Top Executive

Aida Morales

Aida Morales: Formerly a Top Executive at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Aida Morales was an Executive Assistant at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. She handled all tasks, bringing projects to completion and adhering to strict deadlines under the direction of the executive in a fast-paced environment. She is enthusiastic and loves helping companies grow by providing excellent customer service. As an Executive Assistant at RIOC, she managed all daily operations for the CEO and Executive Vice President. Aida’s ability to communicate effectively with others made her one of RIOC’S best communicators. She could explain complex concepts with ease and clarity, even if those concepts were unfamiliar or challenging for some people to understand at first glance.

Aida Morales’s Role at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Morales’s role at RIOC was essential to more diversity in Roosevelt Island leadership. She was instrumental in bringing greater attention to issues affecting residents of Roosevelt Island. Morales became the first woman to hold a top executive position at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Aida had access to confidential information about what goes on behind closed doors at the organization that oversees public services on Roosevelt Island, like park maintenance and transportation services. The company offered her many opportunities to learn new skills, such as management techniques which helped her become more confident in herself and provide support for other executives who needed assistance with something specific about their work environment. Aida was known for her calm, straightforward demeanor and deliberate approach to problem-solving. If you asked her a question, she would give you a thoughtful answer and follow up on it later if necessary. She was a good listener who took action based on what she heard from others.


Aida Morales cites that although a lot of work was entrusted with her job, it has been a great experience that she doesn’t ever want to forget. There are so many interesting people at RIOC, and the job has allowed her to meet many of them and help out in so many little ways. Aida adds that it has shown her what multitasking is like in a rigorous environment while teaching her how to prioritize tasks and get things done quickly under pressure. The job allowed Morales to better her career path and be an asset within the community.