Adam Milstein: Working For the Community

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. He lived in Israel during his early years, and he served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the time of the Yom Kippur War. After serving in the military, Mr. Milstein graduated from Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. Later, Mr. Milstein moved to the United States obtaining a MBA from the University of Southern California. He currently works in the real estate field, and he is noted for his active involvement in a number of charitable projects that relate to Israeli, American and Jewish relations.


Adam Milstein is the founder of the Israeli-American Council. The goal of the IAC is to promote the needs of the Jewish community within the United States. The organization seeks to bring Jewish people together from all parts of the country and from the nation of Israel. The organization sponsors festivals, Hebrew language learning and educational opportunities for children among its many functions.


In addition to his philanthropic work with the IAC, Adam Milstein is involved with a whole host of other endeavors. Mr. Milstein serves on the board of organizations that include the Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


Adam Milstein and his wife are the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to help strengthen the bond that exists between the United States and the nation of Israel. An important goal of the foundation is to provide younger members of the Jewish community within the United States a sense of belonging to the greater, worldwide Jewish community.


Currently, the foundation is working on college campus throughout the United States in order to combat anti-semitism on campus. The organization is working to present the nation of Israel in a positive light and combat negative portrayals of Israel on college and university campuses.


Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist. He works diligently to support the Jewish community in both Israel and in the United States.

Going For It: Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a man who knows how to change the world for the better in the field of computer science. He graduated from MIT and Stanford with degrees in computer science. Now he is taking that degree to a whole new level. He is creating a platform that will help the world of cryptocurrency get off the ground. The company is called WAX and it stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange.

The platform works by allowing players to buy or exchange items for currency in a game. The platform allows a person to virtual assets to use in the game and it can be expanded to buy real-life assets as well. A big problem with other platforms is the question of fraudulent transactions.

The ways that Malcolm CasSelle figured out how to solve this particular problem was through something called a blockchain. The way this process works is that virtual assets can be turned into tokens in the WAX platform. This avoids the long-term problem of trying to pay for something in a game, waiting for the process of approval and then taking the next step. This makes sure that everyone is on the same plane when it comes to playing the game.

Malcolm CasSelle is on the fast track when it comes to how platforms work. He began his career in the mid-nineties and has not looked back. He has taken the platform and cryptocurrency worlds by storm and will no doubt influence the way game platforms are utilized for many years to come.

Now it is back to the blockchain system. The way that it helps to verify that a transaction is legitimate is the use of what is known as guilds. Users of the game vote for which guilds they like best. If a guild is doing a poor job it can be eliminated from the current game. This ensures fairness to all players that only the best guilds are being used for gameplay.

This is how Malcolm CasSelle makes a name for himself. He saw a problem and solved it. He went for it and succeeded.

GoBuySide Attracting the Best Talents in the Financial Industry

The financial industry is one of the most dynamic sectors, and the needs of the people keep on changing. It is the reason why there are investment managers and investment companies who help people and institutes to invest their money wisely. But, these companies are depended on skilled and talented employees who can assist their clients. Thus, they put in a lot of effort to attract and hire the best. But, it is easier said than done and most companies do not have time to do it. It is the reason why they completely depend on companies such as GoBuySide to help them locate and hire the best minds in the financial industry for their company.

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GoBuySide is one of the leading recruitment solution providers in the financial sector. For many years, the investment management, hedge funding companies, banks, and other financial corporations didn’t have any specialty recruitment solutions provider. However, GoBuySide is one of the few niche recruitment services providers in the financial sector that helps the financial firms to find the right talent for their firm. There are many human resources firms out there, but one of the most popular in the financial sector is GoBuySide.

The specialty of GoBuySide is that they use the technology to search for the candidates with the right profiles as per the client’s requirement using advanced filtering technology. It makes it easier to find the right talent for the clients that would help them streamline the recruitment process as well as improve the productivity of the company. With time, the recruitment industry has been changing drastically, and it is the contribution of GoBuySide that has helped in ways more than one. If you are looking for top-tier marketing and investment executives for your firm, rest assured that the HR executives at GoBuySide would be more than happy to help.

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Randal Nardone’s Net Worth and Position in Forbes List

Randy is a law and investment guru who is commonly known as Randal Nardone, and he is a former student at Boston University where he received his undergraduate studies in both English and Biology. Also, he had been at Connecticut University where he undertook his postgraduate studies in a Juris Doctor Degree. 1998 was the year when Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone resolved to work jointly and managed to establish Fortress Investment Group. Currently, he is its Chief Executive Officer, and in addition to this role, he is entrusted with foreseeing the legal and financial matters of the firm. Also, he is among the managing committee and the principal of Credit Corporation of Fortress Group.

Randal Nardone before becoming the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, he had served in several Financial Institutions. Such institutions include; Springleaf Financial Holdings where he worked as the President and Chairman. Newcastle Investment Holding is the other firm where he got the opportunity to serve as its Vice-President and Secretary. Randal Nardone carried along the skills and knowledge that he acquired from these firms to Fortress. Under his stewardship, the Fortress Investment Group has experienced exponential growth over the years to the extent of being grouped with the best investment firms internationally. Also, it was listed in the New York City Stock Exchange thus becoming the first private equity firm to go public.

Through his hard work and willingness to serve, Randal Nardone has been able to sustain an impressive reputation in the industry. This has not only happened at Fortress Investment Group but since he was an employee at the various organizations for which he worked before joining Fortress Group. He has been more of a servant than a manager. With his servant leadership, Randal has inspired all the employees of the organization to keep focused on the goals and objectives of the firm.

Finally, Fortress Investment Group is capable of managing over $43.6 billion assets, Randal has been able to earn a vast amount of wealth for himself out of this Group’s capacity. Also, he among the few billionaires globally and has been listed by Forbes to be seizing number 557 with a net worth that exceeds $1.8 billion. New York City is where the headquarters of Fortress Investment Group was first located before establishing several offices all other the world. Therefore, he is among the brilliant minds behind the success and existences of Fortress Group.


OSI Industries opens new plant in Toledo, Spain

The recently acquired OSI Food Solutions in Spain is expected to significantly revamp production for OSI Industries. The newly opened Toledo plant has undergone major improvements with focus being made towards expanding the production capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken products per year. The ambitious plan cost OSI Industries over 17 million Euros in renovation and expansion costs, an investment that would help turn the company around.

OSI focuses on making the Toledo plant a dedicated chicken products outlet that would help the company suffice the European market demand. While increasing chicken supply, the newly refurbished and commissioned plant would also create new jobs for the market while improving on the regional economy. OSI Industries also targets using the plant as a hub to open other subsidiaries in the region as well as neighboring Germany in the long term.

The company’s entrance to the Spanish market would give it a strategic advantage to harness the expanded food consumption trends in the region. Neighboring nations including Portugal have their economies highly inclined towards food production and consumption. Expanding production to this effect gives OSI Industries the right vantage point to ensure that the demand for chicken is met. There has been, for instance, an 8 percent increase in the demand for chicken over the past three years. Such a demand would be prospected to rise in the near future, something that would revamp OSI Industries’ prospected growth.

According to OSI Industries’ president, David McDonald, the company’s entrance to the Spanish market comes at the right time when the food service industry is experiencing a high demand for new and healthy products. To ensure that the company meets the demanded production attributes, new production systems have been put in place. Improvements such as production surveillance cameras and automated food handling mechanisms would give OSI Industries the right working environment to meet the prospected demand of 24,000 tons of chicken products.

Production at the Toledo plant would also be a game changer in numerous ways. The company, in 2016, received a food production improvement kitty amounting to 1.5 million Euros. The funds would be invested towards revolutionizing the agricultural research and production systems which would go a long way to ensure that the products OSI supplies to the market are in tandem with the food safety standards. Committed to exemplary customer service, OSI would be expected to expand to other markets soon.


How Louis Chenevert Managed to Leave a Legacy in UTC

The aim of every Chief Executive Officer of a company is to leave a legacy in a company. Well, this is what Louis Chenevert accomplished in United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Gregory Hayes is the current CEO of the company, and he also believes that the CEO is the steward of a company. By this, he means that the CEO should not only focus on the present success of the company but the future of the firm. Whenever this discussion comes up, they remember Louis Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert led to the growth and development of the company. By the time he was leaving the company, it was termed as the most profitable company in the USA. Many factors led to the success of the company under his leadership. Here are some of the factors;



When Louis Chenevert was the CEO of UTC, he led the company to make many meaningful purchases. Among them is the Goodrich Company which cost the firm $16 billion. The process was long and tiresome, but after a lot of negotiations, he finally closed the deal. This purchase gave UTC a lot of leverage in the market.


Louis Chenevert also led UTC to buy the GTF engine from his former employee; Pratt & Whitney. It is worthwhile to note that before Louis joined UTC, he was working as the president of the Pratt & Whitney firm. He saw the future of the GTF engine and led UTC to buy it at $10 billion.

Although these acquisitions may have seemed very expensive at the time, they have been very great for the company in the long run.


Investing in Future Technology

Louis Chenevert believed in investing in future technology. He saw this as a way of securing the state from another financial crisis.


Louis did not only mean assets when he said investing in the future. He also meant the human resources as well. This is why he avoided the layoffs when other firms were busy conducting layoffs to save their businesses.


Louis believes that one is only as good as their team is. He advises other investors to invest in empowering their teams to make a difference.

The influence of OSI industries in society

OSI Industries is a known business venture which has specialized in the food sector. Therefore, it is concerned with the processing and supply of food products. The idea to start the business came from immigrant businesses. The founder of the company had started the company as a family business and using a different name. However, the Second World War brought about too many changes including relocation.

As the saying goes, change is the only inevitable thing. Therefore the company was revived in the United States where it started as a small retail shop. The supply of food was done only in a small area making even the management to be simple and not complex. The management was run by the family only but the effectiveness ensured growth.

Years down the line, the OSI Industries has grown to be a large company. It changed from a retail shop to opening several wholesale and retail shops. As a result, there had to be several changes to be done to ensure growth is constant. For instance, the management of OSI Industries took a turn from small management to a large management circle. There had to be other professionals who had to be inducted into the company for smooth operations to take place.

The company has grown to be international and stills prove to be effective in the services it provides. For this reason, it has managed to get several awards mostly because of great management and services provided. It has evolved technologically to provide more products as the channel to process food products was created. In addition, it has made several partnerships with other investors who are skilled and are equipped to promote the production of quality products and effective supply. Therefore, the company has gained more trust from the public located in different places due to its efficient and reliable services and high-quality food products it provides.

Moreover, the company has grown to gain a wider market for its products. The markets provided are present due to the opportunity to work with several countries whose public trust the products provided. To add on that, some of the branch countries such as China will help grow the market to larger scales. The economy of China is growing at a higher rate and the country has decided to join the World Trade Organization. This will pave the way to better chances of growth as OSI Industries is at the verge for a wider market. The market availability will be facilitated by the interaction with more countries.

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Jeunesse Global can’t keep its Nevo energy drink in stock

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had led successful careers in the direct-marketing business, having founded many of the most successful companies in the industry. However, they had no idea what a blowout success their latest company, Jeunesse Global would turn out to be. Founded as a simple means to pass the time in the boring and idle hours of retirement, Ray and Lewis’ latest venture would turn out to be one of the most spectacular successes that the international health and beauty industry had ever seen.

One of the factors behind the success of Jeunesse Global was the fact that, from the outset, it was designed to be a different kind of company. Ray and Lewis had long ago acquired enough wealth so that they never again would be required to work. But they kept going because the direct-marketing industry was where their passions lay.

With Jeunesse Global, Ray and Lewis viewed their latest project more as a way of making a great life statement, their magnum opus, than as a vehicle for acquiring even more wealth that they would never realistically be able to use.

One example of such a groundbreaking product is the company’s energy drink, Nevo. Nevo is a great-tasting answer to many of the highly synthetic energy drinks on the market today. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, Nevo delivers the same energy boost as products like Red Bull. But it has the taste of freshly squeezed fruit juice, and it has a cleaner, natural high without the sudden and deep crash common to other highly processed energy drinks.

Nevo is just one of the more than a dozen products that make up the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System, a basket of products that puts the ability in the hands of users to stay feeling healthy and young. The Youth Enhancement System can help people stave off the effects of aging for years or decades to come.

Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey from Front Page Confidential React to Arpaio’s Pardoning

Joe Arpaio liked to think of himself as a tough on crime sheriff during his time serving Maricopa County.

He used harsh methods to deal with criminals and those who spent time in his jail. Reports have been coming out of the cruel, immoral behavior within Arpaio’s Tent City ever since it was created in 1993. Other reports claim that while under Arpaio’s care a pregnant woman was chained to a bed.  Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

In 2007, Arpaio was involved in an incident that would eventually make him a convicted criminal. Arpaio arrest a Mexican citizen who was in the United States on a tourist visa; Joe Arpaio admitted to using racial profiling as a way to determine who to arrest.

A judge ordered Arpaio to stop enforcing immigration laws; when Arpaio refused to abide by the judges order, he was charged and convicted with criminal contempt of court.

Victims of Arpaio knew that the charges were minimal. Joe Arpaio was facing six months in prison, but it was very unlikely the 85 year old would spend a single day in jail. Donald Trump confirmed the theory when he extended a pardon to Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio eagerly accepted it.

Despite the fact that a pardon is an admission of guilt, Arpaio is still telling people he was innocent of his crimes. Arpaio is claiming that he misunderstood the judge’s order, so he shouldn’t be guilty of the crime.

Victims of Arpaio are now reacting to news of the pardoning.

Two such victims are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalists met in college and went on to purchase The Phoenix New Times. They were also illegal arrested by Joe Arpaio.

When the journalists refused to stop writing about Joe Arpaio in their paper, even after being subpoenaed, Joe Arpaio sent his deputies to pull them from their homes.

Journalists all over the country took to their columns to discuss the immoral actions of Arpaio. The result was a public outcry so loud that Maricopa County had no choice but to release Lacey and Larkin. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

As free men, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue. It took 6 years, but the duo finally received their payment in the form of 3.75 million dollars.

Lacey and Larkin chose use the cash for altruistic purposes. They have been supporting local charities in the area with their organization called The Frontera Fund. With their Fund, they have donated money and provided resources to charities such as The ACLU of Arizona, and 1070.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also founded a brand new newspaper. Their previous paper had always been politically focused but not quite so much so as Front Page Confidential.

With their new paper, Lacey and Larkin have all corrupt politicians in their figurative sights. By using Front Page Confidential, the journalists intend to reveal certain politicians for the wicked individuals they are.

The Success Of OSI Group Under Leadership Of Sheldon Lavin

Education and Work

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and the CEO of OSI Group. The headquarters of the company is in Illinois. The company deals with meat processing. Sheldon has been in food processing industry for the past 47 years. As for his educational background, he undertook a degree in finance and accounting and served as a financial consultant afterward. He also worked in the banking sector.

Lavin joined OSI around 1970 when it was still a small-sized company. At the time, Otto & Sons was the name of OSI. He entered to assist the company to obtain funding, but the bank requested he joins shareholding of the firm. Around the year 1975, Sheldon became more interested in operations of Otto & Sons as it sought investments from abroad and became a partner in the firm.

Expansion of OSI Group

In the 1970s, the company began its expansion strategy and setup operations Europe and throughout North America. In the 1980s, Sheldon had a 100% controlling interest of firm after one partner sold his shares to Lavin while the other partner retired from the business leaving Sheldon Lavin as the owner of the firm. As the leader of the OSI Group, he had the vision to expand and make the firm a global leader in meat processing and distribution.

The strategy by Sheldon has seen the company open new plants around the globe such as in Australia, South Africa, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines among others. Today, OSI is one the most recognized suppliers of protein around the globe. Under the guidance of Lavin, the company operates over 70 facilities in 17 countries.

In an interview at Ceocfointerviews, Sheldon Lavin outlines his vision on transforming the OSI from a small company to a top processing business. The company encourages entrepreneurial spirit enabled the company to grow over the years. He also outlines the culture of innovation as contributing factor to the success of the protein processing enterprise. Lavin aims to continue with the growth and expansion of the firm in future.


Under the innovative and enterprising stewardship of Lavin, OSI has successfully acquired various companies to enhance its expansion and growth. The addition of Baho Foods is one most recognizable business deals. Baho is a company based in the Netherlands and deals with the production of convenience foods and meat. It has an established market presence in Europe with five subsidiaries to allow processing and distribution of products in Europe. The acquisition of Boha will enable OSI to enter the European market. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award


Sheldon received Global Visionary Award from India Vision World Academy on 20th, February 2016 for his contribution to the success of the OSI. The award recognizes leaders who have shown persistence in accomplishing company goals. The institution honored Lavin for turning OSI group from a little-known food company to a multi-billion food-processing firm.