Business news capturing Andrew Lazarus and his investment tales

The Newcastle Herald, dated December 4th, 2019, reported that Andrew Lazarus made a significant investment.

The entrepreneur, a famous hotelier, bought one of the most luxurious pubs based in Newcastle.

The new acquisition marks one of the heftiest investments that the businessman boasts.

Beach Hotel Merewether is located at 99 Frederick St.

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Formerly owned and managed by the Bale and Twohill Families, the hotel has had the fame of hosting executive guests for over four decades.

The business is approximately worth more than twenty million dollars.

Speaking to the Newcastle Herald, Andrew Lazarus commented that acquiring the pub was a high priority, and he was ready to invest wholeheartedly.

Lazarus mentioned his family had always wanted to own the business for many years.

The family has more than three decades of experience in managing hospitality businesses.

Under the Easter Hotels Group, there exist several clubs that have registered significant wealth over the years.

They include Shoal Bay Country Club, The Vauxhall Inn, EL Toro Hotel, and Easter in Bondi Junction, and more.

Peter Lazarus has served the Eastern Hotels Group as the Director for several years, influencing significant growth.

He was responsible for the latest renovation of the Shoal Bay Country Club.

The project was around $6.5 million and played a chief role in transforming the face of the business.

His input has seen the organization grow immensely, becoming the best option for many guests.

He has vast experience in the hospitality industry and is a devoted investor.

Such and more qualities pushed him to procure the club.

The Beach hotel is one of the most popular, courtesy of the marketing services offered by Moore Real Estate.

Among the features that set the club apart is its location.

With the beaches around the property, it is an ideal destination for most locals and international guests.

It neighbors the Merewether surf beach, located near the city center.

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