Doe Deere and Lime Crime Explode On To Social Media

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the makeup brand known as Lime Crime, which had humble beginnings in 2008. Just eight years later, and the popular makeup company has taken center stage, being recognized for its large social media presence.

At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is soaring, with more than 2.2 million loyal followers. Doe Deere is elated, because she believes in e-commerce for the future, as well as engaging with her many makeup-addicted fans. Social media provides immediate feedback, and Doe Deere sees value in this component, as she explained in an interview with Galoremagazine.

Lime Crime makeup is a different brand and one that is very beauty-forward. It’s not your mama’s makeup, ladies, and thank goodness for that. The quality and highly-pigmented bold makeup allows young women and men around the world to experiment with new ideals of beauty, as well as new ways of self-expression. Putting on Lime Crime’s Metallic Gold lipstick, for example, is unique, strong and hauntingly beautiful.

Women have responded to Doe Deere’s vision, and she knew deep inside that other people desired wearing bright, unusually-colored makeup in today’s culture. Doe Deere has always colored outside the lines, and that’s what Lime Crime is all about. Applying some of her makeup is quite empowering. As Doe Deere likes to say, “It’s freedom to be you.”

Lime Crime has gone mainstream in 2016, finding its way on to red carpets and the street scene. Doe Deere is playing with the big girls now, having been recently named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. This prestigious list also includes these respected business veterans, Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. Not too shabby for the young woman who was born in Russia and took her dreams of bold colors and everything whimsical with her when she moved to New York City.

Lime Crime makeup can be found online here at and at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters. Fans anxiously await for new colors to drop in the brand’s cult fave lipsticks, shadows and liners, and Doe Deere never disappoints. Her creative edge is out there, and her customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her new Superfoils, wet/dry foil eye shadows are simply gorgeous, with striking compact duos in oh so pretty shades like, Lawn/Flamingo, Malibu/Convertible and Cosmic/Firefly.

Lime Crime even has the most beautiful, metallic blue lipstick in Denim. Her sexy pigments cannot be duplicated, although her competitors keep trying.

Lime Crime is both a cruelty-free and vegan, independent company.

Doe Deere likes giving back to her community and favors numerous charities that assist women, children and animals.

Follow her twitter – @doedeere



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The Success of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a dynamic, energetic and determined entrepreneur who adopted business ideas since when he was young. Adams outgoing characters have enabled him to climb ladders of leadership positions in various institutions. He is the current co-CEO to JustFab Inc. a firm doing great in the fashion industry. At the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, a company that showed his ability to lead. In 1999 he sold the company to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. After the sale, he quit high school and joined Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By the age of 20, Adam became the Chief Operating Officer, recording a history of being the youngest COO of a publicly traded firm.His ambitiousness and good relationship with his colleagues made him meet Don Ressler, his business partner. Later on, after News Corp acquired Intermix, Adam and Don sat and agreed to partner for a new venture, intelligent beauty. Adam Goldenberg acts as a venture partner at Crosscut Ventures, a venture fund that focuses on growing the promising technology community in Southern California.

Don & Adam Goldenberg collaborated and launched JustFab in 2010.They researched for a market niche that was not populated and had a pleasant demand. They came up with a plan to venture into fashion industry y which was starting to gain popularity. The latter incorporated their experience in business management and leadership skills that have seen the firm become a global leader in the category of subscription e-commerce with over 35 million members worldwide. Most recently, JustFab has expanded the business into countries outside of the United States, including Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Canada.

Adam Goldenberg with the assistance of Don; a brand building authority and business visionary had also had his firm,, which he later sold to Intermix in 2001, has been able to report a profit worth millions of dollars within four years. JustFab has produced over $1 billion in deals and raised more than $150 million in capital for different innovative Internet organizations.

Adam in a recent interview at affirmed that he could not differentiate between a peep toe and a Mary Jane, though he knew that these products had much potential regarding scale. Adam said that they relied on their confidence to create a transformational business, so they brought in the best design, creativity, and style teams in the industry who shared the vision of delivering a high-quality product at the best price.