An announcement by Stephen Bittel of TerraNovaCorp on the 300 Miracle Mile Acquisition to Strengthen Downtown Coral Gables

TerraNovaCorp is known for its timely and accurate decisions. The company’s acquisition of the 300 Miracle Mile building in Coral Gables is among the top decisions. TerraNovaCorp is well-known for its ventures in the real estate arena. The 300 Miracle Mile building, acquired at $6 million, is among the 12 Miracle Mile buildings owned by TerraNovaCorp. Stephen Bittel has demonstrated his persistence in strengthening the Coral Gables. The 300 Miracle Mile building (6,000-square-foot property) was home to California Pizza Kitchen, which closed down during the pandemic. Owned by Mildred Weissel Trust for more than 70 years, it was time for the property to change hands. The 300 Miracle Mile building is located at the center of the city’s business district, a prime location for a high-profile restaurant. Stephen Bittel is passionate about traditions and has plans on maintaining high-end restaurant businesses on the property. Stephen wants to elevate Coral Gables by bringing in opportunities and new activities within the area.

South Florida’s real estate economy is strategic for growth. Stephen Bittel is looking at a bigger picture for his TerraNovaCorp buildings. He plans to engage several restaurants, such as Sushi Sake, Dickey’s BBQ, Forte, John Martins, etc. Stephen Bittel is the brain behind the success of one of the top commercial real estate companies in South Florida, TerraNovaCorp. His seasoned experience in real estate is greatly admired. TerraNovaCorp and Stephen Bittel have positively impacted the Coral Gables communities. TerraNovaCorp and Stephen (CEO and founder of TerraNovaCorp) have a genuine connection with the people of South Florida. Stephen is a Miami native, making a notable difference in the lives of many people. He has uplifted the lives of many individuals by providing jobs and other economic opportunities. In addition, with his experience holding several Board Directors positions, Stephen has elevated TerraNovaCorp to a higher level. Having purchased the first Miracle Mile property in more than two decades, he understands elevating the Coral Gables area.