The Mighty Fortress Church Difference

The Mighty Fortress Church is a church with an important difference. It is Holy Ground — a safe haven to develop and deepen a personal relationship with God while enjoying the fellowship of like-minded Christians.

The Mighty Fortress Church is dedicated to using the power of God’s word to change lives. It features a ministry based the application of biblical wisdom to everyday problems and situations. The direct application of God’s wisdom allows parishioners to lead triumphant Christian lives. Bishop Thomas R. Williams and Lady Sabrina Grant-Williams use their years of training and experience to welcome everyone, regardless of their past or ethnicity, to a vibrant, diverse ministry in a casual, come-as-you-are environment. Visit to know more.

They shun meaningless ritual and formality and offer worship services that encourage a focus on God and on living one’s faith. By bringing faith in God’s wisdom into everyday lives, they seek to encourage dissimilar worshipers to transform themselves into one apostolic whole — a fellowship in Christ.

By offering the Lord one united, apostolic church they seek to receive his blessings, encouragement, and inspiration in bringing God’s presence into their lives. Biblical principles are used to uplift the flock out of troubles and poverty and into rich, successful lives. The Mighty Fortress difference means putting hard truths above soft lies and providing biblical insight and judgment in times of trouble. Watch this video on Youtube.

Bishop Thomas R. Williams is a greatly esteemed Christian minister with more than thirty years serving the Lord. His ministry stresses the understanding and insight to be found in the word of God.

Bishop Williams calls upon others to recognize that poverty, disease, and decay stem from rebellion against God’s word, and only by becoming one united in Christ can the Church of the Living God hope to triumph. It is to this end that he founded the Mighty Fortress Church and the Mighty Fortress International Ministries, teaching the significance of strength and empowerment to be found in God’s word.