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A Marketing And Information Technology Expert – Laura Rea Dickey


Laura Rea Dickey is an experienced marketing expert who has impacted significant changes in the Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant through the use of unique marketing strategies that have steered the company to immense success over the years.

Laura is a modern-day leader who recognizes the importance of technology in businesses today. In light of this, she incorporates top-notch technology such as artificial intelligence in the operations of the global franchise.

Dickey’s Restaurant was started by Travis Dickey, who built it from the ground up. The franchise slowly picked up the pace, and after the sons of Travis Dickey took over, the franchise spread out to various states across the country. Soon after, Roland Dickey Jr., grandson Travis Dickey took over the business and has since been responsible for the company’s global presence together with his wife, Laura Rea Dickey.

Roland Dickey Jr. and Laura have, over the years, sought to expand the market presence of Dickey’s Restaurant while seeking to preserve and incorporate the native dishes of each state. This, in turn, helps attract more customers to Dickey’s restaurant. In addition, the management created a training course where all operators receive the necessary knowledge on how to best run Dickey’s restaurant. This then helps in maintaining the quality of food and services offered in each Dickey’s restaurant. Go to this page for related information.

Also, Laura’s use of technology has been especially helpful in keeping the business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Laura incorporated the use of technology in service delivery. This played a key role in delivering services to clients at the comfort of their homes. Laura Rea Dickey also loves to serve the community around her and has helped numerous individuals during the pandemic through food donations and using strategies that helped in employee retention.

Laura Rea Dickey is a distinguished leader who has many years of experience in marketing and technology. She works with a team of dedicated individuals, which she seeks to empower to give their best regardless of whatever challenges they face.

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