Arjun Kapur The Founder of GoBuyside

GoBuyside is changing the manner financial institutions conducts recruitment for the search of talent and qualified human resource. Unlike other organizations, GoBuyside mainly deals with providing its clients with information that is relevant to experience growth. In addition, the other services that the company offers include, Finance, Consulting, Impact Investing and hedge funds. The demand for the services offered by GoBuyside has increased tremendously making it crucial to open more offices such as New City, New York, and Greater New York area. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram. Despite experiencing robust growth, the company has only been in existence for a few years since it was founded by Arjun Kapur in 2011. A large majority of the company clients are private equity firms, advisory platforms, hedge funds, other investment managers and Fortune 500 companies. The success of the GoBuyside is as a result of leveraging technology through a diligent approach. In addition to having a human resource that is well educated and professional has significantly impacted the manner of offering service to the clients. Follow GoBuyside on

Arjun Kapur holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Johns Hopkins, and he is also a Master degree holder in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School. Arjun Kapur has one competitive edge that made it easier for him to start and run the GoBuyside with ease. From his previous interaction with individuals from over 40 cities, he was able to learn about different cultures and as a result of getting the best out of people. Recently, Arjun sat down for a candid interview in New York, and he shared significant information about the past as well as the future of the organization. During the interview, Arjun says that one of the factors that motivated him to start GoBuyside is due to the information asymmetry on the side of the employers. He says that when working in finance, he realized the information disparities between the employers and the employees. Thus to eliminate the challenge of information asymmetry, Arjun decided to develop a tech-enabled platform that could disrupt the traditional model of hiring as well as save organizational resources. And as a result, GoBuyside was founded.


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