Dick DeVos Goes Above & Beyond For the Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has surpassed its fundraising goal for a planned expansion project. A campaign started in 2013 to raise funds for this project has already raked in $135.9 million, 10.9 million more than the original target of $125 million. This project is one of the first of its kind in the famed centers history. The approved project will include a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge linking the pavilion with the Kennedy Center, and a large expansion of the center itself. The innovative design will preserve the building’s original façade while adding additional space for studios, media-ready classrooms, an outdoor wall for simulcast and video presentations, with terrace seating to accommodate up to 1,600 people. As well as a café, which can be used as a hub for meetings.

Dick’s fondness for the arts is reflected in his charitable donations and his words “we ignite the creative and innovative spirit of the arts to enhance the community. Nationally, we build capacity in arts leaders and equip them to effectively manage and lead their organizations.”
Dick’s charitable work does not stop at the Kennedy Center, often contributing to charities that promote education, seek judicial reform and to uplift communities and their leaders.
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Lime Crime A Hit Among Instagrammers

Lime Crime makeup company is a bit of a cult favorite among makeup users, similarly to how certain movies have a “cult following” of very devoted fans. This is because it’s a bit of a “niche” brand of makeup. The niche Lime Crime makeup occupies is that of extremely colorful makeup products. The most popular item that Lime Crime sells -for example- are their lip colors. If you take a jumbo box of crayons and look at all the colors within the box, likely Lime Crime has that same shade as one of their lip colors. Additionally they sell eye liners and eyeshadow.

Lime Crime has a strong cult following in their store, but on Instagram as well. Recently the cult favorite makeup brand reached over two million followers on their Instagram page: “@limecrimemakeup“. The company’s success on Instagram is actually fairly easy to understand, as many makeup companies who take the time to understand their fan base usually have a fairly good chance at amassing many followers on Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing mecca. Sometimes the photo grams on Instagram are artsy, funny, glamorous or just weird. The main idea behind Instagram though is to share life experiences or hobbies. Most of the fans of Lime Crime and other makeup brands share their makeup looks on their Instagram. Lime Crime quickly identified this and encouraged their fans to share their Lime Crime beauty or artsy makeup looks with a specific hashtag. By using the hashtag “#limecrime” fans of Lime Crime can share their best beauty looks using the makeup company’s colorfully fun products.

Lime Crime happily shares these photos on their Instagram, and even on the company Facebook. They do what they can to form a sort of community on Instagram for their fans.  Lime Crime connected their Instagram and Twitter photos to their website so customers can see images of real people wearing the Lime Crime makeup products. This helps improve sales on their website since people can truly see what the product looks like on real people using it and it gives fans of Lime Crime makeup a sense that they are appreciated truly by the Lime Crime company.

If you want to be inspired or share your Lime Crime beauty looks, check the company out on Instagram today to share your most Lime Crime colorful selfies.

Beneful Offers Wet Dog Food Options That Will Have Your Dog Drooling

When most people think about Beneful, they think about the dry dog food they have seen on the shelves of many major retailers. Many people, however, are not aware of the extensive line of wet dog foods that are offered by Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful is known for providing meal options that are packed with nutrition and flavor. This remains true when it comes to their wet dog food meal options as well. Beneful offers 20 different wet dog food products that are made from real, nutritious ingredients. Let’s take a look at a few of the incredible wet dog food products from Beneful.
These finely chopped meal options provide nutrition and flavor in a resealable package, so there is never any waste. The Chopped Blends line of wet dog food from Beneful is available on Walmart groceries in many different flavors. One is a perfectly blended and chopped mixture of beef, barley, peas and carrots in a savory sauce. Another contains sweet potatoes, brown rice, spinach and salmon which is a delectable mixture filled with all the nutrition your dog needs! This is one of my pups absolute favorites.

The Rice and Lamb Stew wet dog food option from Beneful is another one of my pooch’s favorites. This delectably saucy meal option is made with real lamb, peas, carrots, and rice blended to perfection in a savory sauce.

For something not so standard that still provides all the nutrition, you could ask for with the bonus of new flavors for your dog to enjoy, try the Romana Style Medley wet dog food option. This wet dog food from Beneful contains farm-raised chicken, spinach, pasta and carrots offering a balanced and nutritious meal that your dog is sure to love.

These are just a few of the incredible wet dog food options available from Beneful. To learn more about these products check out their facebook website at  https://www.facebook.com/beneful/ or their twitter at https://twitter.com/beneful.


Dream Big, And Dream Often

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that features bright colors instead of the traditional light pinks and reds. Doe wants women to know that they are worth something and that they shouldn’t be afraid to express how they feel or look. All of the products that are sold by the company are cruelty-free and safe for almost every skin type.

Doe was born in Russia. She moved to New York at 17 before leaving for Los Angeles. As a child, she wasn’t always a big dreamer. She moved to New York because she wanted to be a musician. Instead, she used her creative eye to develop Lime Crime. The company started with Doe Deere selling items on eBay as well as selling temporary tattoos.

with her husband as her business partner, they work well with each other. She has basic advice to give to young girls who are ambitious and want to follow their dreams. Doe believes that girls should follow the heart. Each person has that one special thing that sets that person apart. It could be creativity, or it could be music. It’s important to find that special talent and develop it into something that makes the person happy while in a career or life.

Later in life, Doe realized that she was a part of a universe full of people who appreciate her and the work that she does. She also realized that others felt the same way, which is how Lime Crime was started. When Doe Deere wanted to find the bright colors in makeup, they weren’t really around. She knew that other girls wanted the same bright and bold looks. The makeup that is developed from Lime Crime allows girls and women to express who they are without needing to hide behind a fake mask. Not only does Doe wear bright and bold colors in makeup, but she brings those shades to her clothing and hair as well.

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Doe Deere is the World’s Most Exciting Makeup Lover

Doe Deere is a prominent fashionista who also is a major force in cosmetics. That’s because she’s the mastermind behind Lime Crime, a well-known makeup brand. Lime Crime’s head office is located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Although Lime Crime operates out of Los Angeles, Deere isn’t a native of the sunny metropolis. She was born in her home nation of Russia in June of 1981. She was reared, however, in New York City in the United States.

Lime Crime isn’t just any makeup brand. It’s a makeup brand that celebrates the beauty and intensity of colors. People who are fans of colors that are brilliant, dramatic and striking often appreciate Lime Crime’s offerings. Deere has always had a penchant for brightness. She used to create and sell fashionable brightly-colored attire on the Internet. Deere did this prior to founding Lime Crime. Lime Crime’s roots go back to 2008. When Lime Crime first came on the scene, its products were completely cruelty-free. Things haven’t changed in that department to this day. The brand still maintains its cruelty-free makeup approach. One thing has changed about the brand, however. Although Lime Crime didn’t have a fully vegan product selection back in 2008, it does currently.

People who love beauty often gravitate to Doe Deere. She’s considered to be a significant fashion and beauty icon. She has many fans on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram as well. Many beauty lovers keep close tabs on Deere’s Instagram account. They can’t get enough of her sassy, fascinating and unforgettable looks. People adore her purplish hair (it’s often blue or white, too), her wacky makeup styles and her amazingly feminine and girlish outfits. Doe Deere has many big fans located all over the United States and planet.

Makeup fans often squeal in delight when they explore Lime Crime’s available products. Those who love chic eye and lip makeup looks often are drawn to Lime Crime. People who want to walk around with yellow, blue or green pouts, for example, can explore many options in cool and refreshing Lime Crime lipstick colors. People who want to walk around with eyes that are lined in light blue or electric green can explore many desirable Lime Crime product choices as well. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that’s ideal for people who are daring, courageous and inventive. That’s because Doe Deere embodies all of those characteristics. Deere has all of the traits that are seen in people who succeed. To know more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit www.doedeere.com.