Viable Solutions to Depression and Various Mental Illness Offered by Neurocore Brain Performance Center

By providing a combination of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback diagnostics, along with unique and personalized brain training exercises, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is offering those battling Depression and a variety of other mental illness a once in a lifetime treatment opportunity. Neurocore are currently offering clinical trials in Florida and Michigan for a multitude of mental illnesses including child, teen, and adult ADHD, Anxiety, various sleep disorders, and many different types of Depression. Through brain mapping, a variety of diagnostic tests, behavioral checklists, and more, Neurocore Brain Performance Center researchers are better able to identify the specific issues had by the individual brain, and formulate the best possible program to train the brain to regain functionality and development. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Using qEEG technology, Neurocore can analyze just how the brain is working, and by analyzing the data, can create a profile and individualized program focused on the brain’s landscape. Brainwave analyses, as well as heart rate and breathing checks, allow Neurocore’s research team to identify just how the individual brain is affected by Depression, or the multitude of other illnesses treated by the center. By using that brain map, Neurocore develop a treatment regime based upon repetition and positive reinforcement directly targeting the areas of the brain that need it most. In focusing on the brain, the epicenter of mental illnesses, Neurocore can reduce symptoms and provide long lasting results in those treated.


Though Depression may present itself without warning, and can be hard to spot by family and friends, even the worst cases are capable of being treated. Since Depression has been diagnosable, treatments and cures have been hard to come by and even now more funding and research is needed to better understand the illness, however, Neurocore have established their techniques as clinically sound, and able to provide lasting results. The goal of Neurocore Brain Treatment Center is to assist in training your brain to function properly without the symptoms of Depression and the burden of mental illness. Despite the depths of your issue, Neurocore offer viable clinical options for sufferers of Depression and chronic cognition lapses. Read more about Neurocore at