The Corporate World’s Glass Ceiling being shattered by Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is undisputed major player and self-made pioneer whom intimidating in order to change the finance face is not possible.

Helane Morrison who is known to be unflappable, assertive and having a kind sharp of mind which leaves both women and men in her wake has enabled her to make an impression from the very moment that she has stepped on the venue and she continuously to perform that until today.

Morrison who was born and grew up in Brooklyn decided to strike out on her own and graduate from the University of Northwester with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Morrison then moved farther to the west in order to progress with her education at the Berkeley California University School of Law. She put her knowledge in journalism to working at as the chief editor of the Law review in the university when she was working towards her Juris Doctor degree.

Morrison later managed to achieve lots of valuable experience by working as a law clerk at the United States Court of Appeals immediately after she passed the bar and was successfully admitted into practice. She moved to work with the Supreme Court just after one year after gathering experience. She is known to be a great champion for the women rights when she managed to make huge changes to outdated abortion laws and those which were governing the sexual behavior and consent age.

Though Morrison received lots of death threats and was harassed by lots of opposing groups throughout her career, she was still determined to transforming the discriminatory and harmful institutions which were formed in the name of justice. Morrison quickly started developing her own passion for equality under the tutelage which went on to become a recurrent theme throughout her career.

The Skills Morrison had gained were enough for her to enter into private practice. This prompted her to move onto the Howard, Rice Falk, Nemerovski, Rabkin law firm in 1986. She continued to work in the defense of the private securities and businesses litigation for up to 10 years.

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is a member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Association and also a member of the Regional Parks Foundation board. She has consistently been a periodic speaker on the legal and compliance topics which affect private funds and investment advisers.

Morrison graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University and later earned J.D from California University in Berkeley School of Law.

The Leadership of Coriant

As a newer independent company, Coriant knew it needed to have strong leadership. Without the right professionals on hand to run the company, it could easily fall by the wayside. The fiber optics and networking hardware and software industry is growing by the day, as companies running business networks rely on the latest fiber optics and similar hardware in order to maintain a strong data flow. With that being said, it is often challenging from different companies to find the right service provider. Coriant is such a service provider and it opened up as an independent company after spinning off from Siemens just a few years ago. Due to this, Coriant wanted to bring in that top of the line professional who knows both the industry and the financial aspects of running a company. It is why the company’s new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has proved to be the right choice and a great fit for the business.

The Right Technical Fit

So what makes Shaygan the right technical fit for the company? For starters, he holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. This shows he is educated and has an excellent background in the world of tech. Of course, a degree is one thing, but on the job experience working with the field and developing new forms of technology is something completely different. Shaygan went on to work for a company that evolved into Verizon. While at Verizon he produced the fiber optics system FiOS, which is what Verizon uses to deliver Internet and television programming to subscribers in select cities. Having this direct fiber optics experience is extremely attractive and a main reason why he received the job.

Leadership and Financials

Of course, just because someone worked in the industry before becoming the head of a company doesn’t mean they are going to be the top choice for such a role. With Shaygan though, it was different. For starters, he sat on the board of directors for Barclays, one of the world’s largest financial firms. This gives him some financial background credentials. He also went on to sit on the board of directors at other companies while also becoming the CEO of Juniper Networks.

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You Tube: The Platform Responsible For Finding Video Diamonds In The Rough

As the years have passed, it has become very clear that You Tube as a service, is not going anywhere. If anything it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Especially with the recent addition of You Tube Red. The platform for creating and editing videos any time, anywhere, is a world wide phenomenon at this point in time. There is of course, no shortage of videos to search through on You Tube. However, there are a few ‘diamonds in the rough’ who stand out above the others. There are You Tubers with literally multiple millions of fans. This is something that would not have been fathomed even 10 years ago.

It would take a while to list all of the names of the more popular folks on the platform. So instead, let’s focus on one, for the sake of the article here. The Famous You Tuber Wengie is quickly becoming a rising star in the You Tube Universe. Her style and personality are surely what have fans subscribing. Her show is called The Wonderful World Of Wengie and is really catching on for health and beauty buffs. With her belief being that proper health and beauty starts from the inside out, she sticks to this ideal. Every morning, she starts her day with a pot of ginseng tea and soy coffee. This is an antioxidant powerhouse combo in her opinion.

A native to Australia, she has been beauty blogging for quite some time. It never occurred to her to go on the platform until later in her job/career. She was always doing it for others already, so why not? From a very young age Huang has been obsessed with beauty and great health. It’s somewhat strange she admits, considering that her mother was never really into that sort of thing. It’s been a long time coming apparently. When she was asked what inspires her, she stated “I get inspired by everyday things and people. If you stop and look around, there are so many beautiful people and things to take in.

For even more on “Wengie” click this link.

What Igor Cornelsen Has to Offer in the Investment Banking Market

Igor Cornelsen according to his brandyourself profile is a superior investment adviser, an investor and a retired banker. He is an expert in the stock market, as well as commodity and foreign exchange investment. He works as a proprietor with Bainbridge Group Inc. based in Colorado. Bainbridge Group is a trusted agency that is best known in providing professional and expert advice as well as enlightening investors on viable investment opportunities.

Igor became prominent and among the top bankers while still in his home country of Brazil. He made his name perfectly well in the country after managing some of the leading banks in Brazil. He also was also involved in managing a big chunk of the entire gross economy of the country. In his entire career, he has worked with financial institutions garnering unparalleled experience in the field.

Igor Cornelsen has achieved a lot in his career as a champion investor according to He has guided many investors who sought his advice and they have been able to come up with successful long-term investments. He has always given them the right investment advice whether to invest in companies or not. He has also advised investors on the stock opportunities that are cheaper and have promising returns.

Generally, investing is both difficult and also a very risky venture. A potential investor must have all the information required to be able to enjoy good returns. There is always a risk of losing money which cannot be avoided but can be reduced. People invest to make more money than they invested and not the other way round. It is therefore very important for an investor to get advice from an adviser who is conversant with all the dynamics of the investment banking. Someone as experienced as Igor and his Bainbridge Group Inc. will definitely be an excellent choice. You at least to be very sure of what you are likely to get out of your investment.

Igor Cornelsen will advise you on why you need to commit to a long-term investment rather than for a short-term if you are to create a successful investment empire. He is a perfect example and we can learn from him that investing is a career like others and it is something that you should be prepared to do for the better part of your life. You get the best practical guidance from him and his agency.

He has however not left the investment banking completely because he goes back once in a while to work as a consultant for investment banking industry as well as the banking industry. Investing has been like a hobby ever since he retired in 2010.