Bo Parfet: Sleeping As A Productivity Hack

The First Thing We Disrespect

Oddly, the first thing that most people sacrifice as they go about achieving their goals is proper sleep. In our culture, we talk so much about burning the midnight oil, and this is so integrated into our culture that ruining our health by working crazy hours and missing out on sleep becomes a badge of courage, while it is also a recipe for disaster.

The Only Way To Recharge Our Brain

Our brain needs rest and relaxation. Without sleep, we lose cognitive and physical ability. We simply cannot run our human machine at a high level when we are sleep deprived. Get more sleep and watch how things change for the better. With proper rest, we find ourselves far more energized and ready to go. Also, with a level of sustain that a sleep deprived person will never know. Give it a try for a month, according to goodreads.com, this is the most proof that anyone needs to see how sleep is the ultimate performance and productivity hack. It is the best way to get a lot of results.

Needed For Productivity

Without proper sleep, we simply cannot be all that we are. There are so many mental hacks, but sleep is one that is 100% verified and needed for ultimate health. Bo Parfet, a man who knows about peak physical and mental performance suggests that sleep is the key to performance and productivity. It is so important that there are companies who are building technology to ensure that we can track our sleep and optimize it.