Brian Torchin’s HCRC Staffing-Fulfilling the Personnel needs of Healthcare and Legal Companies

Hospitals and private doctor’s clinics cannot provide high-quality healthcare in the absence of well-trained and experienced dentists, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists nurse practitioners, and emergency care providers.

For many of the citizens running healthcare facilities in the United States, identifying the right staff is a monumental challenge always. A similar problem exists in law firms with many lawyers finding it difficult to locate suitable office managers, billing clerks, public relations staff, and front desk receptionists.

Qualified Legal and Medical Staff within 72 Hours

Luckily for both the investors in the legal and medical industries, HCRC Staffing, a personnel recruitment firm founded by Brian Torchin in 2007, can help to find qualified candidates for any critical role. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

For example, if your law firm desires to fill the positions for paralegals, attorneys, legal assistants, office administrators, or secretaries, HCRC Staffing will typically get you the suitable staff in not more than 72 hours.

HCRC Staffing is a global company with hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. In the healthcare sector, HCRC staffing can assist to fill the vacancies for dentists, physical therapists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, or anesthetists.

Brian Torchin Facebook and Twitter Posts

In the “we are #hiring” posts that Torchin makes on the social media, you will find information about job vacancies all the time-from vacancies for chiropractors to office assistants and radiologists in Texas, Delaware, Chicago, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and across the nation.

HCRC-More than Just a Staff Finder

Brian Torchin who can pride in transforming HCRC Staffing into the leading firm offering customized hiring processes, is also the managing partner at Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He is a graduate of Plainview- Old Bethpage/JFK High School and the University of Delaware, where he studied exercise science major.

According to Glassdoor, between 1992 and 1995, Torchin pursued a doctor of chiropractic degree at the New York Chiropractic College. As a board-certified and licensed chiropractic practitioner with a private practice, Dr. Torchin understands all too well the challenges of medical staffing.

Torchin resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania believes strongly that HCRC Staffing should never fail to meet the specific requirements of employers.

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Lacey and Larkin Find Strength in Standing for What is Right

The United States of America had always been a shining light of liberty and opportunity for immigrants everywhere. When times were hard in their country, their minds would wander off and think of better places, and inevitably, their mind would fall on this great country. Something has changed though.

No longer do the citizens of this land warmly welcome those who struggle. They want to keep the prosperity for themselves. Luckily, many voices, like that of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, are speaking up and demanding we return to what truly made our country great. To accomplish this, Lacey and Larkin started the Frontera Fund. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The mission of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is to establish grassroots operations so that change is in the hands of the people. They accomplish this by donating funds to non-profits who fight for immigrant civil rights and the freedom of speech.

These local non-profits then go and promote change within their sphere of influence. These two men are passionate about empowering others to fight for their beliefs because that is how the Frontera Fund was born.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are open advocates for an open border in the state of Arizona, and they have promoted this idea everywhere they have gone. This has put them in the direct opposition to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Arpaio has been called America’s Toughest Sheriff by several conservative media outlets. However, this was just a semantic label that covered his blatant racism. As Lacey and Larkin investigated Arpaio further, they discovered that he had fired non-racist police officers and replaced them with others who were racially biased.

Not only that, but he strongly encouraged his police force, which he viewed as his private military, to avoid pulling over real Americans and instead focus their time and rounding up illegal immigrants. The worst part was that when Hispanics were brought to the jail, they were put in cells of substandard conditions and mistreated many times to the point of death.

Lacey and Larkin announced their findings on their outlet Village Voice Media. Arpaio retaliated by storming into their homes in the middle of the night and demanding they hand over the evidence. When they refused, they were arrested. Lacey and Larkin would sue the Maricopa County for illegal activity and use the $3.75 million that they won to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

End Citizens United: Seeking For Equity In The Political Scene

The End Citizens United stumbled on a revelation that a Russian Company was collectively involved in the 2016 presidential election. This was possible through the manipulation of purchased ads that targeted to steer the elections results in their favor. A foreign entity getting involved with political campaigns is illegal and, therefore, the Russian involvement raised question marks on the country’s election laws. Ignorance on the matter worked perfectly for Russia, enabling them to meddle extensively and intricately with the elections.

The organization has seen to it that Special Counsel Robert Mueller deems answerable to the offense and to clear the air on whether Donald Trump’s team was part of the fishy Russian involvement. Despite the fact that End Citizens United is confident about getting to the bottom of the matter, it is still not clear whether Washington will show corporation in stopping foreign interventions in during future elections. Over the past years, right-wing politicians have taken advantage of their allies to sabotage campaign finance laws. This has opened doors for undocumented donors to fund their missions massively thereby rendering that specific candidate at a better advantage.

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About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a grassroots donor that targets to eradicate the use of big money in politics. They are the primary funders of Political Action Committee, whose main focus is mentoring campaign finance reforms to monitor Citizens United. The organization was formed on March 1st, 2015 and is based in Washington, District of Columbia. During this period, large political funding groups used their ulterior moves for one major malice course, to make the elections’ outcome go their way through huge funds. End Citizens United was determined to put a stop to this. With a belief that the country political system was rigged, they are positive that the reforms in place, will improve the political situation.

One strategy in place is ensuring that democrats get positions in Congress and thereby get an opportunity to achieve campaign finance reforms. With them in place, they can easily get involved in state elections where they will easily get loopholes to influence pro-reform schemes. End Citizens United’s main concern is having money as a political drive force. Therefore, prime importance is raising public awareness on knowing their decision and place in finding the truth on unlimited and untraceable donations. They started off with a $2 million small donors’ funding and are targeting to reach over $30 million. With this in mind, the organization is channeling its efforts to have a place in the national conversation.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Constant Mission to Improve the Healthcare System

The cost of healthcare has been rising over the past few years, prompting medical researchers to look at the underlying reasons for the continuous rise. Researchers investigating changes in healthcare cost between 1996 and 2013 came up with a conclusion that the higher charges that Americans are experiencing are as a result of specific care that is intense and expensive as opposed to drug or medication prices. Population growth and an increase in the aging population were other factors driving the care cost changes. To be more specific, Americans spent $933 billion in 2013 more than they did in 1996. The researchers opted to break down healthcare cost into specific healthcare spending requirements of various diseases. Top spending drivers differed from one illness to another, for example, diabetes, had different value drivers compared to low back and neck pains.

In the thick and thin of the healthcare wobbles is Eric Lefkofsky who has co-founded a tech company, Tempus, that is working to build the necessary technological infrastructure to standardize and modernize treatment of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky’s venture collects huge amounts of genomic data, and through statistical analysis tools coupled with proprietary algorithms, they unearth opportunities specific to patients enabling physicians to make better and informed treatment decisions. The standardizing of cancer treatment will work in the long run to stabilize health care costs for cancer patients.

Philanthropically, Eric Lefkofsky has donated huge sums of money to charitable causes supporting cancer treatment and research. And in 2006 Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his wife to establish the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. In its mission, the foundation hopes to support charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes across the globe. The foundation avails funds to medical research institutions such as North Shore University Health System in Chicago, Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital which also hosts Lefkofsky Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. Cancer centers such as American Brain Tumor Association founded by Susan Kramer, Damon Runyon, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have all been beneficiaries of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation funds. On the global stage, the foundation’s funds causes working to enhance human rights.

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The Revolution of Lime Crime & Doe Deere

Cosmetics are some of the most popular products on earth. This is a billion dollar industry on an annual basis. Some of the biggest names are in this specific line of work. This includes Almay, Covergirl, MAC and Maybelline. Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? Lime Crime just so happens to be one of the top-selling cosmetics line in current time and Doe Deere is the founder of the company. If you take one look at this young woman then you can see how much the brand reflects her very own style. Doe Deere has turned her dream into a reality and with thousands of satisfied customers, her resume is inked with a seal of approval.


Deere is actually from Russia, but she moved to America at the age of 17. Her stomping ground was “The Big Apple.” While in New York City, Deere would join a musical band, and this band is where she met her soon-to-be husband. This band played in and around metropolitan New York, especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Doe learned about marketing and many more behind-the-scenes business tactics. Since she already had a strong passion for fashion, she went on to attend FIT. This supreme knowledge from FIT would manifest into her very own company years later. As of today, Doe Deere is running one of the leading cosmetic companies in the industry, and it has gained a huge cult-following. Lime Crime is its name and expression is its game. The products from this brand includes eye liner, foundation, lipsticks, lip gloss and other makeup-related products. Deere has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 13, she sold temporary tattoos to her childhood friends in Russia. This entrepreneurial spirit is now paying huge dividends.


Salem, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, saint, scandal and other unique names are the lipstick colors of her brand. These colors range from bright and vivid to deep and intense. Liquid matte is the name of the game and nobody does it better than Lime Crime. In conclusion, Lime Crime is setting the bar higher than before and Doe Deere is the captain of this successful ship. Learn more:


Benefits of Stock Options as Discussed by Jeremy Goldstein

Many corporations have in the recent times made a decision that they will stop giving stock options to their employees. It is believed that such corporations have made that decision in order for them to save money and avoid losses. Jeremy Goldstein who is an experienced business attorney stated that although these corporations have the right to not offer such options, there are reasons why they should consider them. According to him, there are three major reasons as to why corporations chose not to offer their employees stock options. Jeremy Goldstein says that many employees fear that they may not exercise the stock options in the case that the stock value of a company goes down. The company will also need to cater of the associated expenses and that the stockholders risk the option of overhanging incised of low stock value.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, majority of employees have become aware of the new compensation methods. They understand that their options can be rendered worthless by various economic and therefore opt for other benefits. Many employees have likened the stock options to casino tokens which are normally unpredictable most of the times. Although offering employees stock options has its disadvantages, Jeremy Goldstein says that it also has its advantages which normally outweigh the disadvantages. Firstly, Stock options are termed to be better as opposed to equities, better insurance coverage or even additional wages. Stock option is also a good compensation method since it gives the employees the value they require.


Jeremy Goldstein is a successful business attorney who is one of the United States’ most respected lawyers. Currently, Jeremy serves as a partner in a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The firm was founded several years ago and has so far changed the lives of numerous people living in the United States.


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