Marc Sparks’ Passion for People

One of the things people most often hear is “People regret what they didn’t do when they die, not what they did.” For Marc Sparks, life is about taking adventures.

Being a serial entrepreneur means that Sparks has had many successes, which has given him the ability to support multiple nonprofits as well as his own family, yet he has also had to buy groceries at a gas station using a credit card he had from that station.

“But aren’t you afraid of failure?” He has heard over and over again. His answer remains the same- even at his lowest he was excited about what was yet to come. Knowing that, in modern America, it is unusual for a C average high school student to become as successful as he has, Sparks decided he needed to share his valuable knowledge with the world. In response to this desire, he wrote “They Can’t Eat You”.

A book that was painful for him to write because he shared the good, the bad, and the ugly. His decision to add the less than glamorous part of his life is based on the decision that people might learn more from his failures than they do his successes.

After all, it is about taking that leap of faith, failing, and being brave enough to take the leap of faith again.

Going beyond the book, Sparks is heavily involved in charities. He has helped build over a dozen houses with Habitat for Humanity, given computers to at-risk teenagers to help them escape poverty, supports the American Can Academy which is a charter school in Dallas, and delivers “a hand up, not a hand out” at the Samaritian Inn.

He also helps beginning entrepreneurs navigate through the stages of starting a business through Timber Creek Capital.

What does he look for when deciding who to work with though? One thing, not surprisingly, is getting excited about what the business has to offer. Bring out the team and let them show their excitement as well! In one way, that’s showing one living their dream and not being afraid to take the risk.