Adam Milstein Of Hagar Pacific Properties Gives Keen Business Insight

Adam Milstein is an accomplished real estate investor, active philanthropist and a trusted leader in his community. Milstein is a native Israeli who faithfully served his country during the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein would go on to attend the Technical Institute at Technion where he would graduate in 1978. In 1981 Milstein left Israel and travelled to the United States. He signed up for classes at USC where he earned his MBA in 1983. Milstein would go on to work in commercial real estate in the Southern California. He is now a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a privately owned real estate investment firm. Recently Mr. Milstein took the time to give some insight into his business practices.

From Where Did You Gain The Inspiration For Pacific Properties

I first came to America for the educational opportunies. I went to USC and there I received my MBA in entrepreneurship. While at USC many job recruiters spoke to

  1. These conversations caused me to understand how undervalued my knowledge and experience would be in the work force. The offers I received did not reflect the committments I had made to my education. I began working as a commercial real estate broker but knew that I would only be happy on my own. I was able to do so three years later.

How Do You Bring Ideas To Life

Push until they become reality. If it can’t be done by someone else that only means you must do it. This is the attitude you must take. I follow up on my ideas and let nothing fall through the cracks and more

What Did You Learn From The Worst Job You Ever Had

I have never had the misfortune of a bad job. I love work.

What Specific Strategy Has Helped You In Business

I stopped setting specific goals. These were only serving to limit me. It is only important that I work hard and do the best job possible. Making money in real estate is a long process. Never listen to the criticism of others.

Nathaniel Ru Explains How Sweetgreens Is Different Versus Other Restaurants

The high-end salad chain Sweetgreen is quite different from older chains in the quick serve industry. It now has 40 locations that feature food that is fresh, organic, and locally sourced. Sweetgreen has a number of big investors behind it including Daniel Boulud, Steve Case, and Danny Meyer.

One of the co-founders and co-CEOs of the company, Nathaniel Ru, has said that the brand they’re building stands for something, which is to provide their customers with better food than they can find at any other quick serve restaurant.

In addition to providing better food, Sweetgreen is also a company that has embraced technology. Indeed, about 30% of the transactions that are handled at a Sweetgreen restaurant is initiated on either their website or mobile app.

This allows people to get in and out of the restaurant faster and more convenient. Nathaniel Ru also commented about this, stating that technology is at the core of their brand and they stay on top of the latest tech advances. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

The three co-CEOs of Sweetgreen have also differentiated themselves by pursuing a new type of management strategy. This includes shutting down corporate office five times every year so that everyone works in a nearby Sweetgreen’s restaurant instead.

This helps to keep management closer to what is happening in the restaurants and what the community thinks of them. Nathaniel Ru and friends also don’t have any centralized headquarters and instead the co-CEOs work on both coasts of the United States. This helps them to grow the company with plans to one day have locations in all 50 states.

When thinking about advice he would have given to his younger self when starting Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru has said that he would have told himself to read a lot more books. He has also said that he realized it was hard to let other manage certain aspects of the company as it has grown.

Ru said that he now understands how important it is to build a team and let them do their jobs even when initially that doesn’t feel very comfortable at all.

While building up Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru has been instrumental in developing some of the relationships the company has established in order to come up with new salads.

These partnerships include such culinary luminaries as Mark Bittman, Dan Barber, and David Change. These salads feature new and unique creations that are exclusively sold at Sweetgreens locations.

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Stream Energy Puts Money Back Into Your Pocket

If your energy bill has been higher than normal, you’re not alone. According to the Stream Energy, a Dallas-based direct selling energy company, your home devices are the culprits of these lurking cost.


Equipment items that are plugged into the wall, whether being actively used or not, continue to draw energy. On an item-by-item basis each unit may not draw much juice, but when you add them all up the energy cost can be significant. Turns out that smaller units like gaming consoles, computer screen, coffee maker and printer can save you a dollar a year each if unplugged when not used. Bigger items like an entertainment system can save you upwards of $130 annually.


There is a quick fix to put all that money back in your pocket. By simply plugging all of your devices into a power strip and then shutting things down when you don’t need them can help lower your energy cost. Another way to keep an eye on your energy bill is to get usage monitoring tools. Apparently, these type of tools can send you weekly energy reports directly to your email. In the state of Texas, residents can use a website called Smart Meter, which reports up-to-date data transmitted from a digital electric meter attached to your home.


Stream Energy opened its doors in the Dallas area in 2005. In 12 years they have managed to generate $8 billion in total revenue. Today, it’s considered one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market. Their product offering extends beyond the realm of energy. They also provide home services, such as virtual medical consulting, phone services, wireless phone plans, and more.


In 2004, Stream Gas Electric (d/b/a Stream Energy) was co-founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after the energy deregulation of the Texas electricity market (BBB). The company decided to merge its standalone multilevel marketing operation, Ignite, into the Stream brand in 2014. Today, the Dallas based company now offers energy services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C.

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Unearthing Rodrigo Terpin’s Incredible Rallying Skills

Rodrigo Terpins exists as one of the most decorated rally drivers since the inception of the annual Sertoes Rally event in Brazil. He has participated in over ten events out of the possible 23 that have happened so far. In all these engagements, he has won 3 of the competitions with other top ten finishes to add to these accomplishments. Currently, he is the leader of the Bull Sertoes team which is credited with some significant achievements in the event. Starting off, Rodrigo Terpin competes in the T1 Prototype category where drives the T-Rex model of the rally car, he has since gained an immense reputation as a rally driver and here is just why.

Different Skillets

Rally driving skills can be interpreted in different ways and that in the theoretical worlds, Rodrigo Terpin has won the title for the most skilled rally driver in the previous Sertoes completion due to the unbelievable conditions that he has often driven and come out victorious. In most of these cases, Rodrigo has always attested that he is also never aware of the tracks that he drives in most of the times. It is due to the diverse skills in rallying that he can withstand the various reflexes associated with difficult terrains and even withstand the somewhat terrifying environment that he drives trough. Moreover, Rodrigo boasts of experience in rallying which has helped him amass acute skills in judgment and power to hit the sharp and devious corners at the right speed and consequently, time.

A Psychological Edge

Apart from his driving abilities, Rodrigo possesses a strong judgmental skill that helps him ascertain whatever his competitors are up to while in the race. It is this skill that his counterpart Bianchi so much respects him for as it has remained an asset for the Bull team. It is his powerful weapon that he disposes of whenever they are on the verge of losing or just about to win a competitor comes spoiling the show. Rodrigo Terpin commands utmost respect on how he uses his mind on a monumental scale just to give his opponents a competitive edge. You can follow him on Facebook to know more.

Adam Milstein- Philanthropist with great interest in Jewish community welfare

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He founded the foundation alongside his wife, Gila Milsten. According to Milstein together with his wife, they are passionate about the welfare of the Jewish community, the state of their homeland- Israel and the special ties that Israel shares with the United States. They feel they have a responsibility as senior Jewish leaders to shape the destiny of the future generation when it comes to the preservation of the Jewish culture and values.

Since its creation, the Milstein Family Foundation has been involved in works concerning Jewish students and young professionals. The intention is to make sure that these young people identify themselves with the Jewish roots, boost and cultivate their courage to express themselves as Jews, make them feel proud of being Jews, and enable them to connect or integrate with their mother country Israel. The students are also taught on the need to advocate for the interests of Jewish people in the schools, campuses, among friends and in the communities.

Over the years the foundation has remained consistent in its campaign. According to Milstein, he has learned that philanthropy is not just about contributing money. It involves a lot more including dedicating energy, time, connections and vision for the course. He adds that since he started working, the philanthropy course has been the most exciting initiative he has ever undertaken. As a philanthropist, Milstein has spent millions of money advocating for the welfare of the Jewish culture through his foundation.

About Milsten

Milsten was born and raised in Israel. He moved into the United States in the year 1983. As a young man in Israel, he served in the Israeli Defence Forces. After moving into the U.S, he enrolled for a course in commercial real estate at the USC. Milstein founded the Hager pacific Properties, a commercial private real estate company. He acts as the managing partner of the firm.

Milstein also has another role. He is the national chairman of a Jewish group known as Israeli-American Council. He is also a board member of various organizations that address matters of the Jewish community.

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David McDonald Leads OSI Group To Greatness Through International Markets

Leadership is the core controller of an organization. With excellent leadership, an organization is set to expand its operations to better levels. Only a good leader can grow a firm to excellence. That explains the story of David McDonald, a lead executive at OSI Group. David McDonald has been at OSI Group for more than ten years. He holds an important leadership position that OSI Group has thrived on. David’s journey has not been easy. He harbors excellence and stellar reputation. His character depicts commitment.

David’s Journey to OSI Group

David McDonald holds a special position at OSI Group. He owes this to his academic credentials and experiences. David’s experience in leadership defines his ability to move the company to international service and production. He has vast knowledge in holding various positions. He has been part of the global production for years. David has increased the firm’s visibility in many ways. He has also attracted many investors that have contributed to OSI’s growth. David McDonald believes in team work. He has always advocated for teams and their input in the business. He believes that with strong teams, a lot can be done.

OSI Goes Global

OSI Group began production at a boutique level. With time, it garnered sufficient materials and resources that elevated it to international level. In China, OSI Group was in charge of food supply at the Beijing Olympics. The company received positive feedback from clients. With the assistance of David McDonald, OSI Group acquired Baho Foods. This was another expansion strategy that the company managed because of excellent leadership. The business has now taken an international position in order to supply products to large markets.

The Input of David McDonald

McDonald’s input crops from his knowledge. He was a student at the prominent Iowa StateUniversity. With an experience that borders 30 years, he has been moving the company to even, better, production platforms. His roles are appended to expansion. He runs the company with expansion as the key agenda. David owes his appointment as chairman to his experiences. He has been able to serve as a board member as well. His input is unmatched.


OSI Group has been trending on global expansion. David McDonald speaks a lot about the availability of resources to further the expansion. To David, international production is no longer an issue for OSI Group. It is possible because of the availability of good leadership and sufficient resources.



Vijay Eswaran Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Founder of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is amongst the most famous entrepreneurs from Malaysia, and his entrepreneurial journey has been inspiring many young entrepreneurs of today’s generation. During his struggling period, he has also driven a cab and today has a business empire that’s worth well over $550 million.

The company he founded by the name of QI Industries is now a business conglomerate that is involved in many different sectors, including the real estates, MLM marketing, consumer products, publishing, and much more. The multi-level marketing business model of QI Group has changed the lives of many people by giving them the opportunity to be their own boss and earn a generous income. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

During his earlier years, he was engraved with the philosophy that financial security is only possible by getting a stable job, but he believes that it is not the only way. He says that overcoming conditioning is not possible unless people start to think outside the box and be courageous.

It takes some time to get outside of the conditioning, but he eventually managed to do and in the process, also managed to get a high-quality education that upgraded his academic profile as well. While pursuing Master’s Degree, he got involved with multi-level marketing on a smaller scale.

However, due to his hard work and determination, he was able to get substantial income from it. Even though the income from MLM marketing was more than what he earned from his real job, it took him some time to abandon his so-called real job to pursue network marketing full-time.

One more thing that Vijay Eswaran learned from his career is to make a good team as that is what would help you succeed and surpass the tough times. He believes that serving others is like a boomerang as it would eventually come back to help you.

One other policy that Vijay Eswaran firmly follows each day is to practice an hour of silence each day as it helps him connect with himself as well as plan for future in a logical manner.

Vijay Eswaran firmly believes that it is important for an organization to work transparently and provide value for money to the customers, and it is what QI Group is known for among its millions of clients and network marketers.

Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Dr. Akhil Reddy as an Integral Dentist and Private Practitioner

MB2 Dental Solutions has been helping dentists achieve their goals for over twenty years. The company offers management for dentists with private practices as well as a vast network of fellow private practitioners from around the world with all levels of experience.

One of the professionals at MB2 Dental is Dr. Akhil Reddy who has been with the company for a few years now. Dr. Akhil Reddy maintains a private dental practice while giving consultations occasionally at the MB2 Dental. Dr. Akhil Reddy was born and raised in the Texan city of Lubbock. When he was still in his childhood, Reddy developed an interest for medicine which started with him over the course of his tears at high school. He eventually joined the Red Cross, and he also pursued higher education in medicine earlier than his peers. In fact, Dr. Akhil Reddy graduated with his degree a few years before everyone else because he started so early.

Dr. Akhil Reddy pursued higher education in dentistry by joining the Accelerated Dental Program of the University of the Pacific. He was accepted in spite of his young age which allowed him to gain an early start of the career and impress his teachers from the start. Having achieved a bachelor;s degree in Biological Sciences, Dr. Akhil Reddy started a Doctorate in dentistry as well. Dr. Akhil Reddy was 23 when he completed his studies.

After he had graduated from university, Dr. Akhil Reddy moved to the Texan city of Dallas in order to put a start to his private dental practice there. As all starting businesses do, his also took time before the first client came in for an appointment. After a few years, Dr. Akhil Reddy started expanding his private practice by including more services. That proved to be a successful investment as it started attracting many new people into his office.

The additions to the private practice Dr. Akhil Reddy made earned him the recognition of the MB2 Dental Solutions, and so he was invited to become a part of the organization and service the patients there as well.

Over the years, Dr. Akhil Reddy has established himself as one of the leading dentists in Dallas. He has been able to expand his practice through MB2 Dental Solutions as well. The organization offers dentists a vast number of opportunities to gain more experience and training and to connect with other professionals.