Why Did Sean Penn Author Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?

Sean Penn has for the best part of his career been termed as one of the most creative actor, producer, and director. And he now seeks to carry this pride, even higher with his new fictional novel, ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’ that has so far elicited a wave of mixed reactions from its readers and the American population at a large. The book features the main character, Bob, a baby boomer that works numerous short and odd jobs while doubling up as a part-time contract assassin for the government.


Fiction or opinion


Just like most of his film productions, commentaries, and actions, including interviewing a fugitive drug-lord El Chapo, the book defies the quid pro quo. It is particularly seen to attack and even condemn the actions of the government of the day and several other popular beliefs. But Sean Pen maintains that ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’ is a purely imaginative work and that considering it an opinion or commentaries against the current leadership is taking points out of context.


The actor-turned-author is however quick to add that while his book doesn’t address the current leadership, it is inspired by the culture in the country. He backs this with such phrases as “where did all the laughs go” that seeks to describe the common man’s struggles in finding happiness. Sean also adds that he too wasn’t finding too many laughs when writing ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff.’


Why the novel?


The reasons for writing the novel form the reasons why Sean is considering slowing his pace in the film industry. Asked about it, Sean Penn argues that after working in the film industry for too long, he now doesn’t find it as interesting as possible. He is not particularly fond of the collaborations prevalent in the industry. Penn argues that while most turned out great, most were depressing and scuffed out the enjoyment he used to experience playing with others.


Writing ‘Bob Honey who just do stuff’ may, therefore, be seen as a continuation of his creative talents in a different world that allows for more exploration while giving the author a sense of independence. Nonetheless, Penn isn’t yet done with the film industry hinting that he still has a play or two that he would bring to life.