BNPL, Buy Now Pay Later

Buy-Now-Pay-Later With ‘Zilch’ Fees

The next groundbreaking “shopping revolution” is here thanks to Zilch founders CEO Philip Belamant and Chairman Serge Belamant. Zilch, a London based, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) company, allows shoppers to afford things they want or need without financial restraints. What sets Zilch apart from other similar products is their no interest, no hidden fees, and no late fees. Shoppers can simply pay as little as 25% for the product and worry about the rest over a six week period. The availability reaches over 10,000 online retailers and soon even in-store. Through open banking and artificial intelligence, the customer’s affordability can be determined. For those tempted to over consume, Zilch only allows “low-value discretionary purchases.”

The concept used by Zilch has been instrumental in helping build the economies in countries in South America and in South Africa. The experience of CEO and Chairman Philip and Serge Belamant has led to the great success of Zilch. They are both entrepreneurs with expertise in businesses on Forbes’s top 100 companies as well as on the Nasdaq. Philip Belamant has been involved in developing services in 15 different countries. Serge Belamant has won numerous awards in his computer science work. He helped create the first electronic purse with smart-card technology and the world’s third largest ATM system in South Africa.

Signing up for Zilch is easy which is why over 15,000 new shoppers create an account every month. By entering a mailing address, cell phone number, or email, the customer is provided an instant virtual Mastercard.

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