Jose Borghi Does Not Expect Handouts

A lot of people expect to achieve success through luck and assistance. Often times, people start businesses and achieve success through loans and investments on However, it is not always required to get investments or loans in order to get a business going. Sometimes, people have to take the time to do their own marketing and start from the ground up. However, it takes a certain knowledge for some aspiring business owners to decide whether or not they want to work on their business without the extra financial boost. This is the story of Jose Borghi. Jose Borghi has started from the bottom and built up an advertising company that has provided some of the best advertisements for companies.

Jose has had to deal with a lot of adverse circumstances when he had to start his business. He himself has admitted that there is not going to be any handouts. No one is going to give him anything. As a matter of fact, not only did Jose Borghi realize that no one was going to give him anything, he also understood that he is living in a world of takers. People would try to take things from him. Therefore, he has had to be careful with his projects.

Borghi’s business also involved a lot of marketing. He needed to spread awareness about himself in order to get the amount of work he needed in order to make his business a successful venture. However, when his company has taken off, he has used his creativity to put forth a lot of commercials that had a lot of different effects on people.

Jose Borghi’s company, Borghi Lowe, has won a lot of awards in the industry. Among the awards that Borghi won were 14 Lions Cannes awards, 10 The One Show awards, and plenty of other awards. However, Jose Borghi was not doing this for the awards. He has done this for the creativity. He has enjoyed this journey. This is one of the very important aspects of the career. If one person enjoys his journey, he is going to go a lot further than he imagines.