How Organo Gold Is Promoting the Coffee Culture

Established in 2008, Organo Gold has been offering its products across the globe. The concept of the company is to provide its customers with the best treasures that are ranging from coffees, teas, personal care items, and even wellness products. It has expanded its operations to 50 countries with its most popular product being the Organo Gold coffee which is unlike other coffee brands in the world.

Organo Gold is capitalizing on the budding coffee culture which started in the US in the 1960s and its growth has seen the development of coffee shops such as the Starbucks franchise and others that have created signature blends by utilizing various techniques of roasting and blending and even pouring that have been useful in forming lasting connection with customers.

The distribution of coffee products remains an important part of running a coffee supply line which is why the focus has shifted from quantity to establishing a distribution line that is committed to availing quality products only. It is for this reason that Organo Gold has developed a network of distributors who are dedicated to selling the company’s premium coffees to consumers.

Not only can a consumer stock up their pantry with these products but also stand a chance of becoming Organo Gold distributor which is a lucrative distribution business, However, they can only do so by getting a sponsor who is already an independent distributor of Organo Gold. Once they do this, they will not only enjoy the benefits of the products but also make lots of money from sales. The goal of the company is inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit in all their distributors and establishing leadership skills among them

Organo Gold has experienced rapid growth in the years it has been operating because of its effective management team, hard work of the employees combined with the values of the company that promote loyalty and equality. The culture of unity has also played a key role in creating a successful business.


Matt Badiali Uses His Knowledge of Geology and Finance

Freedom Checks seem to be the next big thing in investment, but the truth is they have been around for years. The problem is that so many get rich quick schemes have been scams, so people are more cynical of companies that promise big returns on investment. Matt Badiali hopes to convince people that there are still great and valid ways to invest your money. Matt Badiali has attended some of the best schools in the country, and he has received his PhD in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. If there is one thing he knows about, it is the energy industry, and how to make money from it. He has traveled the world, and he has discovered an investment that is directly linked to America’s desire to become energy independent. Companies that deal with oil and energy in the United States are destined for huge profits as more and more ways to produce energy are found in the country.

Matt Badiali believes that some of these American energy companies could be making returns on investment of up to 40,000%. Those numbers certainly seem incredible. Along with traveling the world as part of his geology work, Matt Badiali has also spent time with some of the biggest names in the world of business and finance. When you combine the two, he believes he has found a truly unique investment opportunity. Freedom Checks can be bought and sold in the same way as traditional stocks, but for a company to issue Freedom Checks, they have to be in the energy business. This can mean many things, and the company could just be part of the transportation of oil or gas.

The other unique thing about Freedom Checks is the way they can take advantage of the tax code. These companies are in a position to pass on far more of their profits due to a far lower tax rate. Investors also pay taxes at a much lower rate. Investors are paid either monthly or quarterly, and Matt Badiali has invested his own money in checks that have, in some cases, risen 4,400%.

Paul Mampilly: The Skilled Investment Portfolio Manager

A portfolio manager refers to an individual who is responsible for managing a client’s assets by investing and implementing investment strategies that would work for an individual or a group of investors. A portfolio manager can also be termed as one of the most vital factors to consider mainly when investing in a fund. Therefore, portfolio management entails passive or active fund managers with historical performance records that steadily beat the market. One such successful portfolio manager is Paul Mampilly.

Having joined Banyan Hill Publishing after years of serving at Wall Street, Mampilly is now the editor-in-chief of the company. He assists the ordinary citizen to create wealth and grow in investing, technology, as well as small-cap-stocks. The onset of his career was marked in 1991 where he worked for various investment companies such as Deutsche Bank in addition to ING where was in charge of multi-billion worth of accounts. Around the same time, he serves at Kinetics as an asset manager for their hedge fund. In his tenure, Mampilly led to the rise of assets to $25 billion thereby being named one of the world’s greatest hedge funds by Barron.

Paul Mampilly’s career in investment started when he was called upon to participate in the Templeton Foundation. She invested $50 million and garnered $88 million in return. But the most impressive bit of the opportunity was the challenging environment under which he accomplished such success since it was during the 2008 financial crisis. Eventually, Mr. Mampilly left Wall Street to spend most of his time with family. However, he realized that investors needed more help from him not only to make the right decisions for their businesses but to evade high-risk investments. Paul Mampilly is now a revered investment manager who helps clients to make viable choices in business. He also teaches his customers to invest in companies that can bring value into their lives.

In Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly introduces you to some of the world’s greatest low-risk investments that are poised to explode higher in the future. He also teaches investors how to evade high-risk investments.

Renew Youth Efficient and reliable Menopause Transition Management

Menopause in women can be recognized through various symptoms including; Bloating, low sex drive, hair loss, fat gain, mood swings, cold hands and feet, trouble sleeping and headaches. These symptoms are brought about by the dominance of estrogen hormone in the body. Estrogen dominance increases the risk factor for many diseases including various cancers, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and Fibrocystic breast disease.

Modern women are at a higher risk of experiencing hormonal imbalances due to the modern lifestyle. Most experts have pointed out some of the reasons why modern women are likely to reach menopause at an early age they include obesity, stress, and xenoestrogens which increases estrogen dominance in the body. Doctors have also given some remedies which include; eating plenty of fiber, keeping the liver healthy by avoiding alcohol, drugs, and caffeine as well as staying fit by doing regular health exercises.

Renew Youth is a health care center that has established a solution for the women nearing menopause stage. This health center has been in operation for more than 20 years hence earning much experience. Renew Youth has hired a team of qualified doctors whose mission is to ensure that women are assisted at an individual level to safeguard their health as they age. The doctors listen to the needs and interests of their clients hence base their treatment on patient recommendations.

Renew Youth has introduced H2 Hormone therapy that has helped millions of women manage their hormonal imbalances. Therapy services involve estrogen replacement which is very beneficial during the menopause stage. Before prescribing any dosage, the Renew Youth doctors test the level of estrogen metabolites to understand how the body is functioning. Renew Youth provide women with bioidentical progesterone as a menopause treatment. This prescription prevents the possibility of estrogen dominance after menopause transition hence it’s efficient.

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Deirdre Baggot Institutes Payment Reforms in The US

Deirdre Baggot memoirs his moments at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. As a young nurse, register and certified, she was committed to be at the service of patients. Soon enough, she realized how heartbreaking it was to take care of a patient who was not showing any signs of improving. Medical information was limited but she soon found interest in research at least to discover a noble course from whence patients would be accorded better care.

Most of Baggot’s time was spent in the lab where she carried out a number of tests, diagnosis, and experiments in bid to understand how better to develop precision medicine. This ordinarily took a toll on her but she was keen not to let herself drain in the quest. Today, Deirdre Baggot is respected for her immense contribution in medicine and her innovations.

She is the engineer behind bundled payments in healthcare. She found out that there was a market gap in how patient were paying for their medical kit and innovatively came up with the bundled payment plan which is affordable and convenient. Under the bundled payment she run two advisory firm helping people understand the healthcare industry and how to make the most out of it. Deirdre mentioned that most of her creative ideas are borrowed from researching and interacting with other people. Check out to read full interview of Deirdre Baggot.

About Deirdre Baggot

He is the Founder of Bundled payment in Healthcare where she has been working with over 200 hospitals and health facilities in order to accord friendly payment system to patients. She is a clinician by profession who has gain extensive medical background from her experience in the field and the academics. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree, a doctorate degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado. Other than this, she has an undergraduate and master’s degree in Business Administration.

This medical expert, Deirdre is a regent at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Michigan Health System. He great acumen on medical issue has made her a well sought after speaker gracing grand events such as the Medtronic, Bundled Payment Summit, Innovation Summit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement and a member at American Heart Association among many affiliations.



Sheldon Lavin’s Successful Career Path

Sheldon Lavin started his carrier as a specialist at the OSI Group. He joined the company in the 1970s. By that time; the company was looking for strategies on funding the Development of a meat preparation firm for the McDonald’s meat production. OSI Group found Sheldon as the most favorable candidate for the job. Sheldon eventually joined the company in 1975.

Sheldon Lavin’s carrier took off on a very positive and progressive note, he eventually Became an accomplice to OSI group and managed to acquire the majority of its shares; this made him the primary stakeholder of the company in the 1980s. Sheldon Lavin then took the company a notch higher by turning around its operations and expanding it internationally. OSI has spread its wings to Europe, Asia, and Southern America. His previous experience in Management accounts contributed significantly to the positive turnaround of OSI. The OSI group has united the company employees into one big family. Sheldon Lavin has served the company for over 43 years. He has effectively managed to make OSI Group a recognized global food Supplier with more than 20,000 workers and more than 60 operational locations.

Sheldon is currently the CEO of OSI Group; he has demonstrated that nothing is unachievable with hard work and determination. His excellent work was recognized through the Global visionary award honors. This award is given to individuals who follow their Visions and dreams to reality. OSI group is now a multi-billion company from humbled Beginnings. Apart from making OSI a great company, Sheldon has also created jobs through employing. He is a great philanthropist helping the society through charitable works; he supports the Jewish United Fund, The United Negra College Fund, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago among many others. Real leadership is seen from an individual’s service to others, Sheldon has demonstrated this by serving with his wealth and health, giving back to the Society as well as empowering the society

Rick Shinto Appoints Thee Executives to Leadership Positions at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Inc, a leading healthcare provider of healthcare services and Medicare and Medicaid Advantage, has recently announced the addition of three leaders to the leadership team. The chief executive officer and president, Richard Shinto revealed that the addition of the three executives is geared toward enhancing healthcare services. He also noted that the three executives are experienced, and they are set to bring a total of 120 years of experience to the leading healthcare provider in Puerto Rico.

Jonathan Meyers

InnovaCare Health has appointed Jonathan Meyers as its chief actuary Officer. The chief executive officer and president of InnovaCare Health noted that Jonathan was the perfect candidate for the job position because of his vast experience in the insurance sector. Jonathan was working for Horizon BCBS, a large carrier in New Jersey. Jonathan has also in the past worked as a chief actuary. It is part of Heritage Medical Systems, and he served as the vice president of Managed Care. Meyers has also offered employee consulting to unions and employers like International Paper, Johnson & Johnson, SEIU 1199, and AXA Financial.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope was the chief operating officer at InnovaCare Health before her appointment as the chief administrative officer. She has worked in the health care sector for more than 20 years, making her a suitable candidate for the position at InnovaCare. Her various executive roles in different organizations have made her an expert in developing and implementing health models.

Mike Sortino

InnovaCare through Rick Shinto has appointed Mike as the new chief accounting officer. He has worked in the public accounting sector for more than five years. Mike has an experience of over 20 years working in the reinsurance and insurance sectors, making him the ideal executive for the task. Mike previously worked as the controller at Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

Partnership with Health Care Payment LAN

InnovaCare Health has entered into collaboration with HSS’s Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). InnovaCare announced about the partnership on August 2nd, 2016. The collaboration is aimed at bringing reforms and transition in the health system in the United States through the implementation of alternative payment methods. The methods meet the quality of services offered by medical experts and physicians. The partnership has ensured that the payment system processes payments to healthcare organizations based on quality. HHS introduced LAN in March 2015. Penelope Kokkinides and Richard Shinto play an integral role in assisting LAN to achieve its mission and objectives.

OSI Group Hamburgers Supply Chain

McDonald has built its brand and amassed a large following of customers with high sales peaking 75 hamburgers in a second. The secret to the success has been attributed to the long lasting relationship between the OSI Group and McDonalds.

OSI Group is the main American firm that supplied McDonald’s hamburgers. During the formation days of McDonalds, the OSI was running its operations in the German village called Gunzburg. The two firms are not partners officially but there is a strong agreement that dates back to the inception of both companies.

During the hamburger making process, hygiene is given the first priority. Contrary to popular belief, there are no preservatives added to the meat. The meat is checked to ensure that there are no bones. The meat is then stored waiting for further processing.

Then the meat is minced with the blenders while eliminating the small bones. The minced meat is passed another machine that shapes the minced meat to form burger patties.

McDonalds has increased the production but in case the demand decreases in the near future, the OSI Group can turn over the earning model. The meat supplied by the OSI Group for the hamburgers is tested to ensure it complies with the European and national standards.

The OSI through its subsidiary in Spain, OSI Food Solution recently increases their ability n processing chicken. The firm added the latest capacity in their production line thus increasing the total chicken products per year to 24,000 tons.

The OSI Group expansion through the OSI Food Solutions increases the production of the chicken, beef and chicken products. The increase in production arises from the high demand for chicken products, especially in Portugal and Spain.

The management of the OSI is overlooked by the acting CEO Sheldon Lavin. He has experiences that spurn over 40 years ago when he made his debut in the firm. He has seen the growth of the firm from humble beginnings. From the supplier of the hamburger meat to a single client into a major business front with operations across the world. The firm has over 20,000 employees across the world.

Career Journey of David Mcdonald OSI Group

Mcdonald OSI Group has brought growth to the company through his innovative ideas and dedication to lead the company towards achieving its objectives. He has traveled the journey of success with the firm for many years, and he is always at the forefront when it comes to solving the challenges that the company experiences. Due to the persistence and perseverance that the leader has showcased, he has acquired a chance to rise through the leadership ranks in the company, and he is today among the top executives of the firm. His target has always been to build the reputation of OSI Group and make it the largest privately owned company in the globe.

David Mcdonald OSI Group always advocates for the better treatment of customers as he believes in their ability to bring change and development in a company. As an experienced executive, he also believes that positive feedback from the companies customers creates awareness about it, and as a result, it increases the number of customers that seek their services and products. David Mcdonald OSI Group has always encouraged his employees to attend to the needs of the firm clients regardless of their complexity. His ability to place value in his customers has also highly contributed to the success of the company.

Additionally, David Mcdonald OSI Group also advocates for changes in a firm, and he believes that firm owners must be on the know with the current trends in the market for their firms to meet the diverse needs of their clients by manufacturing products and offering services that meet their expectations. His ability to offer to advise to upcoming investors has also impressed many people hence built his reputation.

The rewound entrepreneur is also passionate about adopting cost-effective measures in the course of the firm’s production. David Mcdonald OSI Group also engages in the various conference held by the company and other executives from different firms through which he sharpens his knowledge on investments. He has relied on his vast skills in entrepreneurship to handle numerous challenges that arise in the firm, and this has continued to maintain the reputation of the company. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

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Alex Hern: An interview of insights

Alex hernAlex Hern is a household name when it comes being an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. He has primarily targeted struggling start up businesses and those within the incubation of technology. Hern has sat on many boards helping businesses steer themselves to millions of dollars in success. He has never shied away from the booming world of technology that his company, Tsunami XR, faces on a daily basis. His career and achievements are impressive and have made him an expert in the growing fields of augmented and virtual reality. Hern has shared that he sticks to many key factors that make up his success. For one, his intuitive eye has watched the industry move from CPU to GPU computing. This has open the door for more applications on the market and Tsunami XR is taking advantage of it all. He believes wholeheartedly on strong beginnings within any company in order to achieve success. Hern states that the market of VR as of now has an outstanding value of at least 6 billion in just merely two years.

Hern has a list of passions, but one in particular falls withing mentoring others and keeping up with his writing. He considers himself a focus type of person, which he claims can be seriously difficult. He also has expressed his vision when it comes to multitasking, which many of us frequently do. In Hern’s eyes, this is completely impossible and can actually make us less productive.

When he talks of his leadership skills, Hern simply says to be honest with oneself. Failure is not something we should be afraid of in his opinion. All leaders must be aware of the changes in the market and see opportunity before it presents itself. Hern has long term goals of understanding that business is a marathon and we should consider that it is not a sprint.