How Organo Gold Is Promoting the Coffee Culture

Established in 2008, Organo Gold has been offering its products across the globe. The concept of the company is to provide its customers with the best treasures that are ranging from coffees, teas, personal care items, and even wellness products. It has expanded its operations to 50 countries with its most popular product being the Organo Gold coffee which is unlike other coffee brands in the world.

Organo Gold is capitalizing on the budding coffee culture which started in the US in the 1960s and its growth has seen the development of coffee shops such as the Starbucks franchise and others that have created signature blends by utilizing various techniques of roasting and blending and even pouring that have been useful in forming lasting connection with customers.

The distribution of coffee products remains an important part of running a coffee supply line which is why the focus has shifted from quantity to establishing a distribution line that is committed to availing quality products only. It is for this reason that Organo Gold has developed a network of distributors who are dedicated to selling the company’s premium coffees to consumers.

Not only can a consumer stock up their pantry with these products but also stand a chance of becoming Organo Gold distributor which is a lucrative distribution business, However, they can only do so by getting a sponsor who is already an independent distributor of Organo Gold. Once they do this, they will not only enjoy the benefits of the products but also make lots of money from sales. The goal of the company is inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit in all their distributors and establishing leadership skills among them

Organo Gold has experienced rapid growth in the years it has been operating because of its effective management team, hard work of the employees combined with the values of the company that promote loyalty and equality. The culture of unity has also played a key role in creating a successful business.


Sheldon Lavin’s Successful Career Path

Sheldon Lavin started his carrier as a specialist at the OSI Group. He joined the company in the 1970s. By that time; the company was looking for strategies on funding the Development of a meat preparation firm for the McDonald’s meat production. OSI Group found Sheldon as the most favorable candidate for the job. Sheldon eventually joined the company in 1975.

Sheldon Lavin’s carrier took off on a very positive and progressive note, he eventually Became an accomplice to OSI group and managed to acquire the majority of its shares; this made him the primary stakeholder of the company in the 1980s. Sheldon Lavin then took the company a notch higher by turning around its operations and expanding it internationally. OSI has spread its wings to Europe, Asia, and Southern America. His previous experience in Management accounts contributed significantly to the positive turnaround of OSI. The OSI group has united the company employees into one big family. Sheldon Lavin has served the company for over 43 years. He has effectively managed to make OSI Group a recognized global food Supplier with more than 20,000 workers and more than 60 operational locations.

Sheldon is currently the CEO of OSI Group; he has demonstrated that nothing is unachievable with hard work and determination. His excellent work was recognized through the Global visionary award honors. This award is given to individuals who follow their Visions and dreams to reality. OSI group is now a multi-billion company from humbled Beginnings. Apart from making OSI a great company, Sheldon has also created jobs through employing. He is a great philanthropist helping the society through charitable works; he supports the Jewish United Fund, The United Negra College Fund, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago among many others. Real leadership is seen from an individual’s service to others, Sheldon has demonstrated this by serving with his wealth and health, giving back to the Society as well as empowering the society

Alex Hern: An interview of insights

Alex hernAlex Hern is a household name when it comes being an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. He has primarily targeted struggling start up businesses and those within the incubation of technology. Hern has sat on many boards helping businesses steer themselves to millions of dollars in success. He has never shied away from the booming world of technology that his company, Tsunami XR, faces on a daily basis. His career and achievements are impressive and have made him an expert in the growing fields of augmented and virtual reality. Hern has shared that he sticks to many key factors that make up his success. For one, his intuitive eye has watched the industry move from CPU to GPU computing. This has open the door for more applications on the market and Tsunami XR is taking advantage of it all. He believes wholeheartedly on strong beginnings within any company in order to achieve success. Hern states that the market of VR as of now has an outstanding value of at least 6 billion in just merely two years.

Hern has a list of passions, but one in particular falls withing mentoring others and keeping up with his writing. He considers himself a focus type of person, which he claims can be seriously difficult. He also has expressed his vision when it comes to multitasking, which many of us frequently do. In Hern’s eyes, this is completely impossible and can actually make us less productive.

When he talks of his leadership skills, Hern simply says to be honest with oneself. Failure is not something we should be afraid of in his opinion. All leaders must be aware of the changes in the market and see opportunity before it presents itself. Hern has long term goals of understanding that business is a marathon and we should consider that it is not a sprint.


Why OSI Group Has Been Seen As A Solid Business

Why OSI Group Has Been Seen As A Solid Business

What does it really take to build a sustainable company that everyone can point to as not .only a model of success but one that loves the people it serves? So many finance business experts have different answers to that, but one company, OSI Group may know just how to do it. This company is famous for developing different meat products including being the provider of some of the most delicious cheeseburger sandwiches at McDonald’s and the pizza at Pizza Hut. They’ve been around for a long time not only because they’ve rolled out new products that have proved innovative in the food industry, but also because they’ve tried to keep the way they’ve been managed very much like the family company they were founded as.

Otto & Sons was what about OSI Group was first known as, a name given by Chicago native Otto Kolschowsky who had a butcher shop where he first ran things. It grew into a big Chicago meat market, but the owners then made plans to grow it very large, but they needed help to do this. The growth plan had been started thanks to a deal they reached with McDonald’s restaurants in 1955 to be their chief meat supplier.Otto & Sons looked into the financial industry to find a man who could help them get a loan and use it to open some large production facilities, and that man was Sheldon Lavin.

Starting as a financing consultant at Otto & Sons, Lavin advised the owners on where to open the new plant, and the more knowledge they gleaned from Lavin, the more they wanted him to stay with the company. Lavin agreed to this, and as it began to grow and see its revenue increase, the owners decided to make him a partner owner in the company and nominated him as CEO. Several years later, the company was renamed to OSI Group and from there it began buying up meat companies around the business world and became a $6 billion company.OSI Group may be large, but Lavin and his fellow executive David McDobald have often said they like to give people at the ground level their say in how things should be done. OSI has also made workplace safety a big part of how they run and has made sure they use the right practices to keep workers safe as much as possible. The British Safety Council was quite impressed by how OSI’s facilities were managed that they gave them a high honor award for it. The Future in Package Delivery

There is an article that has been posted by The Wall Street Journal called “Chinese Retailer Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service” discussing the bold new move being taken by the China-based company in the realm of package delivery. While has been a market leader in the distribution market of its goods to its consumers for quite some time, they have now taken the initiative to open up their shipping network to their consumers and local businesses. This means that will not only deliver range of product that customers buy from their website, but they will also deliver packages in general for their consumers. It is a bold move but not one that is unheard of in the region.

This new network will also be a direct competition for shipping companies such as ZTO express and SF express. These bigger delivery services resemble those of UPS and FedEx in the United States. sees this move is natural because their network is already capable of reaching more than 99% of the population and it can deliver most of the orders that it receives within less than a day. Their an expansive network includes more than 500 different warehouses and over 7000 delivery stations. There are also somewhere around 250,000 transportation vehicles that occupy its delivery fleet. When it comes to parcel delivery, is completely prepared to offer this service to its customers.

For the creators of This move seems to be a logical one. They believe that there are few competitors that possessed their resources. The expansion into package delivery is also going to be good for them. Because they possess such an expansive network, changing to package delivery would help support that network a little better. It seems that is intent on taking the plunge and jumping headfirst into the package delivery market. They will be major competitors in the future. In fact, the CEO has talked extensively about the fact that they would love to have a global presence one day. The future will tell that story as they continue their expansion into the Chinese economy.


Adam Milstein: Working For the Community

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel. He lived in Israel during his early years, and he served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the time of the Yom Kippur War. After serving in the military, Mr. Milstein graduated from Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. Later, Mr. Milstein moved to the United States obtaining a MBA from the University of Southern California. He currently works in the real estate field, and he is noted for his active involvement in a number of charitable projects that relate to Israeli, American and Jewish relations.


Adam Milstein is the founder of the Israeli-American Council. The goal of the IAC is to promote the needs of the Jewish community within the United States. The organization seeks to bring Jewish people together from all parts of the country and from the nation of Israel. The organization sponsors festivals, Hebrew language learning and educational opportunities for children among its many functions.


In addition to his philanthropic work with the IAC, Adam Milstein is involved with a whole host of other endeavors. Mr. Milstein serves on the board of organizations that include the Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


Adam Milstein and his wife are the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to help strengthen the bond that exists between the United States and the nation of Israel. An important goal of the foundation is to provide younger members of the Jewish community within the United States a sense of belonging to the greater, worldwide Jewish community.


Currently, the foundation is working on college campus throughout the United States in order to combat anti-semitism on campus. The organization is working to present the nation of Israel in a positive light and combat negative portrayals of Israel on college and university campuses.


Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist. He works diligently to support the Jewish community in both Israel and in the United States.

Wes Edens: Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 and it has been a trendsetter since its formation. It is something that IPO highlighted in 2007, as the largest private equity that went on the public in NYSE. Today, the organization is diversified and it directs more than $43 billion worth assets which are for more than 1,750 investors in the hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity. It has a strong strategy favoring the investors for a long period. Fortress Investment has its headquarters located in New York and it has employed more than 900 people. The organization has three principles Peter Briger based in San Francisco, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone both based in New York.

The founders of the organization were Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The aim of creating Fortress Investment Group was to create an investment firm that can raise the private equity and then invest into cutting-edge vehicles. The assets grew quickly under their management where they were approximating $3.9 billion in the past five years and in 2007, the asses had raised into $32.6 billion. The organization was able to launch in 1999 its first investment vehicle and some of its investments in real estates were in Toronto and New York markets. Later, the organization expanded into hedge funds and debt securities.

As Wes Edens and Nardone became involved with running the company after 15 years of operation, Kauffman focused on car racing, his long life interest. He purchased Michael Waltrip Racing and also founded the RK Motors.

In the first decade of the organization exists, it was dramatic and hard-driving. Fortress Investment group had expanded into an investment fund. With the existence of Wes Edens and Nardone, they added other two key players in 2002. Michael Novogratz came as the fund manager from Goldman Sachs and led the organization to become the fast developing in the cryptocurrency sector. He left the fortress investment group in 2015.

After the new principals had come on the board, they run acquisition and the organization growth continued and culminated its big splash in 2007. In the report from CNBC, it was referred as the first hedge fund located in the United States in launching an IPO. It opened a high price and high risk in the world of private equity and hedge funds. Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens buy Aston Villa controlling stake

How Louis Chenevert Managed to Leave a Legacy in UTC

The aim of every Chief Executive Officer of a company is to leave a legacy in a company. Well, this is what Louis Chenevert accomplished in United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Gregory Hayes is the current CEO of the company, and he also believes that the CEO is the steward of a company. By this, he means that the CEO should not only focus on the present success of the company but the future of the firm. Whenever this discussion comes up, they remember Louis Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert led to the growth and development of the company. By the time he was leaving the company, it was termed as the most profitable company in the USA. Many factors led to the success of the company under his leadership. Here are some of the factors;



When Louis Chenevert was the CEO of UTC, he led the company to make many meaningful purchases. Among them is the Goodrich Company which cost the firm $16 billion. The process was long and tiresome, but after a lot of negotiations, he finally closed the deal. This purchase gave UTC a lot of leverage in the market.


Louis Chenevert also led UTC to buy the GTF engine from his former employee; Pratt & Whitney. It is worthwhile to note that before Louis joined UTC, he was working as the president of the Pratt & Whitney firm. He saw the future of the GTF engine and led UTC to buy it at $10 billion.

Although these acquisitions may have seemed very expensive at the time, they have been very great for the company in the long run.


Investing in Future Technology

Louis Chenevert believed in investing in future technology. He saw this as a way of securing the state from another financial crisis.


Louis did not only mean assets when he said investing in the future. He also meant the human resources as well. This is why he avoided the layoffs when other firms were busy conducting layoffs to save their businesses.


Louis believes that one is only as good as their team is. He advises other investors to invest in empowering their teams to make a difference.

Equities First Holdings LLC Acquires Australia Market

Equities First Holdings Expands Global Market

The popular Equities First Holdings Group has expanded to an international platform. They have been able to team up with the Australian market to expand their global equity loan services. Their loans are based on a strict evaluation process to assume less risk. Their loans are based on the amount of equity you own. Equities First offers their customers personalized care with an evaluation of your business equity and finances. They have also been the leaders in nationwide lending with several complete deals on loans that have contributed to the success of many Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about how you can become a small business owner with a great loan opportunity. You’re invited to contact one of their friendly customer service professionals about a free consultation to evaluate your finances and help you qualify for an equity loan.

The Jewish Roots of Adam Milstein

There are so many people today who give their best to improve the lives of others. These people want to improve not just their own circle of networks, but the entire world. These people have the willingness to sacrifice themselves just to push the kind of life and standards they want for the world.

In this regard, one example of an activist who tries to make sure that the life of others is put on the pedestal of social policy changes is Adam Milstein. Sure, we can say that Adam Milstein was a businessman first, and his dedication might be misconstrued as an investment strategy, but the actions he’s been showing have always been for the world and for the benefit of the many. This article will cite some of the things that he did as an activist.

The Israeli-American Conference

One of the many things that Mr. Adam Milstein has done for the world lately is the National Conference he did at Washington D.C. With the warm and effectively powerful program that Adam Milstein organized, it was easy for us to say that he’s able to attract more supporters in the programs that he’s about to launch soon. It’s also good to know that the program he launched was able to link him with the various interesting parties that have roots in Israel.

It may also be a good addition to say here that the event Adam Milstein organized at the Washington Convention Center was a true testament to how much Adam wants to push the roots of his Jewish homeland. This may be the reason that even the pop culture today, such as the comedy show Broad City, has been showing a great link with programs that Mr. Adam wants to build.

Summary and Conclusion

You may already have read a lot of information about Adam Milstein, but only in this article probably have you learned the fact that Mr. Adam has shown a great series of actions that help in promoting his Jewish roots. In summary, it can be said that Mr. Adam may be one of the rare people today who always shows the actions in his beliefs. Via twiitter