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Barry Lall Transition From Being A Doctor To A Businessman

Dr Bharat Lall is the Chief executive officer and the president of Pinnacle Hotels in the US. He was born and brought up in Malawi and has over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry. Before venturing into hospitality, Lall’s childhood dream was to be a doctor. He even went to Glasgow University Medical School in Scotland, where he got his degree in medicine. He became a successful family physician and worked for a while at Chula Vista, California’s Kaiser Hospital.

An article entitled “CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA Barry Lall Talks Teaching And Leadership Within The Hospitality Industry”, shares the success of his business resides in the individual success of each and every one of his employees. His ability to convey a clear vision for his hotel’s goals, show a marked passion for his work, and make his entire team feel energized has seen his company grow to a large corporation working with some of the biggest brands within the hotel industry, but it is his focus on helping every member of his team succeed through teaching that truly sets him apart.

The American dream became more powerful for Barry along the way, together with his dream of owning a business. He started his entrepreneurial journey by acquiring a motor lodge that had 12 rooms. To afford this, he has to take out a loan of $450,000 used in the motel’s acquisition. He used the remaining amount to pay landscaper, painter, and other repair jobs to help refurbish the property.

Through hard work and determination, his company now runs nine properties. They are all listed under eight brands and have 1790 keys. Today, Lall’s company manages at least seven restaurants. The most notable one is the restaurant chain that Lall currently runs, known as the Pinnacle Hotels. His leadership skills in the hotels have shown his ability to motivate his employees, deliver a vision, and inspire a bright future.

Every business must have reasonable goals put in place. They also need a leader who will effectively manage and help the organization attain the set goals. A leader like Dr Barry Lall has shown the potential to achieve goals through his exceptional leadership style.

The day-to-day management of his employees is outstanding. For instance, he implements team building, motivation, and fair remuneration for all his employees. Doing so helps his employees and other team members to have a purpose and a sense of appreciation. It helps them love their jobs, and they work even better with minimal to no supervision. Go here for related Information.


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