The Top 3 Movie Villains of All Time


Every great movie needs a great hero. And every hero needs a villain to counter him. The villain must provide the conflict and tension that is necessary in order to provide a compelling storyline. These are the most famous movie villains in film history:


3 – Hannibal Lecter


This cannibalistic serial killer still sends shivers up the spines of audiences today. Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the sinister yet charming killer has become a pop culture icon. The fact that he was able to be the driving force of The Silence of the Lambs with only 17 minutes of screen time is a testament to his talent. His educated, cool, demeanor and ability to get inside Clarice’s head make him a nightmare that we fear we could encounter in real life.


2 – Freddy Krueger


As if dealing with killers in your waking hours wasn’t bad enough, having one invade your dreams is truly terrifying. While having knives for a hand is scary, it is this aspect of Freddy that makes him so intriguing. All of us have bad dreams from time to time, but knowing that he can kill you in your dreams and that there is no escape since we all must sleep is the stuff nightmares are truly made of.


1- The Joker


Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight takes the top spot for many reasons. His portrayal of a psychopath concerned with the quality of being a criminal and a strangely logical sense of justice is compelling. He is a mastermind who knows exactly how to manipulate people many steps ahead while acting like a free-wheeling maniac and pulls off the balance brilliantly. The fact that he is downright funny in a few scenes adds to his charm. Ledger’s ability to transform the common conception of the Joker into a version better than anything we’ve seen before makes the Joker the best villain of all time.

Marc Sparks’ Passion for People

One of the things people most often hear is “People regret what they didn’t do when they die, not what they did.” For Marc Sparks, life is about taking adventures.

Being a serial entrepreneur means that Sparks has had many successes, which has given him the ability to support multiple nonprofits as well as his own family, yet he has also had to buy groceries at a gas station using a credit card he had from that station.

“But aren’t you afraid of failure?” He has heard over and over again. His answer remains the same- even at his lowest he was excited about what was yet to come. Knowing that, in modern America, it is unusual for a C average high school student to become as successful as he has, Sparks decided he needed to share his valuable knowledge with the world. In response to this desire, he wrote “They Can’t Eat You”.

A book that was painful for him to write because he shared the good, the bad, and the ugly. His decision to add the less than glamorous part of his life is based on the decision that people might learn more from his failures than they do his successes.

After all, it is about taking that leap of faith, failing, and being brave enough to take the leap of faith again.

Going beyond the book, Sparks is heavily involved in charities. He has helped build over a dozen houses with Habitat for Humanity, given computers to at-risk teenagers to help them escape poverty, supports the American Can Academy which is a charter school in Dallas, and delivers “a hand up, not a hand out” at the Samaritian Inn.

He also helps beginning entrepreneurs navigate through the stages of starting a business through Timber Creek Capital.

What does he look for when deciding who to work with though? One thing, not surprisingly, is getting excited about what the business has to offer. Bring out the team and let them show their excitement as well! In one way, that’s showing one living their dream and not being afraid to take the risk.


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The Ideas That Drove Jim Hunt To Start VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a very insightful and shrewd individual. His career has revolved around investing and making trades on that few other people would know about, and he’s been willing to share with others just how these trades are made. He was once interviewed by Ideamensch in which he answered questions about his business and how his personal time relates to it. For Hunt, it’s all about balance and spending ample time at work, while making sure family life also takes precedence. Jim Hunt has recommended people who are new to stock trading get started by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad a guidebook to the importance of investing.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has started a couple programs which he uses to show the fundamentals of stock trading and how simple he believes it can be when done right. The first is “Wealth Wave,” a program in which Hunt shows how money can be made even when a bear market is going to hit. His second program is “Making Mum a Millionaire” which shows how stock trading and math come together to reach millionaire status. Hunt says he did not start this program because of ambition, but rather to show just how 10 trades is all it takes to become a millionaire.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put out a lot of information and demonstrations on YouTube where he has compiled many videos, but he also started up a company that publishes distance learning courses on investing called VTA Publications. This company is based in the UK and their courses cover a variety of subjects available in both print and electronic media formats reported on If you’re interested in forming a good retirement plan, you can learn about that in their course about retirement and the bible. Stock charts can become easier to read if you take their course on learning stock charts, and they have an additional course on little-known options and strategies for trading stocks. VTA Publications also hosts seminars in which expert investors and entrepreneurs lecture on investing and business tips, and these are all available for an extra price on DVD.


Thor Halvorssen Uses All of His Talents to Fight Against Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist who has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of people who can’t fight for themselves. It is an unfortunate fact that many countries are ruled by brutal and merciless authoritarian regimes. Thor Halvorssen has fought against oppressive dictators since he was a young man. Unlike a lot of today’s human rights activists, Thor has personally experienced the abuse that authoritarian regimes are willing to inflict upon anyone who threatens their absolute rule.

Thor Halvorssen’s father was a government official in Venezuela who was arrested and tortured after he started investigating corruption within the system. It was only after Thor worked with Amnesty International and several other human rights groups that his father was released from prison after spending 74 days in brutal conditions. To make matters worse, Thor’s mother was shot and wounded by government agents while attending a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen himself was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City while conducting an investigation into human rights violations there.

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City in 2004. The Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to protecting freedom, liberty and democracy in countries around the world. The HRF is particularly active in fighting for the release of political prisoners and political dissidents living under ruthless dictatorships. The HRF uses publicity as a tool to focus public attention on the plight of the oppressed people who are incarcerated for standing up against their corrupt governments. The hard work of the HRF has resulted in many political prisoners being set free.

Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. The Oslo Freedom Forum is an annual gathering of human rights activists to discuss issues related to promoting liberty and human rights around the world. Some of the participants include Julian Assange, Peter Thiel and Lech Walesa.

Thor Halvorssen is also a film producer. Thor has produced several films that focus on raising public awareness of the wide range of human rights abuses that take place everyday. His films cover human rights abuses ranging from suppression of free speech to human trafficking.

Jason Hope And His Passion For Anti-Aging

Jason Hope knows that people age. However, he also knows that aging does not have to be accompanied with many different disorders that are associated with it. Fortunately, Jason is willing to help medical experts work towards this goal so that they will be able to effectively treat age related disorders.
For one thing, people that deal with age related disorders do not have to despair. However, people who are still young are the ones with the most hope of avoiding this issue. After all, Jason Hope wants people to take preventative measures in order to treat the possible disorders.

Jason Hope states that the methods for treating illness is very reactive. In this case, people are having to wait until they have these diseases in order to get the treatment. At the same time, one can have these diseases without treatment because they are unable to get the diagnosis required for the treatment. Fortunately, Jason Hope is willing to encourage the medical experts to consider a more proactive measure for treating illness. Among the different disorders that he is hoping to prevent are diabetes and Alzheimer’s. He is doing this through his involvement with The SENS Foundation.

Find more details about Jason Hope on Facebook and Crunchbase.

Jason has decided to invest in the SENS Foundation because he believes in the work they do. Therefore, he is willing to help them on their path towards bringing people greater health. His involvement with the SENS Foundation goes beyond financial investments. He is also reaching out to people in order to get them to join in on the work towards of brighter future where people are better able to maintain their health with the use of rejuvenation biotechnologies. One of the things he has noticed is that the body slowly becomes damaged through normal process such as metabolism. This is what leaves the body vulnerable to certain diseases.

Read more: Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Tammy Mazzocco and The Success Bird

Tammy Mazzocco began working in the real estate industry as a secretary in a commercial real estate group. She soon was the manager of a condominium development for seven years. During that time she got her real estate license in 1995 at the suggestion of the Condominium owner and began to dabble in the real estate end of things.

Tammy then became a licensed assistant to a top RE/MAX broker, and she saw how a real pro ran his office, and she was hooked. In 1999 she went full time into real estate, and she never looked back. Today she is successful in her own right and has a great many clients in the central Ohio area.

When asked what it is that makes her so compatible to real estate; Tammy will tell you that the real estate business is a people business, and if you concentrate on the people, the rest will take care of itself. Tammy likes to tell when she is working with someone; she puts their needs first as opposed to worrying about that commission check at the end of the closing. That is all that matters because if the problems of the people are not solved you will not get the sale and you are wasting your time.

2016 brought a small boom to central and northern Ohio and real estate. People had money because jobs were plentiful and people were in the mood to buy homes. Then, suddenly along about mid-November, the market slowed down because there was now a housing shortage. Tammy didn’t bat an eye, but just kept doing what she had always done, and that is work with her people.

Tammy said the number one most productive habit she has developed is to set goals and then break them down into actionable steps. This works, and Tammy would recommend that process to anyone who wishes to succeed, not only in real estate but other fields as well.

Contact Tammy via Facebook or Twitter ( ).