At Sports Illustrated, Ross Levinsohn Steps Up To The Plate

Ross LevinsohnThe best media and communications companies do everything they can to stay on the cutting edge. This can be difficult in an industry that changes so quickly in response to rapid technological development. With these dynamics in place, the best media executives are those who know how to change with the times. Ross Levinsohn, the CEO of Maven and Sports Illustrated, has made a career out of his ability to make necessary adjustments. With his arrival already bringing positive results for the company, it seems his strategies are still as effective as ever.

Ross Levinsohn’s Impressive Resume

Levinsohn came to Maven with a remarkable track record in the media industry. After a few years working in television with CBS and HBO, he went on to become a major figure at Fox, Yahoo, and Tribune Interactive. This career path gave him considerable experience in several subsections of the industry, showing him how print, digital, and television media can reinforce each other under the umbrella of a single brand. The insights he gained during these decades of experience have proven vital in his latest role with Maven.

Immediate Impact at Maven and Sports Illustrated

When Levinsohn took control of Sports Illustrated, he inherited a legendary publication that was no longer living up to its full potential. He recognized that a few changes could have a massive impact on the magazine’s general trajectory. While his project is only just beginning, some of his adjustments have already proven successful.

Increased Online Subscriptions

During his time in the newspaper industry, Levinsohn learned the importance of digital platforms for traditional print publications. He applied this lesson to Sports Illustrated by instituting a paywall policy for online content. The move produced an immediate increase in lucrative digital subscriptions.

Renewed Commitment to Journalistic Excellence

Levinsohn knows that the quality of a publication’s content is the most important factor in determining success. By hiring talented journalists to join Sports Illustrated’s team, the CEO has ensured that readers continue to value the magazine’s output. Levinsohn has every reason to expect this investment to pay off in the form of additional subscriptions.