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 Advice from London Entrepreneur David Azzato

David Azzato is a modern entrepreneur from England; he writes numerous blog posts and articles detailing how to launch start-ups and keep the business growing with emerging market trends. Most recently, he has been very active in dealing with the coronavirus crisis. As a financial adviser, David knows a lot about investment platforms and financial strategies for start-ups. Majority of his insight circles around venture capitalism, cryptocurrencies, and project management skills.


This technology creates digital currency through an activity known as mining. David Azzato is an active crypto miner and sheds light on this investment alternative. He notes that this technology bypasses central currency regulation agencies and instead relies on the mining machines to circulate. He explains that when a machine mines cryptocurrency, the owner is rewarded with some of it, this process also validates transactions by other network members.

Azzato cautions that the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates considerably more than traditional currency. If an investor plans to cash out on cryptocurrency, he advises that it be exchanged for regular money. Many countries have very tight restrictions on how the technology is used, but another advantage is that they use the same value and do not need a transaction fee for transferring funds. Ideally, he advises cryptocurrency to be approached as an investment rather than a cash cow; he says the future has an opportunity for those who are planting now.

Project Management

As a natural entrepreneur, David Azzato knows a lot about dealing with the daily struggles of running a business. He acknowledges that many new businesses are washed away by a lack of proper mindset by the owners. David advises entrepreneurs on how to handle their daily challenges, such as daily routines; he reminds people that writing down plans for the day after a thorough reflection in the morning makes the job easier.

Since it is easy to lose sight of what is essential and what can wait, David Azzato encourages business owners to switch roles and become students of something new or teachers of skills they know. This switch creates situations that force leaders to change perspective and identify the significant facts hidden from sight.

All businesses come with risks and rewards; he reminds all business leaders to collaborate with their teams when taking risks and take accountability when mistakes happen. To keep everything afloat, the leader should display tenacity when faced with an underdog situation to keep the rest of the team focused.

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