Alex Pissios: Leader, Motivational Speaker, and Philanthropist.

Life has a way of molding people to what they could never think of becoming. That happened to Alex Pissios. When he was in the University pursuing his English Literature degree, he always looked up to his father, a special education teacher. He wanted to be like him. However, life had a different offer for him, and he thus got an interest in the real estate industry. He got into the real estate business immediately after his graduation, but it did not do so well since there was a huge recession at the time. 

Alex Pissios is a highly spirited man and did not give up after the real estate business failed. He, therefore, ventured into film and television production. The company grew under his leadership, and in 2011, he, together with a partner, purchased 60 acres of land where they built the Cinespace Chicago Film studio. It is one of the largest and independent movie studios of the time. 

Alex Pissios is the founding partner and the president of the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio. The Studio is a source of employment for over 15,000 people. It has also played a big part in bringing wealth to Illinois and Chicago through entertainment. Apart from his dedication to work, Alex Pissios is a great philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community and has done that by partnering with universities, charitable organizations, and other people in the corporate world to positively impact the community. He is an inspirational speaker who uses his own story to touch the lives of those who feel that they cannot make it in life.