks to Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a free to access online medical journal that is published weekly by Impact Journals. The weekly issue can be availed in hard copy following special requests. The journal was founded in 2010 after the founders realized a gap in the way scientific research findings were reaching the people. Oncotarget was created on a mission of availing scientific results timely and to a wider group of people.


Oncotarget is led by top scientists with remarkable hands-on experience. Mikhail Blagosklonny, a well-known scientist and former oncology professor and Andrei V. Gudkov, a cancer researcher and college professor are the journal’s editors-in-chief. The papers published in the journal are peer-reviewed, leaving no room for mistakes. The review also ensures that the scientific results leave the impact that they were intended to. Oncotarget hopes to one day achieve a life without diseases. Though the journey is long, so much more like fighting diseases through the use of basic clinical science has been accomplished. The researchers have also had an opportunity to play a part in the growth of science. The journal endeavors to unite the different fields of sciences by eliminating the divides between them.

Going Beyond Oncology

Initially, Oncotarget was focused on the treatments and therapies of cancer with the aim of improving the lives of cancer patients. The research conducted was directed at establishing the basis of the cancer therapies in the market and those in the pipeline. Over the years and after marking tremendous success, Oncotarget diversified the coverage to include other areas of science. Currently, the journal accepts papers on Pathology, Immunology, Neurotarget, Microbiology Autophagy, Cell Death, Circadian Rhythm, and neuroscience. By including other fields of science, Oncotarget has created a one-stop shop for people needing medical information on different ailments.


Oncotarget has enjoyed great reception by the people who use the information contained in the journal. Consequently, many lives have been improved. The remarkable work at the firm received many praises and accolades. In 2013, some of the members at Oncotarget were awarded the Breakthrough Prize, an award that is considered to be a top honor. The members were Michael N. Hall, Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, and Stephen J. Elledge.

Christopher Burch’s vieiw on how fashion changes alongside technology

Mr. Christopher Burch, a renowned entrepreneur, believes that as technology improves, so does the fashion industry. According to him, the two industries grow hand in hand. He argues this out by taking a look at the past, comparing it with the present and predicting what might happen in the future.

Taking a look at technology, people walked around with boom boxes in the 70s. This only allowed them to tune into their favorite stations, play cassettes and record them. In the 90s, the Walkman took over, allowing people to walk around with personal music. Currently, the iPod is the in thing. Chris Burch states that people go for a technology that they consider fashionable.

As for fashion, Mr. Burch argues that fashion designers are embracing technology in order to deliver. This, then, propels them to be more innovative and functional. He goes on to quote Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer that incorporates tech with fashion. Anouk compares technology to a playground, saying that they are similar. This, he explains, is because technology provides one with unlimited options as one goes deeper.

Mr. Bruch predicts a future in which fashion will be used to generate energy. He states that since kinetic energy can be used power devices such as watches, fashion designers are looking to incorporate features that generate energy into fashion. For instance, Soledad Martin, a fashion designer, is trying to come up with shoes that generate energy as one walks or runs. The energy can then be used to charge a phone.

About Christopher Burch

After graduating from Ithaca College with an undergraduate degree in 1976, Burch partnered with his brother, Bob. Together, they founded and grew Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business that they later came to sell at $165 million. The initial starting capital was $2000. This shows the entrepreneurial might that Mr. Burch has. He believes that there are three fundamental practices that one should have to be successful. Working together as a team is one of them. The others are being keen and taking notes when producing, and finding time to brainstorm and produce.

Burch’s experience in business is unmatched. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company that he himself founded. Before this, he worked for many other companies, which he helped grow and become big brands. The Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital are a few examples of the companies. He served as a board member in both firms.