Dr. Mark Mofid Wants To Help All People

Dr. Mark Mofid is the proud owner of San Diego Skin. This is his office where he preps patients for surgery before taking them to one of the local hospitals. Mark Mofid accepts patients from around America and the world. Dr. Mark Mofid has not only been labeled as the best plastic surgeon in America because of his great work, but he has earned this title because he does all he can to make every patient reaches their end goal.

The way Dr. Mark Mofid helps patients reach their end goal is firstly by accepting all types of insurance. Many doctors today only accept two or at the most three different types of insurance. Dr. Mofid, however, makes sure every patient has the same opportunity. Moreover, if the insurance denies a particular procedure, Dr. Mofid files an appeal on behalf of the patient. Dr. Mofid does not stop until the patient gets a full explanation of why a specific procedure was not covered. Dr. Mark Mofid has a 95% success rate when it comes to winning appeal cases.

When Dr. Mark Mofid began his practice, he created an agreement with both Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit. Care Credit is for people with no money but proper credit. These individuals can get Care Credit to pay for their work. In return, Care Credit charges monthly payments with interest. Alphaeon Credit is like Care Credit, but they exist more for people with bad credit. Alphaeon Credit examines more the person’s work history, monthly income, and monthly expenses. If it seems the person can make monthly payments, Alphaeon Credit will provide credit for the individual. Dr. Mark Mofid is the only doctor in San Diego who accepts both Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit. Through these programs, Dr. Mark Mofid has helped thousands of people turn their dream look into a reality.

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